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  1. oh they cut to commercial break on the Jets..that could make things interesting if they don't get back quickly
  2. Murray killing it with that Great Gatsby pink suit
  3. Yolo,


    any chance when you update that pre-draft visit list you could list in parenthesis after the player the round or rounds they are likely to be taken in?


    not a criticism just trying to get a feel where the Bills may head during any given round of the draft.


    love your posts

  4. I agree with those suggesting trading this years later picks for better picks, round wise, in 2020 but has any consensus been reached on whether the 2020 class has better depth than the 2019 quality wise? Yes I know its early and no one knows which underclassmen are going to declare but there must be some limited prognostication even at this time. .
  5. Bad Karma - in my previous life I was an awful dude so god is paying me back by having Buffalo as my birth place...so this life i am being equally as bad so I can be born in Cleveland next time
  6. all I know is we , as Bills fans, should have taken one for the country and jumped on the Trump bandwagon to buy the Bills and kept him too busy here in Buffalo to run for the presidency..after all this we better win a superbowl to make up for our strategic error
  7. The Pats win confirmed my atheism..definitely no god in the universe or one that's not totally perverse
  8. geez why even play the game..on the second play after the penalty there was a clear pick that freed the Pats guy for a first down
  9. The existence of God is on the line..any win by the patriots proves Satan is alive and well and God is off playing golf
  10. Did you run any tests for outliers that are skewing the data? looking at how close to zero all the R's are makes me think there won't be any but it would have been helpful to see the actual regression curves
  11. I bet the local restaurants are rooting for the Bills to draft him
  12. Pats 42 Bills 14 There is a significant difference between the talent and the coaching on these two teams and its not in the Bills favor. Until the OL gets fixed and they find a way to put more pressure on the QB this team will hover around 6 to 7 win seasons for another couple years I dread this week (actually next week) being in Pats' land....their fans are simply unbearable (and meet the quintessential definition of bandwagon)
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