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  1. We are living in a gotcha society and it is kind of sad. Guys generally like to joke around and poke fun of each other. As long as it is in good fun, no malicious intent and you care for each other then it should be all in good fun. There are malicious acts and then there are things done or said in jest and some stuff falls in between. Everyone agrees the murder of George Floyd was wrong. Why did the police officer do it? I’m not sure, was it because he was a racist, maybe his wife was cheating on him and he was charged up that day, maybe he just has anger problems in general or maybe it was a combination of issues that came together to cause him to be an ####### to Mr. Floyd. But there are something like 340 million people that live in the country and there are millions of police contacts each year, most of which are conducted professionally with no issues. There are bad people in every industry so I’m not into painting all police as bad or all white people as bad and in need to accept there privilege or they are branded racists. There are a lot of white people that grow up in poverty and have not seen any real privileges. They are poor and attend poor schools and they don’t even get minority status for hiring or college entrances. Maybe people are extra charged up because of the Covid quarantines. Maybe it is because politically we are so divided and that extremes on either side can’t even have an honest conversation. And that’s maybe what really needs to happen, honest conversation without it feeling like you are at a witch-hunt trial as a white person. All sides can learn from each other if they are willing to listen and be honest. Only then can people reevaluate there opinions and thoughts. And the media needs to stop focusing on creating more divides and bring more truth and reality to the people without demonizing folks who think differently at a level that should be reserved for murderers and rapists.
  2. It seems likely that Nagy was texting with Dan Morgan after the pick of Fromm as the two worked together in Seattle for a few years. That would mean the excitement for Fromm is coming from the highest levels of the Bills organization. Also, indicated that the Bills are very high on Josh Allen and in no way looking to replace him. Just looks like what Beane has said, they were not necessarily looking for a qb but Fromm was too good to pass up at that point and he plays a premium position. My guess is the Bills had Fromm rated as a 3rd round prospect and he was just sticking out at that point in the draft.
  3. Not sure but if I had to guess, Bill believes in Stidham and he has been in there system for a year now and could hit the ground running this year for them. It is going to be a shortened period to get ready for the season which will make it tougher on all rookies, especially quarterbacks. Then again, maybe Bill was just waiting for the 6th round to grab Fromm lol
  4. Not sure if this was already posted but this is a good article on Fromm going back to the Super Bowl where Nagy was very high on him as a prospect. Here is the link: htttps://dawgnation.com/football/jake-fromm-nfl-super-bowl-jim-nagy But the film doesn’t lie, and Nagy — a scout with six Super Bowl teams during his 18 years in the NFL — is among the best at breaking down talent. “The more Jake Fromm tape we watch the more we like him,” Nagy said on his Twitter account. “He’s got more arm talent than we’ve given him credit for in the past. “Thought he was making a mistake leaving early but he’s not. After 42 SEC starts he’s more than ready.” ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr. recently compared Fromm to Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton. “From a competitiveness, leadership, smarts, size – (standpoint),” Kiper said during a podcast with fellow ESPN analyst Todd McShay. Both analysts pointed out — as did Kirby Smart during last season — that Fromm had limited personnel to work with at receiver. “A quarterback like that, kinda like (Tom) Brady at this point in his career, he’s got to be able to trust guys and where they are going, rather than just be able to drive the ball down the field — that’s not Fromm,” McShay said. “I think if he’s put in the right situation… I think he has the chance to be a solid, to good starter. He was one of if not the most impressive players I met with all season long, in terms of how hard he works and his knowledge of the game. So you are getting that but if you are worried about physical limitations, he’s not for you.” Bleacher report draft analyst Matt Miller said Kirk Cousins is who he compares Fromm to. Nagy, a scout for Super Bowl winning teams in Green Bay, New England and Seattle, said Fromm is “a few grade levels higher” than Cousins. Nagy also indicated that Fromm grades out much higher than former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, a fifth-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2014 NFL Draft. Nagy said he’s surprised there aren’t more comparisons being made between Fromm and Brees. Nagy also said that Fromm’s pass protection wasn’t as good as most assume: “That OL isn’t nearly as good as you might think. I was surprised how many issues they had in pass pro.” Early on in the draft process (going back to January), McShay had Fromm as a top 32 prospect. I really do think the pandemic hurt Fromm because his intangibles and leadership qualities are off the charts. He would have lured some teams in on those intangibles alone. But I do also think a pro day in which he showed he could make all the throws using wrs he was familiar with would have alleviated some of the arm strength concerns. Watching his games I do see some throws that are under thrown or lacked zip but I also see just as many throws where he displays good arm strength and the ability to throw with enough velocity while off platform. I never really saw that from Barkley who I believe has a weaker arm compared to Fromm. I'm a huge Allen supporter and have been from the start so in no way am I advocating for Fromm to be our starter. I think Allen is an ascending qb and could be one of the top 5 qbs in the NFL within a year or two with all the talent he possesses. But it is always good to have insurance at the premium position of quarterback in case of injury or if for some reason Allen regresses. Most likely, Fromm comes in and sits behind Barkley and Allen for a year. Then he takes over for Barkely in year two. He plays well in preseason games and maybe during his 4 year rookie contract he gets a chance to start a few games due to an Allen injury or because we have a playoff spot locked up in the final week of season. Ideally, Fromm plays well in limited action and is either traded for a high pick before contract expires or he leaves for a big contract and it helps Bills get a better comp pick. This Fromm pick is a win, win with almost no risk or downside.
  5. No question about it. I believe Fromm has a stronger arm than Barkley and it is not that close. Fromm does have his share of under throws but just as the clip above shows he has plenty of deep throws with little air under them and deep crossers and outs with zip on the ball. It just seems at times he just tries to rely on just his arm without driving with his legs and he said as much in one of his interviews with Chris Simms. His arm will never be confused with Allen or Mahomes but it is good enough to get the job done.
