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  1. Pretty cool little video with those that had athleticism concerns. Not sure how good of a DE he is and if he is a fit on this team. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2020/04/04/kenny-willekes-2020-nfl-draft/2945460001/
  2. Taiwan Jones could potentially fill role if he makes team. Put the money towards the line and they will make an average rb look that much better.
  3. I don’t want to tie up money in the RB position. Draft a guy and if Clowney is looking for short term deal would jump all over that.
  4. This all but signals our backup rb will be coming through via the draft.
  5. Honestly would rather have beaten Brady into retirement than him going to another team. Really no excuses for the Bills come 2020 to take next step and win division.
  6. Does everyone still love deal if we have to re-do his contract?
  7. If the compensation was better than what AZ offered they would be crazy not to have considered it. However, seeing how Bill O'Brien is running things I guess anything could be expected like them trading for a broken down RB past his prime.
  8. I would have checked with Houston if they were interested in Singletary and made the move the AZ Cardinals did. We could have drafted RB in the 1st rd and potentially had Hopkins who I think would be a better fit with Josh. However, not knowing if this is something Houston would have even considered so moot point.
  9. Guy is a good not elite player and I wouldn't want to pay him whatever ridiculous contract someone is going to hand him.
  10. Wasn't there concerns about Cordy milking his injuries and taking too long to recover while he was here in Buffalo?
  11. I have parlay pending with SF as last leg to win $1.2k. Believe SF wins but may hedge and bet KC live if I see decent number against the spread.
  12. Regardless of attitude, availability is very important as well. Difficult for new group to put faith in player who was frequently injured. Sammy just could not be relied upon to be available and instead of paying him they decided to cut bait while he had some value left. In hindsight, it was the right move as Watkins has not developed into the #1 WR everyone thought he would become coming out of Clemson.
  13. I don't consider any of these "core" guys. So if they end up getting overpaid wish them well and move on. Bills should look into extending Tre'Davious White instead and locking him up to a long term deal now before his price goes up.
  14. Had Houston and under 50.5. Turnovers killing the total for me.
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