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  1. Well that might be it--cuz know that I think of it I don't remember Glenn ever being used at right tackle.
  2. Yes, he had that too, but I remember some article in the Buffalo News or somewhere that his leg problem hinder his play on the right side---gosh maybe it was further back then I think & it was the big lineman out of Texas that we draft early---man I'm getting to old remember some of this.
  3. Yes, I remember that. I think there was even some narrative about a leg injury that made it harder to play on the right side.
  4. I'm sure the Pats could figure out a way to undermine this system.
  5. I can only hope that the Jets screwed up their draft. One wish on my bucket list is that I get to see Jets fans starting fires in the aisles again as the Bills are kicking their a**** on prime time TV.
  6. Call me a homer but Oliver at 9 could be a steal, I think he's going to be a great player. Miami getting Rosen for a 2nd could turn out great for them---this guy could end up being a thorn in our side for years to come.
  7. How many years has he been out of the league now---maybe it's him that's a bust.
  8. That's cuz your new to the board & don't know how good used to be.
  9. I've been on this board a long time ( longer than my current screen name) I don't post that much but read a lot but it seems like every day there are duplicate posts that remain on the board forever. Does anyone else feel this way ? Mods feel free to delete this post but please start merging these duplicate threads.
  10. Looks like a good developmental prospect, might have to spend a year on the PS.
  11. I'm puzzled by this pick---hope he pans out.
  12. Kiss of death for Drew Lock---any QB picked by Elway usually bombs.
  13. Like the pick--Ford or Risner was a good pick here---we'll be running around the right side next year.
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