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  1. I didn't want to send the thread in different directions and bring this up - but since you did 😛 - years ago there was a 'documentary' on youtube put together by some PI that had compelling point by poing breakdowns of how/why OJ's son could have done it. It was pretty compelling. Every once in a while I've looked for it and can't find it anymore. I've (half-)joked with my kids over the years that OJ took the fall for his son.
  2. Ooops - yeah that would be awkward - fixed
  3. I was 9 yrs old in 1973 and there was no bigger idol to me and my friends back then than The Juice
  4. I think other people have mentioned - Graham's mention of the incident in his article was intended to be sympathetic to Josh and a bad look for Diggs - in the context that things may not have been 100% rainbows at the beginning of the year - but how much was it "Diggs being Diggs". Josh was feeling terrible after loss, other players were consoling him and trying to pick him up, and Diggs goes over and whispers something - that obviously wasn't supportive or consoling - that set Josh off. I haven't seen people pushing the Josh yelling as a negative angle - if they are they are not reading the original portrayal of the incident in the article correctly.
  5. Had to stop watching after I heard the "Josh Allen's window is now closed" hot hot take for the 10th time
  6. Schefter just said on NFL Live: "Move the Bills knew was coming - a move they felt like they had to make. It was inevitable with this relationship running its course that the Bills were going to have to go in a different direction. Sometimes, as great as Stefon Diggs is, there's addition by subtraction - and sometimes you can create a better environment even though you don't have the talent that you'd like in Buffalo. And so that is what the Buffalo Bills I believe are putting their hopes into right now - that they're hoping some of these young receivers can step up, they're hoping that there's better chemistry, they're hoping that there's not some of the sideline disagreements that there were between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. It's hard to lose a player as great as Stefon Diggs ... they're hoping that by moving on that this team somhow can be just as good, just as effective. Just tuned in and they were all talking about the Houston side of it how great it is for them, Stroud etc
  7. Wait for the tarnish when the documntary that fully exposes the extent and depth of the cheating that went on during the "dynasty" finally comes out
  8. Seems like Samuel would be a good candiate with both RB and WR experience
  9. This has always been the stupidest most aggravating thing for me - not only that they can't get something so simple correct - but then doubling down on the stupidest most assinine moronic excuse - that when they miss it, it is due to "the time it takes for the referees eyes to go from the ball to the clock" - when that is essentially an instantaneous movement (and replays often show it being a full second or more sometimes). Even EJ Manuel's slow eyes can go from ball to clock in milliseconds.
  10. Still believe that teams could essentially eliminate the need for special team coverage "specialists" by kicking every kickoff out of EZ and punting oob. To me it is such an unnecessary waste of a roster spot.
  11. Being a perennial division champion, playoff team, and super bowl contender is actually a good thing
  12. Right down to the ridiculous game changing ST turnover - just unbelievable
  13. Freaking chiefs are like cockroaches
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