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  1. downunderbill

    McDermott isn't going anywhere....

    How was it 100% luck? Did they not win 9 games just like the other teams that missed out.
  2. downunderbill

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    It's only a one game sample size. We'll all want him FIRED if he doesn't win the next game.
  3. Everything will be fine. The offence will improve with more talent added. The coaching will improve when there are players that can execute as in the playoff year. That will give the defence some rest and they will improve. The game will slow for Allen and he will improve. Will it happen? Nobody really knows, maybe not, but might as well be optimistic.
  4. downunderbill

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    I agree with you that he is amazing at protecting the ball, to a fault though, so many times I had wished he would just cut it loose but he just always played it safe. IMO Steven Hauschka had as much to do with making the playoffs as Tyrod. If he misses a couple of those long kicks it was all over.
  5. downunderbill

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    Tyrod wasn't winning with all that talent in Cleveland, what makes you think he would get way more wins in Buffalo.
  6. downunderbill

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    That's like asking which pile of 💩 do you want to step in.
  7. downunderbill

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Bills Fans in the Dumps

    Agree 100% with all of it.
  8. Get outta here with your optimistic views.
  9. downunderbill

    Bills are not that bad.

    Love the optimism, and I honestly believe with the resources available to build the offense next year we will be back in the thick of the playoff hunt again, but the offence does suck this year. There's no hiding that.
  10. downunderbill

    Do we really have give McBeane the 2019 season?

    If you say so. Let Terry know so he can get on with getting new guys in.
  11. downunderbill

    Terrelle Pryor in Buffalo! Update: He's signing!

    Did he play for Carolina?
  12. downunderbill

    Would Tyrod have won the Texan & Indy games - and -

    Didn't he have trouble scoring in the second half? #4 and his consecutive 50+ yarders had as much to with winning nine games than #5.
  13. downunderbill

    Here is why I'm not panicking...

    FFS just give up. Everybody knows how you feel. You say it multiple times in every thread and nobody here can do anything about it. You seem like a switched on dude, surely there is more to add to conversations.
  14. downunderbill

    McBeane Confidence

    Yes, I'll happily eat crow but not until the end of next season. Every head coach needs time to build their team. Understandably patience is low but he deserves the chance to find finish what he started. Any new coach will want three years to build. Can't keep calling for their heads as soon as the get someone you don't like or lose a couple of games.
  15. Year One works if the cap wasn't previously mismanaged. I don't know the Ins and outs of what was left for the new regime but was it at the stage where stopping, taking massive dead cap hit and starting again was the better option? What I do know there were some big contacts players weren't living up to.