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  1. entropyrules

    O Line and Special Teams Coaches Hiring Wait

    be careful what you wish for I believe Ronnie Jones is still out there looking for a job
  2. entropyrules

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    eagles doing a great job picking up the blitz
  3. entropyrules

    Way Too Early 2019 Predictions

    8-9 wins next year....simply too many holes to fill and those they do fill will be with several rookies still adjusting to the NFL game in 2020 they should hit the 11-12 win area
  4. entropyrules

    Who Should Be Fired

    Its so obvious Billy Buffalo..he (or she-not sure who is under that costume) has been here for all these years of sucktitude
  5. entropyrules

    Updated 2019 NFL draft order after Week 14: Bills draft 6th!!

    so it looks like the worst they'll do is pick 10th if they beat Miami and everyone else continues to lose and they may get the 5th spot with a loss to Miami and wins by Lions, Bucs and Giants..that SOS doesn't look like it in itself will change their draft position...yes/no?
  6. IMHO he was always going to be a boom or mediocre (not bust like Maybin) player ... 2019 will tell what the Bills have in him but right now it looks like passing on Vanderesch (sp) may have been a mistake not only for losing a better player but the extra draft choice to draft Edmunds
  7. entropyrules

    Bills vs Patriots*** - **Predict the Score**

    Pats 42 Bills 14 There is a significant difference between the talent and the coaching on these two teams and its not in the Bills favor. Until the OL gets fixed and they find a way to put more pressure on the QB this team will hover around 6 to 7 win seasons for another couple years I dread this week (actually next week) being in Pats' land....their fans are simply unbearable (and meet the quintessential definition of bandwagon)
  8. entropyrules

    Marcus Murphy: dislocated elbow

    yes powder but what kind we can only guess and does CVS carry any
  9. looks like a battle of the walking wounded this Sunday
  10. entropyrules

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    that is definitely true I have not watched any jets games with Darnold in so perhaps its just Mayfield and all the rest are ?s But he certainly looked better than Allen today..I guess I am easily fooled by a QB who can take a team down the field in the last 2 minutes and win the game. I do want Allen to succeed but watching him makes me highly skeptical as to his ceiling. he'll get the Bills to the palyoffs (I think/hope) but i just think a really good coach like Bellicheat will exploit his weaknesses in a major way
  11. entropyrules

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case but Allen reminds me a lot of Jeff George only with better wheels. That guy had a gun for an arm but was totally erratic in his play-having one great game them several so-so games and then a couple of awful games..maybe by mid season next year he'll end up a bit more consistent. Right now though Mayfield and Darnold look like the real deal and the two Joshs are mostly question marks
  12. entropyrules

    How Beane can turn the Bills into contenders in 2019

    I guess I have an in-built bias about acquiring aging veterans who appear to be on the downside of their career. If they do acquire Jones I won't jump of a bridge unless tied to a bungee (I probably wouldn't even do it even with a bungee). Certainly Lorenzo is an example that gives lie to my bias but I see that as the exception to the rule. I am due to return to the mud soon and just once I want some Buffalo team get to the promised land before I do so for me its all about winning the SB and not just getting into the playoffs. How we get there is always open for argument and mine are just an opinion. Not like its an engineering problem where the solutions are usually narrowed to one or two choices.
  13. entropyrules

    How Beane can turn the Bills into contenders in 2019

    Well I thought I said it was better by 50% so that's not saying they won't make the playoffs. So lets turn the Q around-are you saying that the addition of Jones and Eifert makes them a 100% lock to make the playoffs (assume no major injuries if that will help your case-just not sure how you could possibly prognosticate that). My major point is I would rather them structure things for a Superbowl run in 2020/2021 then just to make the playoffs next year.
  14. entropyrules

    How Beane can turn the Bills into contenders in 2019

    would rather the Bills pursue SD's WR than pick up an older vet..they aren't going to the Superbowl next year and even the playoffs are iffy (probably better than 50% but not a lock by any means)...get younger and in 2020 or 2021 add some vets to put you over the top. Their first priority has to be to fix that OL and get a real TE; through the draft although Eifert is an intriguing idea.
  15. entropyrules

    1st Half Thread: Bills vs. Dolphins at 1 PM ET on CBS

    win-win coming up ...if the Bills some how come back to win then it sets up a run to the next new England game..if not time to drop a few more games and get a better draft pick