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  1. If someone becomes available come trade deadline and FO sees as an upgrade have to investigate it.
  2. Jeez Tre can’t catch a break praying it is not another ACL
  3. Make Tua uncomfortable in the pocket this drive and hope he presses
  4. D going to need to come up with some turnovers looks like it is going to be high scoring game.
  5. If he can’t be active for this game hard to imagine Elam seeing field unless someone gets hurt this season.
  6. Think the bigger concern is the Dolphins rush game. If Bills are going to be in Nickel a lot stopping the run game becomes huge priority. We have seen the Bills be susceptible to the big play. Defense has to play lights out in the red zone and try to limit scoring opportunities. Allen and the offense will need to put up at least 30 today. If Defense can hold Miami to under 24 will be a great game from them.
  7. Nothing will make me happier than bringing Fin fans back down to earth a little. That Tua-Allen post game hug after the heat game last year still bothers me. Dominant W on both sides of the ball would be perfect Sunday.
  8. Yeah all hands on deck next week. If he isn’t active against Miami doubt he is going to unless someone gets injured.
  9. OL hasn’t been a tire fire last two games that is all I can ask for.
  10. Lot of people were like it is the same defense which is true. However, play caller has made a huge difference bet no one misses Frazier now. Beginning of the year I would settle for middle of the pack defense if we were making more impact plays and causing turnovers. Will definitely need some next week with the track team they have built over in Miami.
  11. Ok now need Josh to take care of ball this drive and not give Washington any hope.
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