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  1. All the poor tackling and initial defender bouncing off the ball carrier that it seems you see constantly while watching the game is confirmed with this stat
  2. They locked that dude in. Hope they left him 4 days worth of orange slices and gatorade
  3. Some talking head on one of the pregame shows was saying how mac jones worked so hard on the off week on his decision making or something
  4. So he pushed off, dropped the ball, and almost killed a guy on the same play?
  5. Not a good feeling when the QB is pointing and yelling at a player while the play clock is running down and he stands there with a hands up wtf response
  6. No wonder Dion sucks today. He had to walk 440 yds in the snow!
  7. Is the stat kept - we must be the worst 3rd and long defense in NFL history
  8. I remember climbing around on the tops of 2 story houses in our neighborhood from the drifts. There was an open area down the road from my neighborhood the drifts reached the tops of telephone poles. At the time it was just no school / fun time - never really fully appreciated in the moment how incredible it was
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