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  1. i'm waiting for the thread where bills sign olof pilar
  2. actually thought they would try to keep him, best of luck except when playing the bills.
  3. you do know that young players can improve don't you? ford was fairly inexperienced at his position like josh was, there will be improvement. you need to be less negative it will help you in life.
  4. hello he's a rookie with limited experience at the position in college(one year at rt) who improved as the year went on, and now has the whole off season to work on it. he was a project at the position when he was drafted and should only get better.
  5. who knows what allen is going to be like this year. if makes as much improvement as he did from year 1 to 2 he'll be fine
  6. i think brady and belichick both wanted to prove they could do it without the other. also i think brady wanted a better payday.
  7. i hope you're not talking about the game last year where he was playing with backups against starters?
  8. he would want to start and would want starter money, so no.
  9. don't follow the sabres all, so you are probably right
  10. she's the bills fan, terry is the sabres fan maybe she is better than terry at being the owner.
  11. what ever beane decides i'm good with, i trust him more than anyone on these boards.
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