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  1. 1st&ten

    A trade down is now off the table.

    I think they're still evaluating players so their board isn't set yet so Beane & company probably aren't set on anything yet. We have 10 picks so I wouldn't be surprised to see Beane package that into 6 picks. Might not be the !st round but in other rounds. They can fill out the rest of their roster with UDRA's .
  2. 1st&ten

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    What other QB's are on the Miami's roster, is Fritz going to be the starter ?
  3. 1st&ten

    Bills sign T LaAdrian Waddle to a 1yr deal

    I think Feliciano starts, either Teller or Long will be a backup. If Bodine is cut they'll probably make Long the backup center.
  4. 1st&ten

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    I'm glad to see many positive posts wishing him well. I don't understand the animosity by some posters----makes me think they never actually played football. The guy was a good soldier here----he paid his dues in the NFL & tried his best. Personally I don't think he was a good fit for our OL scheme & I don't think our previous OL coach was very good at developing players. I wish him well.
  5. He might already be on he roster-----Ike Boettger----the rookie from Iowa---I think the Bills like him & they will see if the new line coach can coach him up.
  6. 1st&ten

    JP Losman impresses scouts at Clemson Pro day

    Yes, I agree. He couldn't seem to throw the short soft pass----remember all the passes into the dirt ? I think he got happy feet at times too.
  7. 1st&ten

    Josh Allen is the man!

    Josh Allen would straight arm Vincent to the ground.
  8. Depending on how free agency & the draft shake out Zay might be working his way to camp fodder.
  9. The cupboard will be stocked this year. I respect your opinion but I won't put too much money on AB----we'll see.
  10. I'm glad that Beane didn't overpay for Brown-----the Bills are bigger than one player---3 years from now Brown's legs will be wearing out & Josh Allen will be a pro bowler.
  11. 1st&ten

    McD to speak to media at 12:15

    NFL combine starts today---maybe they'll talk some about that.
  12. Looks like Bobby boy did too much Viagra. His lawyers will blame on his meds-----"thought he was at a Chiropractor's office & he tried to fight her off when she grab his crank."
  13. Well, I understand----I vacation at my brother in laws condo in Largo. The number of people from western NY in Gulf area is amazing, Go to a Rays game when the Yankees are playing & half the people have Yankee gear on.
  14. 1st&ten

    Vinny Curry and Demaryius Thomas available.

    Me too, he must be mixing the Broncos up with the Raiders or some other team.