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  1. Regardless of attitude, availability is very important as well. Difficult for new group to put faith in player who was frequently injured. Sammy just could not be relied upon to be available and instead of paying him they decided to cut bait while he had some value left. In hindsight, it was the right move as Watkins has not developed into the #1 WR everyone thought he would become coming out of Clemson.
  2. I don't consider any of these "core" guys. So if they end up getting overpaid wish them well and move on. Bills should look into extending Tre'Davious White instead and locking him up to a long term deal now before his price goes up.
  3. Had Houston and under 50.5. Turnovers killing the total for me.
  4. Team likes him and played well in regular season finale. He will have shot in training camp to take #3 safety spot next year. If he plays well you have potential replacement. Can’t pay everyone and sometimes tough decisions need to be made.
  5. Jaquan Johnson maybe ready to take over at some point. I say let Poyer play out his contract and if Johnson is ready we have his replacement.
  6. DiMarco shouldn't have even been on the field in the first place. Josh wasn't good but other than Singletary and Josh himself there is a lack of play makers on this team. Brown and Beasley are nice complimentary pieces. Fix the RT position and get a true #1 WR will only serve to aide in his development.
  7. Well at least we have a Patriots loss.
  8. Why josh are you throwing to the slowest WR on the field on that play.
  9. Josh needs to step up and make a throw here don’t settle for a FG which won’t be easy.
  10. Why would the reporter have a burner twitter account defending Gase while publicly bashing him doesn't make much sense unless he was trying to generate drama.
  11. Houston represents the best opportunity for the Bills to advance in the playoffs so rooting for that matchup. Houston is very inconsistent and capable of laying a dud any given week.
  12. I would make a run at the Ngakoue if the Jags don’t tag him. I would release Murphy to start along with Kroft. As for Lawson I wouldn’t make him a top priority but keep him as a back up plan depending on his salary demands and if you strike out elsewhere.
  13. They won’t truly believe until the Bills can show they can demolish a true contender leaving no doubt.
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