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  1. A few playoff wins, not overly concerned about the stats. He's electric enough and a gamer but in the end it's still a team sport and if they gets further than a team with a QB that has better stats, does it really matter?
  2. I think he will be. He's self aware and seems committed to improving his flaws. He'll make some boneheaded plays for sure but I'm kind of Ok with them, it's generally when he's trying to make something happen. Love the win at all costs attitude.
  3. It's a very reactive forum and I guess it's a non issue with the guys that have posted because I recognize the names as the more optimistic faithful throughout the last couple of years, plus, things are going so well at the moment. If for instance he does struggle and say, Miami 🤢 win the East post Brady, the dark side of the board will show up for their fun and call for heads I'm sure After his last outing I'm hoping his position will be addressed.
  4. Depends, of they went 6-10 next year and repeated the question would the answers be the same? I would bet my house it wouldn't be so rosy. I've seen enough meltdowns and the phrase repeated on the boards following losses to have believed there to still be more than a few that would tie them all together.
  5. When Allen was drafted and during that first season, particularly the first few games, I recall a lot anger and fire everybody posts tying the HC and GMs job to Allen becoming the guy. First off I'm firmly in the Allen corner and believe he is the guy, it's not about if he will be or not. hypothetically, Just say he does severely regress this year and it becomes obvious he isn't the guy, would you be willing to let the current hierarchy have another crack at the QB pick. Personally, I definitely would, I love these guys and how they operate, feel they should be here for a long time, Allen working out or not. Whay say you?
  6. Funny website, clearly shows that the pats are merely victims in any cheating that happened.
  7. me too. they're too caught up in their own BS.
  8. Miracle? If others are so much more deserving then they would have won one game more than Buffalo. I love it when some nobody tells everyone how to do a job they could never do.
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