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  1. downunderbill

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    All that inherited talent did wonders for the Bills before they got to Buffalo.
  2. I'm not sure even KC knew he'd be this good. He is the best QB in the game this year.
  3. Definately active players. I think they certainly know what's expected of the team next season and that will ring loudly in their ears all offseason.
  4. downunderbill

    Nick Foles Contract

    If he voids the contract he is a free agent and no contractual obligation to Philadelphia.
  5. downunderbill

    Sean McDermott’s Current Approval Rating

    Wow, 90% approval. Doesn't seem like it would be that high going by game day threads. Goes to show, as with all forms of social media, the few make the most noise.
  6. downunderbill

    Sean McDermott’s Current Approval Rating

    Approve 100%.
  7. downunderbill

    Brandon Beane press conference 12/31

    Has to be CTE at work. Sounds like he's on the verge of seriously hurting someone or himself.
  8. downunderbill

    Brandon Beane press conference 12/31

    I'm actually excited for this offseason. Let's see who they retain/bring in and going for another solid draft.
  9. The better candidates are probably coaching on the teams still playing.
  10. They deserve to put their plan in place and thankfully they will get that chance. Changing GMs and head coaches every 2 years is ridiculous and the path of a perennial loser, no matter how many tiers of error you call it.
  11. downunderbill

    Rex Ryan to the Dolphins?

    By all means, avoid it and don't comment. Maybe you can start a thread about what terms you find acceptable so everyone can cater to your tastes.
  12. downunderbill

    Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Mayfield deserves to win it. He's an arrogant douche, but the best QB drafted this year.
  13. downunderbill

    2019 NFL Draft: Bills officially picking 9th

    But instead he has a lot of fans screaming for his head.
  14. downunderbill

    Any Vikings followers?

    I'll admit I wanted cousins to sign here. At the time I thought he seemed like the best option available. Glad they went the rebuild route and drafted a QB.
  15. downunderbill

    Brady says he plans to play in 2019 and beyond...

    I hope he does play on. It would be good to see him retire as a shell of his former self.