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  1. He would probably want to restructure and get more money. Not worth the potential headache. I see no way he plays in Buffalo under the original terms of his contract.
  2. billieve420

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    None of these WRs impress me. Out of the list provided I like Adam Humphries and Golden Tate if we are handing out multi year deals. If Donte Montcrief wants to take another 1 yr prove it deal wouldn’t mind going that route either.
  3. billieve420

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    At this point I would agree. Darnold turned it on late but had struggled alot up to that point. For Allen to be in the same ballpark is more impressive as he was expected to be behind the other QBs and was extremely raw coming out of college.
  4. He could retire from the NFL and switch over to Baseball at any point unless there is some language added to his contract but not sure how that would work. Obviously would have to pay back some bonus money but I am glad the Bills are not in the market for a QB this year.
  5. billieve420

    FA Offensive Tackle Daryl Williams

    Also depends who is playing next to him. If you have a pro bowl T or C next to him how bad would he look. I will leave it to the OL coach to put these guys in the best spots for the team. If you can find upgrade at LT, I have no problem moving Dawkins somewhere else. If not and he is the best option then let him continue to play LT.
  6. I could see a team like Miami drafting him. Curious to see how he does in the pros and I have my doubts. I think any team taking him in the 1st round would be making a mistake. The threat of him leaving to play baseball would always be hovering over team.
  7. billieve420

    FA Offensive Tackle Daryl Williams

    It can't get any worse. I am all for lining up the best 5 regardless of where they played last year.
  8. I am indifferent either way if he signs or not. A decent role player who can be replaced.
  9. TB12 seems like a fake made up company to me. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kraft was paying Brady in some other form to circumvent the salary cap. However, I blame the NFL for allowing these types of business dealings to even take place to begin with. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/12/19/patriots-pay-business-owned-tom-brady-and-partner-with-dubious-past/C4zMzcPDgU62WMMg10qeBL/story.html
  10. billieve420

    Hogan will be gone?

    Overrated by many here. Dude is a number #4-5 WR. No interest in bringing him back if he is a FA.
  11. billieve420

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    Haha yep seems about right.
  12. billieve420

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    Kraft and Brady are extremely close. I doubt if Belicheck truly wanted to move on that Kraft would allow for it to happen. At this point doesn't matter much because they still win regardless. Brady is the starting QB until he is ready to hang up his cleats or gets injured.
  13. billieve420

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    No one will ever know truly what happened behind the scenes but there was there were definite issues within that group. I truly believe Belicheck would have kept Garrapolo and moved on from Brady which is something he has been known to do with his star players in the past. Move on from them before they start to trend downward. https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/report-patriots-owner-kraft-forced-belichick-trade-garoppolo http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/hotread180105/beginning-end-new-england-patriots-robert-kraft-tom-brady-bill-belichick-internal-power-struggle
  14. billieve420

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    Kraft is going to let Brady play for however long he wants to. Belicheck was ready to hand the reigns over to Garoppolo but got overruled and was then forced into trading him.
  15. billieve420

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    Watch him play till 50. The thought of being home constantly with giselle bossing him around pushes him to keep going.