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  1. Absolutely. A RB like Henry is a cornerstone to build the team around. Josh Allen by default is ours right now. Beane needs a good free agency and draft to take this team to the next level. A lot rides on what he does this off season. Let’s hope Allen makes improvements in his game this off season too. If tannehill can, Josh can too.
  2. Yeah a lot easier arm tackling Singletary compared to Henry. Plus how big a hole does Henry need to run thru compared to Singletary? Henry is a bull dozer. Singletary reminds me more of CJ Spiller...fast and makes people miss. Not gonna run people over. I watched the Dillon highlights...not bad and not quite like Henry.
  3. Do all of this and hopefully keep our D intact and we are looking pretty next year. You have to be able to run/pass effectively to be successful in NFL. Cant be a one dimensional team. Buffalo needs more deep ball attack next year too. I hope Buffalo does a better job of luring free agents with the new winning mindset we have.
  4. Re-sign the solid linemen and cut the strings on the sub par guys. I kinda wish we gave Incognito another shot despite his craziness. Looks like he's a stud for the Raiders. Pay top dollar on having a dominant line!
  5. Hard to put a price tag on a guy that can get 200+ yards a game in the playoffs and who doesn't play QB. I couldn't even imagine what this offense would look like with Henry in our backfield. Draft a tall dominant red zone receiver and yikes. We're a scary good team. I don't see any way Titans let him go. I would pay or trade (if he's tagged) top dollar for him. Build the offense around him and not necessarily Josh Allen. We can dream at least...lol
  6. You're right. Our offense and Allen's success starts and ends with the O-line. That's a huge piece of the puzzle. Beane invested a lot in the line last off season and it didn't pan out (yet). If we can get a solid line it will open the doors offensively. Allen time to make good passes and good lanes to run through.
  7. I know some people wonder if Daboll is the weak link with our offense but we thought the same with Greg Roman and look how he did with a different offense. I really think an improved O-line and a power RB will help Daboll coordinate this offense. And we all know whoever got the Browns gig would/will end up with back to back losing seasons and get fired in a few seasons. I'm just glad were not the browns....
  8. I miss the days of old when Lynch was in a Bills uniform. Seeing Derrick Henry tear up the Baltimore defense last night was another reminder that we need a power RB in Buffalo. Singletary has speed and jukes but lacks the down hill power needed to complete the run game. Having a dominant run game opens up the offense for big pass plays and play action. Henry controlled the game last night even with Baltimore knowing the runs were coming. I hope we find a way to add that dynamic to our offense last year and bring back a bully o-line. I can appreciate the speed and agile style of Singletary but we need some beast mode in buffalo. So which Henry/Lynch/Blount type RB is available draft/FA?
  9. It's one thing to lose by 17 to a better team it's another thing to lose to a lesser team when your 16-0 and especially the way we did. Ugh this one hurts....real bad!
  10. Coaches don't have confidence in this offense which is why they go into conservative run the clock out mode as soon as we take the lead. Something has to change on offense and the play calling. And for the record there has been a lot of pain in Buffalo since I've been alive which has been 40 years.
  11. This game is like the whole season. Can't score touchdowns. Never gonna win that way. We were one TD away from putting this game away. Instead we folded. This one hurts bad. They folded after the first TD and I called it...were losing this game.
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