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  1. Yes! You pay him because he is one of your own, and he has rewarded you with his excellent play. Tre White has been very instrumental in the Bills success. The five year and out routine should not apply to him.
  2. There is no doubt now. The Bills cannot let Tre White get away. If they do, they will never hear the end of it...any rationalization for letting him go would be serving up weak tea.
  3. The Bills are just getting started. Every week they are finding out more about themselves as a team. We can all see it. Beane is really watching.
  4. I am pro build through the draft all the way, but if the Bills are convinced that Von Miller can still produce at a high level...then it may deserve consideration. The Bills are certainly more aware of where they stand than in weeks past.
  5. Screw the Patriots. These are Billsy wins now...time for their own identity.
  6. Tre White is a terrific player, and Sunday he demonstrated why he was a 1st round pick. However, lets not get in to trouble worrying about accolades right now. Tre White's play speaks for itself and is recognized around the league by those that matter most...opposing teams and coaches.
  7. This is it. It appears that what we see is what we get. I expect the remaining games to play out like this.
  8. Yes! A work in progress forming an identity! The Bills are just scratching the surface.
  9. Beane and McDermott may not have expected the Bills to progress this far yet. Now, finding themselves in a playoff race, they may not have the luxury of waiting for 2020 draft to fortify the roster. I bet that Beane is really looking for help and has been for awhile. Any moves that he makes at this point would serve the team and not surprise me at all.
  10. King did not mention Tre White as one of the defensive players of the week, but he did "Call out" White by saying that his two plays may have saved the game. King is right when he says that the Bills are hard to figure out. They are developing an identity.
  11. Cespedes comeback in 2019? He says he will be better than ever!
  12. Most excellent! I miss Team flakes cereal! Bring it back! Heath is another good one!
  13. Sounds like a script for a hero ball novel or a screen play. This guy obviously took drama in high school!
  14. The Bills are not a finished product, yet we are watching them try to become one. They continue to win anyway. It is obvious that with a few reinforcements, they will be a more complete team with the ability to close out other teams.
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