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  1. He’s a weapon plain and simple. Beasleys replacement for way cheaper. Probably better production too
  2. 2 rush attempts in the entire game… ridiculous
  3. And they come out on defense to start the second half. Just awful awful coaching. You have a dynamic offense that has been on fire all game? Why not one more chance to score…
  4. He’s looked horrendous. Now the OC is doing him no favors throwing on first down EVERY single possession and just abandoning the run game entirely when they have a stud back. Hopefully they make adjustments at halftime and make this a game. But he is definitely looking like a bottom tier starter
  5. I wish they would stop mentioning Edmunds name with Milano's. Not even in the same stratosphere...
  6. its the best for stats honestly and I think he knows that
  7. We made the AFC championship game last year with an ascending QB. Of course we are going to be a trendy pick Get used to it! Josh has us in uncharted territory, big credit to Mcbeane🏆
  8. I was going to start a thread about it but when McKenzie came in the game the second half the offense looked totally different. He is our spark plug off the bench, and since our running game is lacking HE’S the change of pace back - but for the passing game! I have no doubts he could do everything Bease does and more if given the opportunity. He’s a gamer whose figured out his ball security issues. I hope he sticks around for the next few years. He’s going to be a GOOD one. salsa man!
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