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  1. I'm good with him going for safety, major ball hawk in college. Length and demeanor for taking the ball away, works for me.
  2. The schnowman, has alotta film to watch, to get ready for him. Quick passing game, to negate him will help.
  3. As a middle linebacker where was he when green bay was running the ball right down our throat, he's supposed to be that guy you have to take outta the play to run the ball, but where was he. I do like Edmonds, but he's an of the ball linebacker who tries to stop the pass and mitigate the run, that's why he's tackling 4-6 yards down the field. Cleaning up what the D-line doesn't get. Linebackers today are basically big safeties, because of how offenses are rolling. Greenbay proved that by running the football right at us. But unless you have a decent passing game it just isn't sustainable. I would like to keep him for the right price but I think he's been playing out of position all these years. He should've been an OLB
  4. Unfortunately he doesn't make enough big plays at MLB, if we played a traditional 4-3 and he was at outside linebacker there world be something there. Falling tackles 3-4 yards downfield isn't gonna get you your next big contract. I would keep him if his price was right, but not what he does. Give me another Milano at middle/SS linebacker. Kinda why they drafted the linebackers they did. Look for a high draft pick for a hybrid safety/linebacker that can take his place.
  5. He's a fine back up, plus he's played allot in the big nickel. No problem with him coming back
  6. He's got three weeks to show he's better than what we have, its better to say"compliments" what we already have. Is rather Cook get the extra work.
  7. This is not a good trade, we have 2 guys that can do what he does. Plus his contact is a hindrance to getting OBJ. not that we need him either. Give Gilliam some thumper carries and let's see more of Shakir.
  8. Dude, you gotta chill. It's May for f&#ks sake.
  9. Developmental swing tackle, if he's lucky. Training camp body.
  10. He already is, he can kick field goals in a pinch.
  11. I'd love to be there the first time Josh throws him a fastball.
  12. I had him in a few of my mocks, but usually much earlier according to the big boards. He has inside outside versatility. Needs work on his routes to some extent, and to spend time with the juggs machine.
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