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  1. He's played in a couple of different schemes so maybe the FO thinks he will be a better backup under the new O-Line coach. I think Castillo ran a zone blocking type scheme, I wonder what the new O-Line coach will run ?
  2. 1st&ten

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Especially in the 4th quarter !!!
  3. McCoy should be good for 1 more season, he doesn't have to be the #1 back-----stop running him up the gut so much---move him around a lot & tons of passes out of the backfield to get him in space. Even use him as a slot receiver now & then.
  4. 1st&ten

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

    It's not whether you win or lose----it's how you played the game.
  5. 1st&ten

    Divisional Round Picks

    Straight up winners-----no point spread------ Patriots Colts Cowboys Saints
  6. 1st&ten

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

    Congrats Gugny-----nice milestone !!!
  7. 1st&ten

    Alabama vs Clemson who ya got?

    Yeah----what NFL team is Alabama better than this week ???
  8. Nice !!! Didn't we have a DB named Duke Williams a few years ago ?
  9. 1st&ten

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    Josh would have made that 1st down !!!
  10. 1st&ten

    Tyree Jackson v. Josh Allen

    I only got to watch Jackson\UB twice this year-----they lost both games. Jackson is a physical specimen with a lot of potential----but his ball security & accuracy at times seemed very poor. If he ends up in the right spot & can be coached up, he might make it in the Pros.
  11. Hard to choose----I think all the games that Josh played in had an element of excitement to them. I'll take the Viking game because after that game I knew we had a promising young QB !!!
  12. 1st&ten

    AFC Wild Card: Colts at Texans 4:35 ESPN

    Colts====Contenders Texans==Pretenders Of course maybe in the second half the Texans can come out & cheap shot Luck like they did Allen-------but I don't think the Colts O line is going to allow that.
  13. 1st&ten

    Von Miller’s mom wants a trade, blames Elway

    I'm just speculating but I can envision Von's mother as a woman who would start throwing hay makers if you p***ed her off.