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  1. It was certainly a good year. Next step in the process next year.
  2. Adult alone time would be particularly rough.
  3. That's a good thing because when it comes to the Bills, he hasn't been right once.
  4. The entire KC online fanbase seems to be just like Nick Wright, in their mind there is just no possible way they can lose, even if Henne starts. It's not just the Bills, there is no respect for any team. No fanbase deserves to lose a game more to come back to Earth than KC fans do.
  5. I think he was actually being sincere in his congratulations, the last sentence was just the KC homerism coming out.
  6. The O carried the team this far and probably were due for a rough game. Besides, it's not like it was the Jags out there, and it's the Playoffs. On to next week.
  7. Its been spot on this year, was only poor his second year. what are you taking about?
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