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  1. I slipped tonight...or was it a long time coming. She was not so wide...
  2. The Bills have turned in to a very dangerous team. They are capable of just about anything at this point. If they beat the cheats tomorrow...look out!
  3. Good quote by Beane...The Bills are getting there
  4. Good test for him. Hopefully he sees right through it.
  5. Hopefully Allen has learned from the first meeting. This time he knows what to expect from Belicheck.
  6. I have been a long time fan and a bit jaded, but I am really impressed with the Bills discipline and team concept. There will be no doubt in 2020.
  7. The Bills are just scratching the surface now. They appear to be ahead on the rebuild. and they are only going to get better via the draft and free agency in the coming year. The will improve, but they are less stable and have too may question marks.
  8. A lot of Bears fans that I know here in Chicago are picking the Bills. They are raving about Josh Allen and the Bills defense.
  9. The way Jackson is employed is very productive and reckless...we already know how this turns out in the end. Better win now!
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