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  1. I don't want to give up a 3rd & a 4th for Emmanuel Sanders----
  2. Oh boy we now get to hear a full quarter of Patriot boot licking by the announcers---the great Bill Belichec---the Patriot culture etc etc----would a bunch of bull crap---found every way possible to bend the rules---including paying players under the table to circumvent the salary cap---could never line up & play good old football like the great coaches like Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh etc----
  3. The day the NFL died---this might just be the game that started it & if NE wins the super bowl that will seal it.
  4. Gee will the Patriots leave Brady in the game into the 4th quarter & run up the score ?
  5. I like both of them----Jets coaching is worse than the Bills.
  6. Didn't have time to read the whole thread so sorry if this is redundant but I only give him a C----too many gadget plays in short yardage & critical situations. Also too many plays with the ball being handled behind the line of scrimmage. I think his play calling has taken us out of scoring position more than the players mistakes.
  7. No it isn't----how long have you been watching the Bills ??
  8. They're both getting ready to raid some teams practice squads.
  9. Dam, I'm going to miss that high powered offensive in this years super bowl !!!
  10. Man what would the reaction be if Josh threw a pick in the red zone like Watson just did ???
  11. Gee Tyrex Hill has been out a while you'd think he'd want to celebrate after a touchdown.
  12. Worthless shows---stopped watching about 15 years ago.
  13. At the time, I thought the Bills might take Mahomes or Watson but I figured they knew what they were doing.
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