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  1. It could mean nothing at all but it’s worth monitoring since Buffalo has been mentioned in trading for a WR.
  2. When you do the art work and see it the way I do, it’s not hard to recognize the image visually. The more I look at it and the comments on it, I have to agree, definitely could have been a lot better, maybe I just rushed it because of I liked the idea, I’m by no means into the Superfan stuff like some, but those fans give the Bills Character and some have great stories behind them and I thought it would be fun just to create something in regards to it. I appreciate all the feed back, negative or positive, but I will keep on working and perfecting my art.
  3. So....I have been at it again, this time I decided to do a little something different. I took the most famous fans also known as the SuperFans of the Buffalo Bills (Pancho Billa, Pinto Ron, Elvis & The Chefs) and Collaborates them to create this logo attached. I have yet to decide to make tee shirts of it but before I do I wanted to get the fans opinion on the logo and the idea, hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
  4. It is just the angle I positioned the photo.
  5. Decided to do more Design work, and decided on this, like I’ve said to others I love both the current and standing Buffalo, but what does everyone think of this.
  6. I am not affiliated. I did see this design and thought it was a bit much but something made me like the concept with adding the black. I understand that Buffalo represents Red, White, Blue but I wanted to revise it a little but wanted to be more subtle with the design, but believe me, I love our uniforms now and I’ve been a die hard fan now for over 30 years, I’m not big on a dramatic change but I also love anything to do with design and just wanted to see how everyone felt of the concept.
  7. I know that something like these have been seen in the past, recently I decided to revise the original photo and make the uniforms a bit subtle. I do like the Black, but not to be permanent, it just gives it a different feel/look. I understand there has been many concepts out there and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I thought i would just throw this out there to see all the feedback, anyways Let's Go Buffaloooo, let's get this 4th victory.
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