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  1. Dude, you gotta chill. It's May for f&#ks sake.
  2. Developmental swing tackle, if he's lucky. Training camp body.
  3. He already is, he can kick field goals in a pinch.
  4. I'd love to be there the first time Josh throws him a fastball.
  5. I had him in a few of my mocks, but usually much earlier according to the big boards. He has inside outside versatility. Needs work on his routes to some extent, and to spend time with the juggs machine.
  6. I think what your saying is a joke, but I've never thought of long enough arms, how tall you are, or any of that stuff. Do those things give you an advantage, absolutely. But I want a guy no matter what, lives, breaths and eats football, and the such. I believe that your either a football player or your not.
  7. Ok, now I see. He's the big nickel that McD has been begging for. He hoped Siren Neal was that guy but it didn't happen, Terrel has what he wants to complete his defense. He has the speed and instincts to attack the short and intermediate zones while being able to bring heat on opposing QB's and RB's when it's available. Taking away the quick underneath routes while staying in a controlled zone coverage. This is definitely a McDermott pick. There's just something about him that he likes, and Beane let it happen. If it fails, then blame him.
  8. I should say I'm sorry, because I've never been a beat down guy until I've done my due diligence. So until I study him the best I can, I will reserve judgement. My earlier responses were uncalled for. Get back soon.
  9. J.T. Woods, would've been a better pick from Baylor, his size and speed could of accomplished the same thing. I guess thats why I'm just sitting in a chair.
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