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  1. fridge

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    What a highlight... The signing is fine, honestly I don't mind it, but for similar money I'd rather we would have just Robert Woods who is three years younger and better in every possible measurement.
  2. I'm sorry, what? You're the one who begs so badly to be relevant that you can't help but start a thread to shout out, "look at us! we did something! we're relevant!" Whatever. The signings are perfectly fine. Certainly nothing to be too upset or excited about. I will never understand the people of Buffalo's obsession with being a destination. Maybe you said it best, a Napoleon Complex.
  3. fridge

    This has all the feel of the Chicago Plan

    I don't really understand the hype on these WR moves, especially the undue credit being handed to Beane. We could have simply kept Goodwin and Woods for similar terms/money as the money we just gave these two guys who don't have the careers those had. This team will continue to fake fans out by the whole two steps back, one step ahead.
  4. fridge

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    I'm trying to be positive, but I see the exact same thing. This is a guy that has completely underwhelmed me his whole career. I'll be honest, when I checked his stats just now I was expecting them to be higher just based on his reputation and name. He never really had a breakout season.
  5. fridge

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    He turns 30 next month and we gave him a 4yr 29m contract despite never having a breakout season? Am I missing something here?
  6. That's 👏 The 👏 Whole 👏 Point 👏 I don't really care that Buffalo isn't a premier destination because you almost always overpay for "marquee" players, but you either don't understand the argument or deliberately undermined your point in the first sentence. Did anyone really suggest that the team literally couldn't sign free agents? If you really can't understand this, look into how everyone, including Antonio Brown, reacted to the possibility that he would become a Bill.
  7. fridge

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    I can't imagine ever getting to this level of "get off my lawn", even as I get more and more out of touch with the current generation. Do I care for Maroon 5? No. Do I want to make everyone else suffer just so I can pretend to enjoy a marching band? Also no.
  8. J. Byrd definitely had the best season. For best all-time you old farts are trotting out some names I don't know so I'll have to defer to you.
  9. How could it not be Bruce Smith? I mean... he changed the outcomes of games. I see the need to add an offensive guy based on our team, but having Bruce would have meant we would have closed out the close games we lost.
  10. fridge

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    Yes, "since I brought it up," you couldn't help but confirm my point. Is that right or am I just too PTSD'd to understand what's going on here?
  11. fridge

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    ...because this is a bills message board? The context is implicit in the site's name. You can't say you're not ready to crown McVay when a large majority here have already crowned McDermott. The context is the the only reason that I'm here.
  12. fridge

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    1. By the end of the week he could have more playoff wins than the Bills have had in 23 years. The guy is 24-8. To put in perspective how much better he's been than McDermott in their first two years, if McDermott goes 10-6 next year, McVay would need to go 0-16 for McDermott to have a better record. 2. I truly don't understand your point about the roster. He gutted the roster and made them a winning team in one offseason? That's spectacular. We're sitting here in McDermott's third offseason, praying he develops an understanding for the importance of lineman and receivers.
  13. fridge

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    ...or more likely he wasn't offered the NYJ position, just an interview.