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  1. I remember meeting former safety Jeff Nixon. He was selling pools and he seemed surprised that I recognized him. I even remembered that he led the NFL in interceptiuons early on!
  2. Ok...so the Phins got us. Look at their reactions after the win. It is like they won the Super Bowl. We just won't let it happen again any time soon!
  3. I agree, and despite it all, we should have beat them yesterday. The Dolphins know that they escaped with a win.
  4. We get another shot at them at home. Lets see what happens!
  5. This was no blowout. The Bills could have won the game. Give the Dolphins defense credit, but the Bills harmed themselves more than the Dolphins did.
  6. Absolutely! I am not going to worry about it. We will get their a.... when they come north!
  7. Despite all of the nonsense, the Bills could have won. This was no blowout on the Dolphins part. We will meet again. We'll see.
  8. They lost because I watched it. I have found that the Bills seem to win games like this if I "partially" watch it.
  9. We will get them when they come here! The Dolphins escaped today!
  10. OJ was an electric runner when he was on! I remember him running through and past the vaunted steel curtain!
  11. This has been discussed a hundred times the last three years!
  12. Good Luck in Houston Jerry! You were one constant for the Bills!
  13. I never doubted Allen from day. Made a big leap!
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