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  1. Been in the league a few years, trying to get as much money as he can---can't blame him for that. Problem is Detroit, the black hole of the NFL.
  2. Here a picture from 2010 when our group stopped by Ken's tailgate: Get well soon Ken !!!
  3. Yeah, but we might have dogged a bullet---he could turn out to be a spoiled sausage well past his expiration date.
  4. I don't fault Watt for getting his money----I wonder how good a fit he really would have been here ? To me free agency is like buying a used car---buyer beware.
  5. Interesting article. Sports betting is a big factor in this. I think the networks paying the big bucks will want to get in on the action some how.
  6. I won't be surprised to see hm end up with the Carolina Panters.
  7. I hope he plays. I want to beat them when they're at full strength ---no excuses. I like our chances---Go Bills !!!
  8. They have strong lines on both sides of the ball. I'm surprised that they didn't win their division.
  9. Can we play Notre Dame ? Oh no---well let's no be afraid of anybody & kick As*
  10. Good question, the Colts were over Pressuring the whole game, I thought it was perfect for McKenzie to do a sweep or throw a pass.
  11. Well, It was an old fashion nail biter. I thought our defense was a little scary today but on the other side of the coin this Colts team is well balanced and are a tough out. The Difference is we have Josh Allen !!!
  12. Sounds good, but we'll have to score in the 50's again & hold them down so when you divide the score by 2, it makes up for not playing 2 games like normal division contests.
  13. Gee why don't they just play all the games Virtually ?
  14. I agree, the Bills must like him, they keep him over the veteran Kimirow who wasn't too bad.
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