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  1. I just proved that you're the ignorant one. Him calling me biased for "fighting for" Andy Isabella because he's white is no problem Me doing the same thing he did and saying black people generally have a favorite player that's black is racist though The fact you can't see how ignorant that makes you shows what type of person you are.
  2. Yeah me pointing out that black people generally like black players way more than white people like white players "removes all doubt". When he says I like Andy Isabella because he's white that's OK. Left wing logic. And when you call white people biased, nazis etc. that doesn't make you racist huh? You need to look in the mirror because your hatred of white people is deep.
  3. What does you being white have to do with it? A lot of liberals are self-loathing white hating racists. You can be racist against your own skin color. And most far left people like you are just that. Sounds like you're just making excuses as to why those receivers weren't drafted high. Adam Thielen is another. Yeah I know Mankato University. Great build, good speed, 6.77s 3-cone time. Doesn't get drafted. Quickly becomes one of the best receivers in the league. That's an anomaly. Doesn't happen often. I remember a ton of people crapping all over the pick too (hell the majority of football fans and analysts were). Now he's one of the top all around backs in the league.
  4. You're the one being racist towards white people. People like you blame white people for everything. Because you're a racist. You saying I'm fighting for Isabella because he's white is funny. No I'm pointing out how he has by far the best numbers of any WR yet he's not even top 5 somehow. So explain to me why he's not. And you saying a white person is biased towards white players is even more funny and racist. Wanna try something? Let's ask white people who their favorite sports player is, then let's ask black people the same question. You'll find that a lot of white people have a favorite player who's black. The same isn't true the other way around. It's the same way with music. White people listen to a ton of rap. Hardly any black people listen to any rock or any white musicians. But yeah again white people are the racists huh?
  5. It's funny how white people created football (and pretty much every other sport) just like they create most things... yet they only make up a small percentage of football and basketball yet people still cry there aren't enough black QBs or coaches. No complaints at the lack of white players at every position though. Isabella is super athletic and productive yet gets put behind black WRs with much worse production and combine numbers. Weird how there's so many minorities who are millionaires in America thanks to things white people created yet they still act like you. There's far better opportunities here for minorities than there are in Arican countries that's for sure. But go ahead keep on with your hatred of whitey.
  6. Easily. Isabella based off tests and production should be the first WR off the board.
  7. I still don't know why more people don't bring up the 1992 Reginald Denny story involving Maxine Waters. She's the biggest racist piece of crap there is. NEVER FORGET that Maxine Waters embraced Damien Williams, the infamous thug who hurled a chunk of concrete at truck driver Reginald Denny and performed a victory dance over this innocent man’s battered body. Maxine Waters even visited Damien Williams’ mother to offer her support. Because of his race, Denny was pulled from his truck and smashed in the head with a cinder block until he sustained brain damage. It was a hate crime if there ever was one. Williams was sent to prison on a single felony charge of mayhem, but when his accomplices got off, Waters joined in the celebration. Damien Williams was released a few years later and went on to murder somebody else. Also, no surprise, he was a member of the Crips https://www.independentsentinel.com/never-forget-maxine-waters-embraced-thug-hurled-concrete-reginald-denny/
  8. Andy Isabella has near elite athleticism (4.31 forty, 6.95 3-cone) and production. He led the nation in receiving yards by a wide margin. He had 15 catches for 219 yards and 2 TDs against Georgia. White wide receivers always seem to be really underdrafted though. Funny how the the league and analysts never cry about how white positional players always get disrespected.
  9. We would've had the same amount of points as them and they had more ROW wins so it's right. We would've been slotted where they were.
  10. Sigh. If we would've lost those final two games we'd be picking 1st overall instead of 7th.
  11. Yes let's hire a coach that went 58-70 a long time ago and didn't get another head coaching gig. Alnutt needs to go if Lanier is his guy.
  12. Hawkins was pretty much a lock for UB if Oats stayed. Almost everything on his twitter was indicating he favored UB. The experts on 247sports were predicting him to go to UB too.
  13. I hope he likes taking a lot of vacations because Tuscaloosa is pretty boring. It's funny how people dump on Buffalo a lot (which is honestly a great city) yet google Tuscaloosa. There's nothing there. Buffalo is a million times better.
  14. Just because it's in the SEC doesn't make it a better job than UB. Gonzaga is in the WCC and a top ranked school every year. That job is better than Alabama. If Buffalo could give the same money I'd easily stay there. Not to mention Buffalo is a much nicer city than Tuscaloosa.
  15. I still have no idea how Gonzaga gets Mark Few to stay there. Buffalo is a much nicer city than Spokane too.
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