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  1. Show me the way to the next whiskey bar
  2. Give me one scotch, one bourbon, one beer.
  3. Red Red wine makes me feel so fine.
  4. No kidding. It wa big news at the time.
  5. I think that happened years later.
  6. Kiko won't be sad long. There are plenty of teams left for him to wear out.
  7. I hope McKenzie stays. It has been a very spirited effort by Mcloud, but we do we expect. There is probably a small core here that will remain in 2020...the rest are on borrowed time. Providing Josh Allen with the best weapons to succeed is what this is all about.
  8. Yes...I mean what an icebreaker! Something different than the usual dinner date. May help win her over for originality! The trip before dusk sounds more appealing for the romantic.
  9. There was a Balloon in Niagara Falls a few years back. Heck of a way to get acquainted...not too many barriers at altitude!
  10. My brother attended a 1973 Pink Floyd concert at the Aud. Apparently some guy fell to his death from the upper facade.
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