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  1. downunderbill

    Predict Josh Allen's stats v the Vikings

    19/34, 263yds 1TD 2 Int 28 rushing yds 6 sacks Vikes 31 Buffalo 20.
  2. downunderbill

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    This seems like a healthy relationship.
  3. We'll depends on who you talk to here, might be 8 games for some, 1.5 for others.
  4. downunderbill

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    31-14 Vikes. I really want to say Bills win in a trap game. I think Allen has another average game but hopefully show some improvement.
  5. You could tell who was going to show up in this thread before it was opened. Seems you miserable sacks have found a leader. Going from show to show to proclaim bust after 1½ games. Spread across the interwebs... Spread the word and ye shall pat thyself on the back. Because twas ye that foretold the great bust. *Just be sure to leave that caveat in case he turns out ok.
  6. Not a chance, the quality of this site is getting better by the day.
  7. Looks like you'll have to wait till next year.
  8. If it doesn't suit the narrative that's being pushed at the time then he's just a paid Bills shill. If Tyrod, being upset at how his time in Buffalo ended, came out and said there was a poor culture we'd take that and run with it. Because it's suits the world is on fire narrative.
  9. downunderbill

    Brady and McDaniels lose their cool 😎

    Wait, other teams have ups?
  10. I agree, there might be nothing going on in the locker room at all, maybe that is why no one has spoken about it. The players aren't stupid, they know what the front office plan is. When Davis signed they were a playoff team, they get a beatdown by the Ravens and were in the middle of a beatdown by the Chargers. Maybe he just didn't have the love for the game, he could have felt his body was failing him, maybe he realised there was going to be no fairy tale like the previous year or didn't want to be in Buffalo at all, just there for a last payday. All we have to go by was his press release but if we don't have the facts and there is silence on the matter then we make up the facts (they lost the locker room) and feel the keyboard wrath if you disagree.
  11. downunderbill

    The Amish Rifle- Fitz

    Oh Fitzy, 2 good games and he goes all Connor McGregor on us.
  12. That's the first thing that came to mind as well.
  13. downunderbill

    [Vague Title] The future is ok

    Couldn't say, you'll have to ask the Illuminati.
  14. downunderbill

    [Vague Title] The future is ok

    You hang in flat earth circles don't you?
  15. downunderbill

    Predict Josh Allen's stats vs LA.

    Been going through it, a lot people were pretty close on at least a few of the stats. Toss up between gunnerbill and Dablitzkreig I think, both very close.