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  1. Funny website, clearly shows that the pats are merely victims in any cheating that happened.
  2. me too. they're too caught up in their own BS.
  3. Miracle? If others are so much more deserving then they would have won one game more than Buffalo. I love it when some nobody tells everyone how to do a job they could never do.
  4. ?? Considering all the Duke threads, past and present, I'm pretty sure the Bills fans are awake. The coaching staff are the ones that need convincing.
  5. We should hope he plays next year, he is clearly on the decline and would be funny to watch that fan-base turn on him, although I think Belicheck moves on from him or he retires.
  6. you're not wrong. maybe not after 20 playoff seasons though.
  7. They must have read a game day thread or checked out the hot takes here after a loss.
  8. The dude would make Flat Earthers envious the way he picks and chooses what suits his opinion. That first Pats game did a number on him, he didn't seem to have an over-throwing issue until then.
  9. They told him to play fearless for only one game it seems, is it Daboll holding him back?
  10. L The tackling was horrible today. They seemed to always break the first tackle.
  11. Then why is it you only show up when there is something negative to say about the team? They have a good week and you are nowhere to be seen.
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