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  1. Depends where you are but Fanduel and Draftkings both offer sports betting. If not in your state will soon be just a matter of time in my opinion.
  2. We will only go as far as Allen can take this team. This is an important year in his development. I am hoping for big things come year 3.
  3. Who knows how the contract is structured. I would assume Lee is here for 2019 at a minimum. If he performs they probably got him on the cheap for the remaining years.
  4. The one thing I will give McDermott he is always looking to improve. From players to coaches if they are not cutting it they will be gone.
  5. The only way the seats get warm is if the team totally collapses and Allen takes a step back. McDermott just needs to be anti rex and he gets the full 5 years.
  6. Regardless who was right or wrong he is still a kid and mistakes happen. Both parties probably wish they handled things differently but to me is a non issue.
  7. Next years draft should be loaded with WRs and CBs. I agree we should wait till then.
  8. I don't follow horse racing I had put money on the favorites and tossed in a few longshots. I had maximum security but my entire goal was to either break even or come out slightly ahead and hope for a long shot to hit. I read up on the horses and history of the pole positions and took a few flyers. One of the pole positions 17 or 18 has never won the Derby so I didn't pick that horse. Got totally lucky.
  9. lol I was about $300 all in and had maximum security as well which would have only given me a $100 return. Did not think they would disqualify maximum security at one of the biggest races of the year.
  10. Just won $1500 on Country House! With one of those Patriot booth reviews. Thought the NFL instant replay team was deciding race.
  11. I think the following backs up Mcshay’s claims. Was Kiper higher on Allen than McShay yes that is accurate. However, McShay still had Allen going in the top 10. https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/espn-nfl-draft-analyst-todd-mcshay-gives-his-thoughts-on/article_2adb78cf-e654-5f88-a69d-2e44a27d852e.html
  12. What does that have to do with the current regime who made the playoffs in 2017 under new ownership.
  13. We carried 4 rbs last year. It is not uncommon. Plus with injuries who knows how things shake out.
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