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  1. If the Bills beat them at Foxboro, we may be able to change the conversation. We are getting close.
  2. Romanowski was such a jerk and he did not care! Mayfield! I never realized he was a born a-hole!
  3. I remember that night. I was 16 and watching the game. It became kind of eerie.
  4. Cannot keep dropping catchable balls! Every time they do this, you can actually feel the game slipping away!
  5. Tim Green, the former Falcon LB turned author, described entering Buffalo via the Sky Way as "Ominous" with a dark colored sky during the Jim Kelly era.
  6. This Bills defense reminds me of an ace pitcher who shuts teams down without any run support of his own!
  7. This is one Bills game that I took a closer look at. The defense played extremely well as a whole, and I was impressed by their work ethic and desire. They played well enough yesterday to defeat most teams in the NFL...including the Ravens. I still believe that they are ahead of schedule, and they will only get better in the coming year.
  8. Agreed. That Hurst TD really hurt the most. It may have been a little deflating for the Bills defense, because they were putting up some resistance.
  9. The same kind of momentum Allen would have brought if he returned in the first NE game!
  10. The Ravens are so damn athletic and always on the move. Even so, with a few less mistakes, the Bills could have beat them.
  11. I Don't know how else to describe the Ravens. They are liquid like when they play. It is like trying to catch a frog!
  12. The Bills defense is legit and it should get better in the coming year. Today it became very clear to me that the offense has a lot of work to do to catch up to the defense.
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