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  1. I was going to start a thread about it but when McKenzie came in the game the second half the offense looked totally different. He is our spark plug off the bench, and since our running game is lacking HE’S the change of pace back - but for the passing game! I have no doubts he could do everything Bease does and more if given the opportunity. He’s a gamer whose figured out his ball security issues. I hope he sticks around for the next few years. He’s going to be a GOOD one. salsa man!
  2. The greats have to find motivation from somewhere. Otherwise you get complacent. Jordan was always finding ways to push himself, I feel like Brady is the same.
  3. Levi Wallace is a solid #2 cb Taron Johnson is who needs to get replaced in the secondary. He has been less awful the second half of the season but still is a liability in coverage
  4. Oh mykidsdad! I think Knox may have turned a corner
  5. Well all 11 on that side since he is winning games for them...
  6. In all honesty it doesn’t matter because he drafted Josh Allen. Josh is infinitely more important than all of those guys... he can elevate the play of marginal players (hence how we are 6-2 despite all the whining and complaining from the fan base)
  7. He hasn’t been as good as advertised. The big plays have completely fallen off.. idk tough decision but I would let him go.
  8. I’m in huge favor of a Dome. Lets let Allen sling it all year around just like the colts did for Peyton/Luck.
  9. Brown had 4 catches against the raiders but I see what you mean. had a big drop early on and then couldn’t bring in the bomb from Josh because of great coverage by the chiefs defender
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