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  1. What makes you think your posting bothers me. It's merely an observation backed by endless examples. Every time I see Allens name mentioned I'm almost excited for an extremely long-winded rant about how everyone and everything sucks. The same thing over and over and over again.
  2. If the Bills make the playoffs this year, or Allen puts together a nice season, just how disappointed are you going to be? I don't think I've read a positive post yet.
  3. I did, sorry, just defaulted to the Brady in the 6th discussion. The Pats have always drafted QBs, for future draft capital, they just don't get every draft move as heavily scrutinised a team like the Bills do. If the bills keep drafting QBs we'd all be on them for not having faith in their 1st rounder when we had so many positions of need.
  4. Yes, the Pats scored Tom Brady in the sixth so why can't the Bills? It's that simple.
  5. Yes, one of them can throw slightly further than the other.
  6. I agree with you about giving the current regime the chance to find the guy should Allen not work out. If the GM is providing the right players and the coach is getting the best out of them, why should they be tied to the fate of one QB. prime example and they are learning the job as well, it shows they do learn their lessons. I really hope Allen is the guy and I share Shaws optimism but if they tie them all together then another team will benefit and the Bills will start from scratch again, and again.
  7. Me too. Most of the 1260 came from two lucky multibets during the season. Most of the time I'm close to breaking even or losing it all.
  8. I start every season with $100 on my sports bet account. Not a big spender by any means but my biggest winnings for a season off $100 is $1260 and worst is $0. I think it adds a little extra to the season and gets me watching games I normally wouldn't really care too much about.
  9. Hahaha, should I refer you back to the NY Giants thread fellow hypocrite?
  10. I just want him to take charge of games with the moxy he showed at the end of the season, and lead the team to more wins. Don't really care how the stats read if his game translates to wins. Playoffs would be good also.
  11. I remember that post draft/first two games period. Everyone had to be fired for this and fired for that. Good times.
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