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  1. No more "middle" of the road wait twenty years to develop defensive lineman! We need an impact pro bowl type!
  2. I have a feeling Devin White if he falls. Otherwise Hock.
  3. I like the idea of McCoy. A veteran presence with a chip on his shoulder! He could reinvent himself as a key player in this rebuild!
  4. Now I read the Bucks may want to keep him one more year...that or it is a draft strategy!
  5. I would love it. What about Jeffery Simmons? Who really knows how he will heal. If we were secure at DT this year, would he be worth the risk?
  6. I like him as well. Is he expecting a 100% recovery?
  7. Yes, and White and Bush are disruptive and have speed!
  8. Yes! White and Oliver have impact and speed! Speed kills! I bet McCoy would come in here and play like hell! He would also free up a high draft pick and respond well to what the Bills are trying to build!
  9. I would love White, Bush, or Oliver. If the Bills are confident that they are ready to contend, what is wrong with getting McCoy from the Bucs to step in and resurrect his career where he would be wanted! He may have a chip on his shoulder!
  10. Someone termed him more of an "offensive weapon" vs WR. Looking at his film, I would like this kid.
  11. Or focus on LB to replace Lorax next year, an Edge rusher to replace Murphy, and acquire Gerald McCoy from Bucks as a stop gap.
  12. That is exactly what we need up front. We need to come out of this draft with a pro bowl grade disruptive player on the line.
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