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  1. entropyrules

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    no up here in Maine watching game - they took him out as the Titans are beating the crap out of him
  2. entropyrules

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Someone should check at the hotel and see if there were a bunch of pods under the beds from last night
  3. He's waiting for K Benjamin to stop by and ask for some throws his way
  4. entropyrules

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    Bills 19 Jets 17 Because just when you think that the one good thing that will come out of this season is a top three draft pick this organization kills that dream for you
  5. entropyrules

    Bears at Bills **Predict the Score**

    close one 17-16 Bills or a runaway Bears 42 Bills 10..no in between today
  6. entropyrules

    Pregame thread: Wk 9 Bears at Bills, 1 pm FOX

    One of two outcomes today Bills 17 Bears 16 or there about Bears 42 Bills 10 The Bills' D will keep it close with lots of turnovers from the Bears or the Bills D gives up the ghost and basically plays tackling dummies out there..we all know the offense so the best we'll see out of them is 17 with 10 pts in garbage time if the game is out of hand...I'm going for the former in rare show of optimism with this team-call it the Sabres Effect
  7. entropyrules

    Which Trash-Heap QB Would You Have Signed?

    zombie football?
  8. entropyrules

    2019 Mock Draft already up...

    Its just hard to fathom only being in the 5th draft slot with how bad the Bills are.....my guess is they win 2-3 more games and end up drafting 7th or 8th..darn there goes getting that CB I agree its unrealistic but would suggest they make trades that bring in 2020 draft capital..for example (if they can find a willing suitor) I'd love to see them send their 6th this coming year for a 5th in 2020 and their 7th for a 6th in 2020 and so on to allow Beane to package those picks and say a 3rd to move for an extra 2nd in 2020
  9. thanks a lot - so basically in addition to the Bills getting clobbered you are now predicting the end of the world and the sun not rising Tuesday morning
  10. entropyrules

    The True reason to fire McDermott

    oh shoot you mean all that lead isn't good for you?
  11. no need to apologize I got a bit too cute for my own good..I think the current state of the Bills is driving everyone crazy.....some of us go dark and irreverent as a coping mechanism..we are as fans rooting for  the same team no matter how much suffering that involves

    1. BigBuff423


      Thank you. I try to be really level-headed when people post or respond and I guess sometimes I get a little chippy and misconstrue intentions when that happens. So, I appreciate you reaching out, but I failed to see the sarcasm. And yes, you're right....these are dark days. I maybe wrong, but I am in the group that thinks during next off-season Beane will get the players on Offense to make a big stride forward.


      I don't think it an ALL be done in one off-season because of supply and demand, but I do think a big step forward occurs next year. And as much as I hate constant turnover, I think if the Offense is anywhere near this bad next year, I don't think McD should stay. I like him and I think he's a good coach, but player development is just as much your job as coaching / managing players. And in contemporary NFL, Offense is king. 


      Thanks again, take care and as always - Go Bills!

  12. hence the italics which on most bbs is a signal of sarcasm.....I guess next time I'll simply label sarcasm before both before and after..that should help
  13. and he went to a great college that most of you can only dream about getting in
  14. entropyrules

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    That's the problem though..will the game ever slow down for him? In watching a lot of his progressions and throws it just seems he doesn't see the field and process what is going on. As a Bill's fan I hope I am utterly wrong; I just get these visions of Losman ver. 2.0. In three years it will be one of two outcomes 1) all us so called arm chair GMs/Coaches will be shown we don't know crap or 2) everyone will question the efficacy of using all that draft capital on a risky project QB. It really doesn't matter what any of us think at this point as the Pegulas need to let this play out over the next 3-4 years and hope that McBeane knew what he (they) were doing.
  15. entropyrules

    Predict the score: Bills at Colts

    didn't they do one of these at Buff in Dec back in the 70s?