  6. Fromm should be a very solid backup qb in the NFL with low end starter upside. His arm strength, although not great, is a little better than some give him credit for as I believe some of his under throws are the result of him not using his legs and relying to much on just his arm. There are throws in the 50-60 yard variety (Vanderbilt and Alabama 2018) that resulted in touchdowns because he put the deep ball on target with little "air" under them. The throws show that he does have the necessary arm strength but he needs to be more consistent in his mechanics. To me he should end up being a player in between Matt Barkley and Kirk Cousins which makes him an excellent 5th round pick. It is almost a certainty that he will be the primary backup to Allen in the 2021 season with Barkley not being resigned and allowing the Bills to save cap $ they will need to allocate for Allen and others. Point being is that Beane will continue to be on the lookout for players in the draft, waivers, free agency that can fill roles on the team at affordable options. I would fully expect Milano to be replaced by a drafted player or an undervalued free agent rather than allocating large $ to him. Edmunds will get the big $ at the position and the Bills will not be able to afford to pay 2 large salaries to LBs. So unless Milano takes a significant hometown discount to stay with the Bills he will be one of the first good players drafted by this regime to end up walking out the door. Drafting Zack Moss instead of signing a veteran RB like Gordon is another great way to save cap dollars. Having 2 primary RBs on rookie deals saves money that can be put elsewhere. Trading for Diggs and paying a higher premium for the cost controlled contract is what Beane does instead of paying a lesser draft price for Hopkins but then paying significantly more in cap $ for him resulting in not signing or resigning another good player. That is why I find much of the talk of acquiring Ngakoue and others like him to be mostly outlandish. We currently have a decent amount of cap space but things are going to get tight real soon and there is no way the Bills go out and start paying huge dollars to outsiders and then have to let others like Dawkins or White go as a result. Think about how much cap $ it will take to retain White, Dawkins, Milano (if they decided on that route which is unlikely) as 2 of them are on the last year of their contract and the other will get a significant pay increase with the 5th year option before he signs a mega deal here or elsewhere. After 2 years, both Edmunds and Allen get big raises with their 5th year options and most likely long-term mega deals. The $ will be spent on these core players, not elsewhere. And once $ is spent on those core players many "peripheral" talent on this team will end up walking out the door. So every drafted player and value free agent that can slide into a peripheral players spot will help maintain the core for years to come.
  7. Drafting both Fromm and Bass shows foresight. The moves give us a glimpse as to what we should expect to see in the coming seasons. The Bills are going into their 3rd season with Allen and it won’t be long before he gets a healthy pay raise with the 5th year option. The window of having a cheap starting qb is nearing an end and with that things will change. Allen is getting to the point in his career where he will no longer need a veteran in the room to “show him the way”. He is the franchise qb and with that he should be the leader in the room. Fromm may not displace Barkley this year but I fully expect that he will take over the backup qb role at the end of the 2020 season. The Bills can save cap space by not resigning Barkley and going with the cheaper rookie contract as the backup. These are moves that need to be made especially when trying to resign other players coming up such as Tre White and Dawkins. It would be nice to keep Barkley but Fromm can be just as good and will save cap space which is important. Bass is a similar situation to Fromm but I think he has a better chance to actually unseat Hauschka this year. He has a much stronger leg and if he shows he can be reliable on the shorter kicks it would be difficult to cut him because he would likely be signed elsewhere. Bass has the opportunity to improve the position and save a good deal of cap space as Hauschka costs 3 million against the cap this year. There are many more moves like the above two that will be required of Beane in the next few years. The period in which Beane can overspend on veteran special teams players is also soon closing. In the drafts to come you will see the Bills target more players who can take over for higher priced veterans. So I like the moves of Fromm and Bass as you only get so many draft picks each year to use and they have begun the process of using later round picks who have a legitimate chance to make the team and help out cap situation down the road.
  8. No interest in Trent Williams. Trading for aging veterans with large contracts at a position where we have young capable talent should not be part of the team building plan.
  9. But he can’t throw an accurate deep ball lol
  10. I’m surprised he even put Allen just ahead of Haskins lol. List is such a joke with Mayfield at 10.
  11. A RB like Edwards-Helaire in the 2nd would be a great pick and really help take this offense to the next level. We need another back to take some pressure off Singletary and when they are in the game ensure not much of a drop off. The gap between Singletary and Gore last year (especially in the second half of the year) was so vast. When Gore was in the game our offense was much more limited and anytime he touched the ball it was essentially a wasted down (he was averaging about a 1.5 ypc in the second half of season).If Gore got a touch we basically played with 2 downs instead of 3 and it killed a lot of drives. Adding fresh legs and a players with EHs ability would be a great help.
  12. Tremendous move. He is almost the same age as Richard Sherman and has been playing for a bad organization the last few years. That can wear a player down and he might very well have a bounce back year in a CB friendly system he is familiar with. 1. Low risk and cost 2. Gives us another CB threat to pair with Tre White (there still is a mental aspect about trying to attack a CB who has been there done that and those CBs tend to getting a little more leeway with the refs - think Sherman in age and player status) 3. Provides depth as well as some insurance if White decides to hold out this year 4. It gives the team and defense a player with an edge and dog mentality. This is one thing our defense has generally lacked in as Norman like Sherman is not afraid to back down from a fight and he will not be afraid to call out teammates and hold people accountable. I think every team needs at least one player like this that has that edge, not crazy type like Antonio Brown or selfish like Beckham but a personality edge like a Sherman or Steve Smith.
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