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  1. Don't trade back into 1. There will be good WRs available when we pick. I don't think Metcalf goes round 1 unless the Raiders do something stupid again.
  2. 3 first round draft picks in the same division would be extremely interesting to watch as their careers unfold.
  3. 2/2 so far. Murray to Cardinals +145. Placed $100 bet to win $145. Made bet in early March after combine news. Daniel Jones to Giants +500. Placed $50 bet to win $250. Heard report at 6pm that Giants were taking QB. Fan Duel had best odds. Next one up Rock Ya Sin first CB drafted +900. Think he goes to the Steelers at 20. $50 to win $450. Fingers crossed.
  4. Wow Quinnen Williams looks like Baby Huey.
  5. As of 3:30pm est. Hockenson -501 and Fant +163 Pointsbet Hockenson -560 and Fant +225 Draftkings Hockenson -550 and Fant +340 FanDuel
  6. Pointsbet had even better odds for Hockenson being the first TE take it was like -375 at one point. It was -500 when I checked the other day. Was still contemplating putting down $2500 to win $500.
  7. I placed the following prop bet Rock Ya Sin to be the 1st CB taken +900. In a weak class I think he goes to Pittsburgh if they miss out on trading up for one of the 2 top LBs. I already had my bet in back in March about Murray going #1 to AZ so hopefully at least that one pays out.
  8. I like the Rock Ya Sin to Pittsburgh pick. I think he will be the first CB taken in the draft not Greedy Williams. This is a weak CB class and think most of these guys will be taken in the 20s.
  9. If Murray doesn't go #1 to AZ and the top D-line talent get gobbled up. Maybe they move back some for one of the other guys like sweat, burns, etc.. or they take a QB there and go d-line at 17.
  10. Giants would be the ideal partner if they are interested in moving up.
  11. McCoy will end going for much less like trading our 4th for their 5th + McCoy.
  12. I think Jonah Williams is the Bills fail safe in the event other players they want are taken ahead of their pick and they can't trade back.
  13. If the Bills miss out on the top D-line prospects. I wouldn't be surprised to see them try and trade for Gerald McCoy from Tampa. Draft compensation would probably be minimal like trading spots in a round.
  14. I am thinking both Hockenson and Oliver will both be gone by the time it is the Bills turn to draft. I think the Bills go the safe route and select Jonah Williams at #9. Nothing flashy but a safe selection. I think there will be a run on D-line. Key will be Cardinals at #1 and Raiders at #4. If both Murray and another QB like Lock go top# 5 who knows with the Raiders and the rumors of a surprise selection. Does that now force the Giants to take a QB earlier than they wanted to. That will be the only way I see one of the top d-line prospects falling to the Bills.
  15. I believe it was McDermott’s relationship with Reid which facilitated the trade. Whaley was nothing more than the errand boy whose fate was already sealed by that time and reason why they cleaned house after the draft. That press conference after they fired Rex ended any hopes he had of a future with his organization. I believe they gave McDermott more power than most 1st time head coaches normally get when he took the job. It wasn’t a secret that Whaley was out after the draft. https://www.theringer.com/2017/5/4/16045442/nfl-buffalo-bills-gm-doug-whaley-fired-sean-mcdermott-d87e027bae86-d87e027bae86
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