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  1. I can't agree with you more. All of the media centered imagery, commercials and the importance of winning. As much as I can respect New England, it is time for them to go. We all like to have a nemesis or rival in sports, but it has lost its luster. It was never fun in the first place...now it is annoying.
  2. You mention tacitly pushed, and a really commercial and aesthetic white out as well. During the playoffs, the best games are the divisional and conference championships. The Super Bowl is so corny now.
  3. Looking back, football was even more fun than it is today. We didn't have the internet, draft profiles (unless we bought one of those out dated magazines)and ready news stories. We had to anticipate the coming games much more so than today.
  4. That's right...Treesweet! it was the best...they don't make it anymore. That's quite a story. You and I were around at the same time. I live in Chicago now myself. I have a Bills t-shirt that I am going to wear on casual Friday!
  5. I was ten when OJ ran for 2003 yards. At school, many of us kids had "The Juice is Loose" t-shirts. OJ kept the Bills on the map. The Dolphins killed us on a regular basis until Kelly & Co. arrived. I remember watching games hoping OJ would win one for us. He was larger than life in WNY...making it sometimes difficult to comprehend his later life and fall from grace. Then again, we see this everyday in our culture.
  6. Yes...either way its a good thing. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  7. Absolutely! despite what he has become, he remains my favorite of all time. After 1970, a true modern prototype.
  8. Watch some film of him turning the corner and just taking off past the Steelers. I remember him as a kid. He was electrifying at times.
  9. Didn't a few scouts say that they observed Joseph roaming and creating his own assignments? He has scary ability and I hope he responds well to coaching.
  10. I remember Simpson on the Bills sidelines conducting interviews during the early SB years. He must have been coming apart by then.
  11. Raiders Mark Davis? Sure looks like him...I wouldn't be surprised.
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