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  1. Joe is such a great listen. I bought his Go Bills book, and also enjoyed it a lot.
  2. I agree, just more fodder for my buddies to bust my chops with though
  3. Bills traded away pick that was used to select GOAT player. I understand the situation at the time but it just adds to the misery of a franchise that is a punchline.
  4. Diggs liked a tweet, probably an emotional response, and Bills Mafia can’t let it go. Tough look. Dawkins will be a great politician, lol.
  5. Allen has 5-7 years left in him, most likely. Those PSLs won’t be worth much a few years from now, imo. Buffalo is a great football area but a middling franchise, and once the unicorn is long in the tooth, I would expect there’s a good chance mediocrity ensues.
  6. Grade Beane’s extension for Diggs lol
  7. Brady just going to run Allen into the ground, that was his entire game plan last season and Bills gave him a contract.
  8. The Diggs extension is a fireable offence by itself. Couple that with other horrible deals (Knox, Miller), and Beane should be canned.
  9. Allen will go down as a great QB and HOFer if he stays healthy. It’s a shame that Allen plays in the same era as Mahommes, who will always overshadow him, mostly because his coach and teammates are superior to Allen’s.
  10. I like Fields. Wilson is a dumpster fire of a person and his play doesn’t warrant the headaches he brings to a locker room. I remember Marshawn and Sherman talking about how he big times everybody, won’t even give them his number, had them call his manager. Guy seems like a rich douche. Not sure why Steelers brought that cancer in tbh.
  11. I don’t see it. Diggs is getting old and Brady doesn’t know how to use him. The OL is a big question mark, same with the DL and safeties.
  12. LT is his own tier, imo. With those guys and a few other (Prime, Reed, Watt) on the next exclusive tier.
  13. No For all the love Beane gets, the roster is lacking talent and the cap/contract situation is bad. Allen does everything for this team, including making the coach and GM look better than they are.
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