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  1. Some of it was personnel too. Look at at the WRs on that 2015 team and then compare it with the players the final year Taylor was starting. We swapped out smaller fast WRs who could gain separation for bigger slower possession receivers. Taylor is not an anticipation thrower and once you took away his calling card the deep ball. You were left with a QB who couldn’t make throws in tight windows consistently.
  2. Weak punishment lets them know they can continue to skirt the rules set forth. I would have banned them permanently from filming. Instead they would have to pay the league to use 3rd party film crew who documents everything being done is according to the rules.
  3. I was just happy not to see a block in the back call every single time there was a return so already an upgrade over Crossman.
  4. Like message being sent to Bojorquez and Hasuchka. Compete or start packing.
  5. Bunch of players all grew up on video games and I think it would be another good teaching tool. Definitely falls under leave no stone unturned to develop players more effectively.
  6. Thank you dude was horrible. Either he was blind or was flipping a coin when reviewing plays.
  7. That is one fugly looking stadium from the outside.
  8. The Bills have always been a team that lacked that killer instinct. They played hard and were competitive over the years but they weren't the type of team like the Patriots who was out to embarrass and humiliate the other team. That is something I want to see moving forward from this team to truly know they have arrived. When you have a team on the ropes you deliver the knockout punch and force them into submission.
  9. 9-7 for the Pats according to some beat writer. Surprised it wasn't 15-1 or 14-2. https://nesn.com/2020/05/predicting-new-england-patriots-2020-record-in-nfls-toughest-schedule/
  10. 6th rd pick not every drafted player is going to make team. Possible he starts out year on practice squad.
  11. With expanded rosters they could decide to keep 2 kickers. Bass handle kick offs and extra long FG attempts over 50 yds. Now if he lights it up during training camp and outplays hausch money maybe they move on but doubt they would go with a rookie.
  12. Still have concerns about the o-line. Hopefully we see less hero Josh and better protection around him this year.
  13. This was a weak draft for the TE position. If they are going to take one in the draft get the one of the best ones in a future draft.
  14. No complaints we need more weapons has some size. Now go get Bryce Hall CB in the 5th.
  15. Hoping Bryce Hall here projected 1st rd pick who fell due to ankle injury can be brought along slowly.
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