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  1. This makes AFC weaker so I like it. Buuuut Jax in 2 years has 4 1st rd picks f*******!
  2. Old pic It's been noted several times in this thread that when the bills practice on offense they wear the color that they will wear on that corresponding Sunday. They were red on Monday, meaning they will wear red on Sunday....
  3. You are wrong. Dan Dierdorf is the worst.
  4. More Alabama players the better. Yeldon, Foster, Wallace....even our OC.
  5. I would love it and you never know in this league, but I would never be man enough to predict that big of an upset. They might get CJ back this week.
  6. @Chandler#81What do you think of the red jersey blue pants I imgur'd last night? At 1st it's a lot to take in, I admit.... ....but I'm quickly becoming a fan I think it goes well at home with our large midfield logo. Pic below. http://imgur.com/gallery/t72pBiv
  7. They arent and can't because of the NFL helmet policy. It's a stupid rule. No 90's throwback but it would be cool.
  8. I really like the red tops with blue pants & color rush socks......the only difference with helmet is the face mask is white http://imgur.com/gallery/t72pBiv
  9. Refs are really bad this year. Such a shame that we aren't talking about the players or coaches. Really, really sad.
  10. http://imgur.com/gallery/e4imllF Please do Blue on Red! Liking it a lot... http://imgur.com/gallery/t72pBiv
  11. Love it! I get to go to the game with my red 17. I like using the 90's helmet with color rush in Madden..... ...that would be sick IRL
  12. Actually it's fine if we beat NFC teams we just can't blow them out. I think that's what read.
  13. Great read.....thx man Sorry bout ur bro-
  14. Been saying this all week. Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla. Allen's 1st 300 yd game will have to wait one week.
  15. We werent being hyped in the media. Nobody picked us in the superbowl, Dallas was.
  16. The Cowboys have only played two good teams and they lost to both of them ANDDDD now they have three losses total....... so much Dallas overratedness
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