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  1. I think the poor showing is because Trudeau has shown himself to be a fool. Scheer couldn’t take advantage because he failed to deliver a plan on the biggest issue, climate change. NB Premier Higgs just announced he is going to drop the fight against carbon pricing and fall in line after the election showed a majority support action.
  2. Wow, somehow you managed to pump Trump's tires and take a shot at the media while discussing the Canadian election, impressive. The election was lost by big oil failing to give an inch on climate change, trotting out their puppet with no climate policy and hoping that strategy could win one last election.
  3. I kind of just want the Jets to lose so they are even further out of the picture.
  4. Should we be rooting for the Pats or Jets for our playoff chances?
  5. You can’t defend that throw. This is what Fitz is capable of.
  6. The O sucks, simple as that. I know 4-1 makes it seem like they are good enough to compliment a great D, but they aren’t.
  7. Anybody going to check out the Bills Backers bar while in Cleveland , it's called Third Place?
  8. Man, being 4-1 even makes bye weeks super interesting.
  9. Have we decided who we’re rooting for?
  10. I was just checking to make sure somebody gave props to the O-line for dealing with a lot of issues and still coming thru.
  11. I get annoyed with some crucial calls by our guy but that Vrabel call is so bad.
  12. I feel so bad for Tennessee on that missed call and the resulting FG miss....
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