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  1. That’s what makes Josh do special to me. We have no idea what his ceiling is...he keeps playing like this they are going to move the Sistine Chapel to Buffalo
  2. Josh going to lead a touchdown drive here before the half Josh going to lead a touchdown drive here before the half
  3. Good stop defense! Shaq is playing fantastic. Might be a candidate for mid year extension
  4. I love Shenaults game but he really does look like Sammy out there😥
  5. Marcel Louis - Jacques has been just about as good as a beat reporter you can find on ESPN. He seems to really enjoy covering the Bills and it appears as though he is very honest with his evaluations. Never too positive, never too negative and he gives a lot of insight into the team. Night and day better than Rodak but still not good enough to cover the other crap that ESPN puts out.
  6. I’m 9/10. But I went upside so 10-11 it is. Josh takes that next step. Playoffs here we come
  7. Big bodied, strong hands, high pointer, good blocker. I don’t see what’s funny I didn’t say he was better just that he has a similar game. He’s had two monster catches to make Barkley look better, now imagine Josh having Knox, Sweeney, and Williams in the redzone? That’s a recipe for success for a Qb with slight accuracy issues. At this point your trolling so have a nice day.
  8. Which is exactly what happened. He was getting first team reps because he performed. And based off the past two games he’s making the most of his opportunity. He reminds me of Alshon Jeffery
  9. Duke> Zay Mckskittles> Ray Ray it’s that easy
  10. Duke> Foster I’m sorry guys🤷🏾‍♂️
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