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  1. Yes, I was thinking Mahomes better be careful when he scrambles against these guys, they might just plant him.
  2. Yes, I think we tried to get him didn't we ?
  3. Ha ha---thanks but I avoid ***** holes
  4. Go to a barber with a TV
  5. Anyone else tired of this Gene referee guy-----christ he runs & hides when these cheap shot helmet hits happen-----tow the party line
  6. Well if Dorsey can learn from Daballs" mistakes he'll be great !!!!
  7. Hard to say---everybody is sue crazy now days. Gee, I don't think lawyers would take a case if it wasn't legit-------lol.
  8. So they'll be playing with themselves !!!
  9. Well we might have blew our chances last week but if we were playing at home we sure the hell wouldn't be down by 24 points !!!
  10. I guess the AFC South is better than everyone thought.
  11. Get Sammy Watkins & Shady McCoy in & win the game----
  12. Chiefs are sleep walking-----
  13. This is true Shaw, very insightful post. The Bills could add several new starters next year & our talent level will increase. As you have mentioned in other posts, the Bills are still learning. While Bills fans are disappointed, they shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we went on the road in a playoff game with a young team & almost won the game-----we're still growing.
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