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  1. I believe that they will trade up if their guy is still relatively close to 30. Even so, I still see them getting two defensive players with their first two picks.
  2. I like the idea if the Bills genuinely feel this takes them all the way.
  3. Agreed. Players are much more NFL ready in todays' game. No longer is it common for guys sitting two years with a clipboard.
  4. Everyone seems to forget how close that Colts game was. There almost wasn't a Chiefs game. The Rookie Pittman was running wild. That game could have gone either way.
  5. Great. Now we know who our next back up QB is! Gotta love that Carolina connection!
  6. I would love to see Jaelen Phillip and a versatile DB/ Box Safety in the early rounds.
  7. Yeah you can tell that Saleh is going to bring an inspired brand of football.
  8. Cosell was a guy that people loved to hate...yet he was an icon in his time. The kind of personality that we will never see again. Like Facenda, Cosell was able to create a mystique and a sense of possibilty!
  9. Phillips seems to have a good sense of the field and he always seems to be around the ball or quarterback. He provides exactly the kind of disruption that the Bills sorely lack! Someone OC's have to account for!
  10. Lacenda was the "voice" of football when I was growing up! Football still had a mystery about it and we all had for analysis was a good Sunday sports page!
  11. I absolutely love those NFL films. Laceneda's narration fostered a sense of the Roman Coliseum! The immortals!
  12. This Mets team is better than many predict. Even though they are not done rebuilding, you gotta believe!
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