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  1. if a cb was their top rated guy when they pick i suppose they might,but i doubt that would happen.
  2. i don't think it will happen but a stud cb to team with white will will also be a big boost to this defense.
  3. i can't wait to see who had surgery tomorrow. i hope he cleans it up too,but it shows this guy plays with some nastiness.
  4. i think that if new england traded for him and he got to sit behind brady for a year it could revive his career. the guy does have talent the pats offense with belichick coaching could be a .match
  5. i'm okay with cutting croft,murphy smith was a penalty machine but he was a hell of a blocker. long i don't know how much he is being paid but he seemed to play well when he had to.
  6. i went out to arizona last year and climbed around mt. lemon i'll tell you altitude can have a lot to do with it!
  7. tannehill looked like he could play in the nfl with the dolphins when he had some decent talent around him
  8. let him test the water and see if if his best offer is worth matching or beating
  9. you are probably right but you have to try
  10. derrick henry with the best wr and de with our first andsecond rd picks also resign lawson and philips
  11. we need a running back like henry who can pound it between the tackles and has the speed to run it outside
  12. why do coordinators who sucked here go to other teams and have success? better talent.
  13. a big between the tackle rb will make this line instantly better
  14. if he was injured i bet he was faking it, hoping he would not get arrested
  15. cracks are appearing all through the dynasty
  16. before he made the qb change their fans were hoping he would get fired
  17. the idiots on this board who don't even think we should make a play for henry are crazy
  18. how is there salary cap and who do they have to resign
  19. if we had henry we would still be playing
  20. if we had henry we would still be playing
  21. spain had a really good year and morse loved him. lets keep the chemistry going
  22. aare you one of those people that think windmills cause cancer? that is such a lie!
  23. i think its more peart -ginger baker
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