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  1. I agree with this article, totally. And yes, I wanted Rosen over Allen. After one year, I’m only slightly more optimistic that Allen, Darnold or Jackson are more likely to succeed than Rosen, because it’s way too early to pass judgement on any. I really hope the Fins or Pats don’t strike a deal for him.
  2. Buddy Hix

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    Waiting to see how the draft goes. If a top pass rusher slips and we grab him, bye Shaq, if not, might as well keep Shaq around.
  3. Buddy Hix

    How did you become a Bills fan?

    Just lucky, I guess.
  4. As an engineer in training, I can assure you that won’t happen. Well, at least not in Canada or the US. I probably shouldn’t be so sure about developing countries, as I’ve heard some horror stories.
  5. I meant well written in terms of readability, it’s like he’s having a conversation with the reader. It’s 2019, grammar and spelling are as dead as chivalry.
  6. I enjoy reading King’s Monday morning articles, they’re always well written and informative.
  7. Is it negative to take a wait and see approach? Are we we all hoping Allen is a franchise guy? Yes. Am I ready to shout definitively that Allen is that guy from the rooftops after one season like TS? No. Same goes for the free agent signings, we’ll see how it goes.
  8. I hate “that look” and the fact I get it despite being 45 mins from the stadium.
  9. Buddy Hix

    Jets getting better is ultimately good for the Bills

    I see that point but think that if we improved and the Jets and Fins are still doormats that it would result in maybe a wildcard bid coming out of our division every year. Either way, all that really matters is Allen turning into a solid QB and the Bills becoming good/relevant again.
  10. Buddy Hix

    Jets getting better is ultimately good for the Bills

    Yeah, it’s a catch 22. I’d prefer the other three teams stink and the Bills make the dance year after year and use our division opponents like a practice squad. But....I’d also just like to die with at least another home playoff game. God, I hope Allen is the guy.
  11. Buddy Hix

    Jets getting better is ultimately good for the Bills

    I don’t follow the logic here. If Josh Allen ends up being a good QB, and the Bills stop being a doormat for NE, why would we want the Jets to be good? How does the Jets being good benefit the Bills? Either the Bills right the ship after two decades of suck our we continue on the cruise.
  12. Buddy Hix

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    Don’t know squat about this guy but his last name is fun to pronounce...solid signing in my books.
  13. Buddy Hix

    Barr back to the Vikings

    Barr didn’t want to be leap frogged twice a season by Allen.
  14. Obviously, claiming no FAs will come to Buffalo is an over exaggeration, but I do think there is difficulty in attracting talent to this city and team. Whether the difficulty is warranted or not is kind of besides the point, because I think it exists. Not all talent feels this way, as evidenced by our yearly signings, but I think it’s obviously a factor year in and year out. But hey, why not start a thread to disprove an obvious over exaggeration and not address the salient points of the argument. Because...like button?
  15. Buddy Hix

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    Frank Gore is getting 1000 yards!