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  1. Dam, is anyone else sick of hearing about Brady---if there is a season next this will be the weekly highlight.
  2. You could be right but I think the Bills like this Robinson kid from Syracuse. They meant with him at the combine, might have had him in for a visit---not sure. The Bills will probably go BPA in Rd 2 their first pick but I won't be surprised if they move up a little in the 3rd round if he's still there.
  3. I thin Cam would be a good fit for the Chargers---many of the play designs could work with Cam or Tyrod. I'm not sure what Cam's salary hit is but if too high maybe they could restructure. Of course they might just be interested in drafting a young QB at # 6 but they could also do both.
  4. Didn't he run really well in preseason when he was here but had fumbling problems ?
  5. Hard to say--I wonder if with all the moves Beane has made in free agency that they move to consolidate the draft & move back into the 1st round for BPA & use up any left over draft pics after that. Then they might have their eyes on several UDFAS to bring in for competition. They seem to have pretty good luck at getting talent in the undrafted pool.
  6. Well along with all the other Patriot crap there has been suspicion & allegations that they were paying players under the table.
  7. USA discovers miracle cure for Corona Virus ----Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese topping----
  8. Maybe they think Vincent Taylor can step up this year---they didn't seem to worry about resigning Phillips.
  9. They are only getting 8 compensatory draft picks instead of the awarded 10.
  10. Man Jacksonville is falling apart fast. When they beat us in the playoffs a few years a go, they had a great roster----I think we're a lot better then them now.
  11. Well over the years, numerous teams made the playoffs based on the outcome of what other teams did in the final game of the season.
  12. He is above average & could still improve some. It seems like he likes playing in Buffalo & seems to be a process guy. If we don't pay him, who are we going to replace him with----hard to get LT's in free agency & if you draft a new guy, what is his learning curve---will he get Josh killed ? Besides, remember we could always move him to RT.
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