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  1. Was totally for picking someone on O-line so can’t hate pick. However, part of me still wish it was Quinn Meinerz. https://www.instagram.com/p/COVU6KyrO5f/
  2. I think pick shows that lack of pressure by D line was the source of issues on defense. They are loading up and focus is trying to slow down Mahomes and beat KC. Although I may have waited till later rounds before drafting another one he was best player on their board.
  3. There was a run on DEs end of the first all projects lets see who made the right decision and comes out on top.
  4. Bills were terrible for a long time and needed instant impact players. They can now afford to take calculated risk on high ceiling player who can play part time his rookie year.
  5. There we go no temptation now. Probably going defense with 1st pick.
  6. Once I heard Rodgers potentially headed to Denver started looking at division props. Took Denver to win division at 15-1 before it got pulled at PointsBet. Denver now 20-1 to win Super bowl.
  7. The case for taking a RB to protect Allen doesn't hold much water with me. Improving the O-line will do that as well and will make even the most average running back look decent.
  8. Honestly was more impressed with Sweeney over Knox early on. Knox had the wow plays but Sweeney looked to be the better blocker and pass catcher despite not being as athletic.
  9. Edmunds is more of a finesse player not someone I normally like at middle linebacker. However, the D-line needs to do a better job of keeping the LBs clean. Our D-line was the biggest weakness last year. Will see how big of a difference Star makes if he is still the same player he was prior to taking year off. Drafting his replacement in the mid-late rounds is a necessity.
  10. Doesn't matter how good of a secondary you have if the pass rush can't get to the QB. Even the best CBs are going to be beat if you can't bring pressure. We struggled bringing pressure with the front 4 without blitzing. I am all for taking whoever is highest on the board at #30 whether that be a CB, DE, or OL as the primary needs. DT, RB, TE, LB, S and WR are secondary.
  11. Playmaker term is so vague could mean anything. We could use playmakers at DE, CB, OL, RB, TE, and WR. As long as they can contribute Year 1 is what is more important.
  12. Hated him as a player but he was good. Don’t think he was hall of fame caliber but he was close
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