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  1. Tampa played 2 deep high safeties nearly the whole game giving them the opportunity to double Hill on every single play. They did not payed the price vs the running game because, guess what, unlike us, they have a great MLB. That's my take on the game.
  2. As correctly pointed out by Romo, our receivers got zero separation, this leaded to Josh losing its confidence and throwing ints. I think KC won on the defensive side of the field while we got no answers fot Tyrek and Travis.
  3. I am Italian, and I am not a fan. Mafia is a sicilian criminal organization that spread all over the world, the original name is "Cosa Nostra" ("Our Thing"). It is a very old organization, a branch arrived in the States in the middle of XIX century and I think it is still operating. Time ago it used to replace the state in the command of vast regions of South Italy but even now, in a lot of cities and small villages it is hard to open and manage a commercial/industrial activity without the Mafia "protection", that is, you have to pay a regular fee to them (the famous "piz
  4. It will be very vintage, I will be sad at first but then I think I will be ok with it
  5. Oliver played well as I could see. Edmunds had some good moments, but also very bad ones
  6. A lot of times our defense stopped Indi offense for no gain or minimum gain on first and second down only to get torched on 3rd and long. Discuss.
  7. Goodnight from Italy folks, now I can sleep 2 hours then I'll wake up again for a hiking day in the snow. But I couldn't miss this game,
  8. I don't know, my focus is only on the Bills. But I noticed that Edmunds is more confortable to work in space than in traffic, with the guard blocking him. Another thing that I noticed is that in a good amount of plays he aligns in the C or D gap on the LOS in stand up stance, similar to a 3-4 OLB, or a a 4-3 "Under" OLB, while the Mike position is assigned to AJ Klein. It seems strange to me that a "true" Mike does not play the Mike position.
  9. Probably, in my opinion a true mike must be feared by the RB. Tremain Edmunds is charged by wide receivers.
  10. Edmunds is not a true Mike. He can be a perfect fit for our system, even if I am not a fan of him, but he's not a true Mike.
  11. " For this game, if you weren't lulled asleep by the punt-fest yet as the thoughts of depression creeped in about another poor Prime Time showing" I don't agree on this one, for the first time this season I was confident in Bills defense, even if a couple of third down stops were due to receivers dropping the football. When Taron Johnson picked the ball I screamed in excitment and I was sure that momentum was in our side because the offense lighting up is only a matter of time.
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