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  1. Bills fans are always good for ridiculously stupid hot takes. Well honestly even fans of other teams are. Message boards are full of stupid things being said.
  2. That would've been the most hilarious cover on a spread in sports history
  3. You can turn it over running the ball too. I've seen late game fumbles happen just as well. Make a safe throw. Call a play that you think can move the sticks and seal it.
  4. You can do that by completely passes too. Get first downs and you use even more time. I never like punting the ball right back to them with that much time left.
  5. This is exactly why I hate three straight runs in these late game trying to burn clock situations. It usually results in a quick 3 and out
  6. Raiders going to lose. Finish this off and we have a 2 game lead in the wildcard
  7. Disagree. That type of play goes for a decent gain quite often
  8. Lorenzo Alexander looks slow and out of position a lot today
  9. So complain after the game is over. The game is still close with a half to go. If we win we're 5-1. Name one time a team played better when the fans were acting the way they are right now. Negative atmospheres never help players play better. Cheer on the team right now. Booing them when it's just halftime in a 5 point game is insanely idiotic and won't help them play better.
  10. The fans are pathetic too. It's a 5-pt. game with a half to play and the negative atmosphere doesn't help. Calling out bad plays is fine but the fans are acting like we lost which is ridiculous
  11. That wasn't Poyer's responsibility. Parker went in motion presnap. Levi Wallace stayed at the top so Parker was uncovered coming in motion. Alexander and Edmunds had to pick up Parker. Alexander went for the blitz inside and Edmunds fell for the run fake leaving Parker uncovered.
  12. That had nothing to do with hands. He turned his head to see where to run before he caught it
  13. It wasn't a hands issue. He was looking to run before securing the catch
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