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  1. Boo Ho Ho Mr.Breech---so the Bills now get the normal 5 days to prepare for the mighty world champions instead of 3 days ???
  2. I hope your right---the same league & comimish who wouldn't let Mike Vick sign with the Bills when he was coming off suspension. The same league that had new suspensions in the pipeline for Marshan Lynch but swept them under the rug when he went to Seattle The same league that gave Gronk a slap on the hand for diving on a Bills player on the ground aiming a cast at him ????? Hmmmm.
  3. I just wonder what the league would do if it was the Bills with the virus problem & had violated league protocols ?
  4. I think Cam is going to be a good player.
  5. Yes your right & I did have a dog in the fight & the better dog won.
  6. No worries Duke will be activated on game day & will play TE.
  7. Yes, the few draft reviews I read gave me the impression that he was a heavy hitter that could push people back for 2-3 yards.
  8. Well maybe I'm too hope full that they can turn him into a big Ben type player but I'm still optimistic if they work on his passing game more he might excel. Josh's running is exciting but the better teams will shut that down or injure him.
  9. Oh come on Gunner---your one of most knowledge posters on the board---yes, Josh is going to run at times---but anyone can see that these are designed run plays called by the OF coordinator. We drafted this guy for his big arm lets get him coached up to be the winner QB that he can be.
  10. Well we should kill our franchise QB that we've waited 20 yrs to get ??
  11. Yes I've watched Allen---I've watched most Billls game since 1965. How many good QB's have we had in that time. We have a 21 point led---we don't need to risk Allen to injury--we need to see what the other guys can do. He also needs practice at throwing the ball in the red zone area. My question to you is what do you rate our chances as if Allen goes out for the season ?
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