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  1. To many dairy Queen blizzards for the schnowman
  2. Have you ever id'd a girl before hooking up. Cause I'm guessing if you did, you didn't hook up. Maybe they should have an app that uses the NFC in phones to check peoples ages you come in close enough contact with.
  3. I'm not gonna argue with you, because you just don't get it, of course Brady's not the norm, but when was diggs picked and other important players that were picked late, the point is we lost because of social media and the ignorant influencers that cause these types of things to happen. He was guilty the week the accusation happened, because everyone is stuck staring at their phones.
  4. Do I really have to mention Tom Brady, a pick is a pick especially with the the QBs making as much as they do and the salary cap
  5. Wow, ah, wow, so profound, ah wow. Mind blown emoji.
  6. And now she's gonna use civil inequality as opposed to criminal, and her dumbass lawyer, to try and get her pay day. I bet she's still weeping into her hands, saying that's not how it happened, it's just not how it happened. Check please.
  7. Terrible song writers, no substance at all.
  8. I love Occam's Razor, "Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity" you always get a close shave.
  9. That's really not the issue, one we lost a cost controlled player for 4 years, his talent aside. We had to spend more to replace him and we lost a draft pick. Now I know they said they did there due dlilly, but once social media gotta hold off this they tied our hands.
  10. It's amazing woke is just another acronym to go through, so you don't offend some acronym of a group of people. Well consider this, I believe, that because the energy that gives my body life comes from the universe, I consider myself a universal citizen, and because of that I don't Believe I need a passport, because the earth resides in the universe, while also accepting me for my beliefs, race as a universal, and choices. As they are my heritage.
  11. This is what I said on Twitter when all this ***** came down.
  12. Is that what you tell Daisy and her four friends
  13. This should be a statement to dudes who are wrongly accused and chicks who are wrongly abused.
  14. Maybe she just treated the party as a all you can eat(swallow) buffet. Trying to find someone who made her tail wag.
  15. I said from the very beginning not to tiktok judge the dude, she made poor decisions and then wants to sue everybody. Costing him a career and the bills a draft pick.
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