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  1. No one outside of that room knows what they were thinking? One of the only snippets I saw of where their mind was at was the leaked whiteboard which had #1 Wyoming #2 USC. It may be fake but you have as much insight into what was going through their minds before the draft as I do... Zero insight what so ever. They didn't "luck" into anyone, as much as any elite player ever selected after maybe the first couple of picks was a lucky pick. They are professionals and did their due diligence on the players and you make it sound like they threw a dart at the wall.
  2. Wouldn't this describe any really successful GM? Only on message boards do potential GM candidates get things right 100% of the time.
  3. The thing is, Allen is generally a lot bigger than the guys tackling him and generally being chased down, so he can take the hits. I worry he will injure a shoulder or knee or something like that in a awkward fall or tackle.
  4. He's the AFC Easts daddy and he abuses them soooo.
  5. A lot of names there that disappeared sticking to their takes As it turns out, you can teach accuracy.
  6. Haven't heard it, is it actually a theory or something you just made up? No one has any baring on where Josh plays other than the Buffalo Bills and Josh himself, and he has already made it very clear he wants to be a Buffalo Bill.
  7. I doubt the rule is going to change unfortunately, KC already tried that. There does seem to be a lot more support this time around so that might get the leagues attention.
  8. I doubt McDermott is going anywhere and nor should he, so you're probably just going to have to bite it.
  9. Doesn't matter who the coach is if the defense can't tackle.
  10. Despite the kick, KC still started on their 25 with 13 seconds left. How do you not blame the defense?
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