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  1. Smith In, Allen's bell rung by Ramsey
  2. A Smith comes into the game in Wash
  3. Love your enthusiasm and your optimism. Let's enjoy the present ride. HOF? Leave the kid alone; let him enjoy the wonderful season he and his guys are having!
  4. yeah, but no one likes Cam! When that happens, but really, how close to this are we? If it's a player/team here or there, I think they keep working their way through it. Surprised they pushed the Chiefs game -- but it's Kraft/Belicheat* so ...
  5. Hell doesn't seem as scary as I was taught as a kid . . .
  6. Fair enough --- I hate him, but I suppose you could put him on the same line as Mayfield. Remember, I'm looking at just winning one game. I don' think he's reliable, but you're right he def belongs on the list.
  7. agreed and in the end it might help us against either the Titans/Steelers during the playoffs winners deal with crap like this and make the most of it
  8. The story's just beginning on NFL.com, CBSSports. Hope it blows over and not up.
  9. First, Thanks for all the work that it must take for you and all the mods! 1)No 2)Politics -0, Covid-19 -0, Inappropriate Language -1 (though I can't figure out how it's difficult to not type those words), Abusive Behavior -5 (it ought to be obvious that you can disagree with an idea, without calling the idea-giver an idiot), Inappropriate Avatar -1 (like Inappropriate language, but I would guess we do have some young members here who don't need to think the rest of us aren't grownups), Topic Bumping -0 3)You aren't really asking for much. We're (mostly) all adults, a couple of marks and set em on the bench for a while. Read only for a week. Second offense, a month. Third, come back with the next NFL year. 4)Use the NFL calendar. Start of their year, give us all a fresh start. 5)No
  10. Thanks, Virgil! Especially for your final note -- lot's of us had all those feels and it's good to see this team in a new light! Any thoughts on Hyde?
  11. "irresponsible"????????? That's a leap. As is "take down the entire league". Let's slow down and see how things play out - at the moment this is an inconvenience for one team and possible problem for one. The snowball's at the top of the hill - it hasn't started rolling down and growing yet ... EDITED FOR NON-FOTBALL CONTENT
  12. equal, but maybe not equitable -- should they be screwing with 30 teams that don't need to be screwed with? https://www.google.com/search?q=equal+vs+equitable+cartoon&client=safari&rls=en&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=TbNztFw-7qGNmM%2C-QTnrV03MRxzgM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kR_iEEJw0yPmlorjNr8jyAvlVBb6g&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj8_-O_547sAhUWknIEHYanAdIQ9QF6BAgLEEc#imgrc=TbNztFw-7qGNmM
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