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  1. Speaking of SMU, I absolutely love Xavier Jones RB late maybe 4th/5th Rd guy. Loads of production but maybe won’t test too well. The guy is a gamer!!
  2. Gore is done. But to your point I believe he means he thought they had the young guys to step up and replace what they lost (I believe Norman,Tillman, Finnegan their whole CB’s!!!) but they weren’t up to the task. That’s why they took the step back they did the following year
  3. I’m glad we lost when we did we’re going to be right in his range. He reminds me of Sammy but in all the good ways and without the diva
  4. Duck Hodges is not good. Josh Allen is pretty good and yet the Steelers trust their undrafted rookie more than we trust our Franchise QB. I hate McD football it’s not in the best interest long term it’s very short sighted
  5. No trust in your QB because you didn’t put weapons around him.... the definition of insanity
  6. Gore should never get touches inside the 10. Or outside the guard. It’s so simple.
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