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  1. well you probably don't have to worry..none of my lotto numbers ever come in so I am certainly not in Nostradamus's league you would have to agree though beating the ravens with our field goal kicker compared to how good theirs is would be delightfully ironic
  2. nail biter all the way to the end..Bills win in OT 27-24
  3. I get both here in Maine so its basically using the back button through-out the day. Glad my wife does not watch as she hates it when I use the remote that way. I guess eventually one game will get out of hand so its down to the one competitive game and then whatever hockey game is on thus terrorizing my spousal unit even further
  4. if they could snag dobbins in the late 2nd that would be a steal..after his performance in yesterday's Michigan game I think he'll go in the 1st unfortunately
  5. beat the ravens or pats and that 2nd tier smutz goes away lose to the squealers and/or the jets with losses to Pats and Ravens and of course they belong in the 2nd tier I do agree with your sentiment that the Bills seem to have to do so much more than any other team to get a higher ranking but in the end it will sort itself out when the Bills win the Superbowl this year (something I never though I would even contemplate at all year but I love to dream).
  6. yes its seems like over the last 20 years the two things that would always happen to the Bills is when the game was on the line they would 1) totally flub a third and long or 2) give up a third and long (even > 25yds) to allow the other team to score the winning TD or FG. Hope this change is permanent
  7. I was originally pessimistic about the Bills and thought they would end up with 7-9 wins and just miss the playoffs if they got to 9. Well I now have to say I am wrong about Allen in that I thought he really couldn't see the field well but that Dallas game changed my perception totally. So I think the Bills will go 3-1 in the last four and lose to either the Pats or Ravens but not both. I think the Pats is more likely a loss given the game is at Gillette. We shall see as I still have this vestigial feeling something "Billsy" can still happen to ruin their run to the playoffs. I know its irrational but its still there.
  8. Not an organized or even disorganized conspiracy. I agree with those who feel its an internal/unconscious bias that some officials have for teams with either winning records, at home, or have large followings (i.e Cowgirls as an example)..the corollary to that is also a bit true in that "downtrodden" teams like the Bills are probably considered fodder by some of the officials. No matter what The Pats definitely get more breaks than normal and whats stupid about that is they really don't need those breaks with the coach and QB they have.
  9. not a good feeling for this one..Cowgirls 34 Bills 17...really hope to be wrong on this one but I think they'll not only be playing against 11 on the other side of the ball but also the stripes on the field - there will be at least 3 horribly questionable calls (make-up for that phantom tripping call - man the Patriots get back at us and we aren't even playing them-just unbelievable) against the Bills or for the "Girls." hmm maybe someone should do an over-under for the bad officiating calls
  10. 2 wins 3 losses, I think the Bills pick off the Pats or Ravens but lose to the Cowboys and one of the Steelers or Jets (more likely the Steelers setting up a must win game at the Ralph). My alternative, but low probability (< 20%), scenario is they beat the Cowboys in Dallas and then run the table after that game for a 13-3 finish. They then win the first playoff game but lose to the Pats causing domestic abuse and cirrhosis of the liver to skyrocket in WNY.
  11. Rarest of sightings..a Bills 3rd qtr TD...maybe this will kill that jinx
  12. Go Bills..if Catherine the Great were alive today she would be so into game
  13. Bills 20 Broncos 13...close one but Bills pull it out in dramatic fourth quarter fashion
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