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  1. What’s the likely prognosis for Davis? He doesn’t seem fully healthy, and I wonder if he will sit as long as a month. I’d rather have him 100% for the playoffs than playing at 60% all season.
  2. I loved what I saw.
  3. I took the Jags in my survivor pool. Didn’t want to waste the Broncos or Ravens
  4. Gabe Davis went for $24-$27 in all three of my leagues ($200 budget). Looks like he’s going to be worth $40.
  5. How much does age affect a punter? If QBs can play into their mid-40s while still having to take hits and occasionally scramble, surely a punter can play to at least Brady’s age.
  6. Since GB has to trade him, I think it’s likely that he ends up in the AFC (Denver or Tennessee).
  7. I felt much worse when we couldn’t move the ball for most of the game. This loss hurts, no question. But, my God, do we have a quarterback. Allen was breathtaking. We will be back.
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