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  1. No it's not less hassle. I'm curious... how old are you? There is nothing wrong with the league's "push for mobile". This has been how staples center games have been for a long time now. I've never seen an issue there. Fans need to get with the times.
  2. Obviously not ideal, but if this means more Jordan Phillips I think we'll be fine.
  3. You're really helping your case here. We must be the smartest fanbase in the league, right? I'm impressed with how you needlessly included a dig against California here. Hope it made you feel better.
  4. Great write up. Hopefully we keep rolling so the easy schedule helps us get to games in January.
  5. He was able to walk off without a limp so that's probably good news. I also have no idea what I'm talking about.
  6. I think his usage is more complicated than that. He's out there to dictate the Defense's tendencies and force their personnel. When he's out there, they are likely to put out an LB. When they move him out wide, it helps determine if the coverage is man or zone.
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