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  1. Knows the system fill the McKensie role in the event of injury and potential special teams player. Obviously they must like him for some reason to bring him back.
  2. I wish I had the patience to make these season long bets. I have $750 tied up on Jacob Degrom to win the Cy Young which I made a few weeks ago and it is annoying me.
  3. I think you have to look at it from the following perspective. If you make deal for Gordon for 3rd or less you do so knowing full well he is walking after this year. We would then be in line for a comp pick as I wouldn't attempt to Tag him. In terms of this year and making that push for the playoffs he would be useful piece in the short term.
  4. Doesn't help when you replace speed with bigger, slower WRs who does not fit what the QB does well which was the long ball. Team was not built to QB's strengths as he was never going to be the long term answer.
  5. Vrabel with huge mistake there potentially costing his team chance at win.
  6. Tweak not overhaul is needed. Allen takes some of the blame for just holding onto the ball too long as well.
  7. Hell no that is like me saying I miss Marshall Newhouse who actually started at LT for the Pats and treated like an all pro by the Refs.
  8. Well I want to see the Bills prove that on the field these type of articles are pointless. Show up and stop the Patriots maybe then the defense will earn some respect. Bills haven't been challenged this year offensively by any of the teams so far. Not really impressed with the pass rush so far which will be key in disrupting the Patriots.
  9. Bills will need to score at least 30 if they want to have a shot in this game. Pats will put up points.
  10. Here comes 50 from the Pats. I hate when these articles come out so early in the season. The Bills have a good defense let's see where they finish up at the end of the year.
  11. Watkins was an injury prone player who did not fit in the team’s long term plans. Rams also let the same player walk so lets not pretend he is a superstar now. Mahomes makes a lot of players in that offense look good.
  12. You would be better teasing both games and adding a couple other games to your parlay instead.
  13. Who is lecturing just giving my opinion feel free to ignore it.
  14. Neither the Dolphins or Jets are winning. Jets maybe lucky enough to cover the point spread but that is still questionable.
  15. Sorry we got rid of all the "Me" type players and I don't see us going down that route again no matter how talented that player is.
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