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  1. How annoying. Of course they're going to blow their draft positioning now after playing themselves out of the playoffs.
  2. That's who I wanted with our first round pick but he's going to go too high now.
  3. Seriously. Henry this, Henry that. Lewan and Conklin dominated and gave him some huge holes. The offensive line is the key. If Conklin somehow makes it to free agency without getting tagged then make a huge effort to get him. Conklin and Scherff and the sky is the limit for this team.
  4. Another thread wanting a RB. With a 1st round pick no less. Unreal. The Bills drafted a RB three times in the first round from 2003-2010 and were a bad franchise because of it. And so many on here want to repeat those same mistakes. If we take a RB I want it to be Levante Bellamy in the middle rounds. He has great speed and great production. No high picks on RB.
  5. Pathetic call. Pathetic fine. Buffalo gets bent over backwards on a consistent basis.
  6. They've definitely done a lot for Buffalo. The greedy side of me wishes they donated to UB too though if that money could've gone to keeping Nate Oats.
  7. What exactly is there to not like about JJ Watt? He had an injury and got his named mentioned a lot? OK cool. Do you hate Lamar Jackson who gets gushed at by the announcers 5 million times a week too then? I want the Texans to lose simply for the fact that I think the refs helped them eliminate us.
  8. Offensive line is far more important. Conklin and Scherff please. I can't believe how many people are so obsessed with RBs on this board. It's the one position I'd never waste valuable assets on (aka cap room or high draft picks).
  9. The offensive line deserves blame but Singletary does as well. He was really bad on a lot of pass blocking assignments. I pointed out on Saturday how his missed block on Mercilus was a big reason why Josh Allen fumbled. The offensive line did bad on that play too but Singletary had a chance to help out and he completely ole'd on Mercilus. Singletary gave a really poor effort on a lot of blocking attempts.
  10. I said it in another thread. He is slithery and good with the ball in his hands. But man oh man can he be bad when he has to pass block. A lot of that Josh Allen fumble was because Singletary completely whiffed on trying to get a secondary block on Mercilus. He looked like he wanted no part in trying to make that block.
  11. Open on almost every play he was actually in the game for. He should be getting 10+ targets a game yet a lot of the games gets around 5. Not sure how the coaches or JA aren't seeing it on film. He breaks away from the guy covering him a lot.
  12. The announcer, Booger McFarland is one of the biggest morons out there. Look at Mike Perreira's twitter post. He admitted it was wrong. There was no forcible contact. Forcible is part of the terminology in that rule too.
  13. Nice season but I swear if they go in with Cody Ford at RT again next season I will be PO'd. Get a dominant offensive line and this team is as good as any. Conklin, Castonzo and Scherff need to be top targets in FA if they make it there. And get a killer instinct Sean. I said it at the end of the first half. Let teams hang around and a lot of the time there's bad consequences. Why did we blow through so much time on their side of the field at the end of the first half? They were consistently snapping the ball after letting a ton of time go off the clock and then that run to Gore before the FG. I don't get it. Sean has always done that crap. And last point. The officiating better be more fair next year. Holds were only called on the Bills all year long. Other teams get away with massive holding against us. I can't reiterate it enough how ridiculously one-sided it is against the Bills.
  14. Either 55 or 56 yards. Josh went out at around the 37.5 or 38-yard line
  15. So reply to my post then. Buffalo was screwed on a ridiculous "blindside block" rule. That is the most bullcrap rule in all of sports. What exactly makes it an illegal block? It was done cleanly. Just because he's facing his own endzone that makes it more dangerous and a penalty to take us out of game winning field goal range? BS. Buffalo won on it's own merit. The refs cheated us. Period. Tre actually slid though. Their guy was standing up.
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