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  1. His play speed reminds me a little of Lee Evans. With Bills losing Brown, Stevenson could be a nice addition paired with Allen’s ability to throw deep. Browns injuries last year hurt deep ball as season went on. Diggs can get deep but is often doubled so having another deep threat is critical to keep up with the KCs of the world. And he add return ability potential as a bonus.
  2. Maybin to Rousseau is not a good comparison. Maybin struggled to keep weight on and was at the combine between 220-230lbs. Maybin had no ability to play on the inside and he was a straight line speed guy. Rousseau is taller, more arm length, heavier 260-270, and can play inside and out. He is much more like Buckner from the Colts than Maybin but time will tell.
  3. Beane and Co. got a steal in drafting a 21 year old edge rusher like GR. First year playing DE as a 19 year old and he records 15.5 sacks. By all accounts, not only is he a freakish talent but has excellent character and intangibles. Bills really needed a young talent at this position and without drafting in the top 15 it is very difficult to find such players. Beane took advantage of the opt out as GR was a consensus top 10 pick going into last season before opting out. So the Bills get a top 10 talent at a premium position. Guys with his height, length, speed, ability to bend, play inside an
  4. I’ve never gotten the sense that the Bills were ever going to backup the truck to pay Milano. He has been an excellent 5th round pick but the Bills handed out big contracts to the core players in Dawkins and White from the 2017 draft. We have a defensive HC and part of what he brings to the table is identifying players that fit his scheme and coaching them up. We have seen this with the many defensive backs that have been developed in this system. There are several factors going against the resigning of Milano (1) as stated we just handed out 2 big contract extensions to players in h
  5. It does not have to be an exclusively one or the other strategy so I don't mind if Beane pulls the trigger on a value trade or adds some value free agents. All areas should be utilized to improve the team. However, I think the draft needs to remain a high priority and that means keeping as many picks as possible. Most of the core talent of this team has come through the draft and with the Bills being in a situation where they will be paying their franchise qb and have been resigning key draft picks, the draft is where we need the cheap value players to continue to fill holes and be future core
  6. Because a team does not want to get into the habit of not accruing young, talented and cost controlled players. Hitting on first round pick is extremely important for continued and sustained success. If a team hits on a 1st round pick they technically get 4 bargain contract years along with a very reasonable 5th year option. Every time a team gives up 1st round picks for proven vets they almost certainly come with big contracts. The way the system works, very few veteran players on their second contract or requiring a second contract are considered true values. Diggs might be the odd situation
  7. Honestly, I did not like the Davis move over Stills. Davis barely got on the field and did not look himself when he did. And McD answer was pretty weak in that he relied on the doctors and wanted to error on the side of giving the guys who played for him all year a chance to play in the game. You watched him all week and if he did not look himself, you have to put a healthy wr out there. This is not Diggs we are talking about where he could still be a decoy but a rookie. He clearly was not right and we clearly could have used some more juice at that position especially since Beasley and Brown
  8. Singletary’s game looks much worse when we don’t have that true inside the tackle back that runs with power. Moss made some improvement over the course of the year and he was a big loss when he went down because we did not have another rb that was trusted to fill that role. Yeldon is is better than Singletary because he catches the ball better but he is still more of a finesse back. Williams could be a hammer but the coaches did not trust the rookie in the playoffs so our offense was severely handicapped. I mean, teams had no respect for our running game whatsoever after the Indy game. Singlet
  9. Gabe looked like he was hobbling through his routes all night. Stills may have provided some explosion out there
  10. Scat back, that is what he is. Losing Moss was huge as the Bills did not trust a replacement rb to run hard in between the tackles.
  11. Thanks Singletary for the easy drop. Now we have sugar high Josh playing against laser focused Mahomes.
  12. I like the play design. Fake bubble screen to Diggs and go deep to Stills!
  13. Good for Frazier and Daboll but selfishly I'd like to have less distractions this week playing the Ravens. Both sides of the ball provide unique challenges (especially the Ravens offense) and we have not played them this year. I'd be less concerned if we were playing the Steelers as we just scouted and played them a few weeks ago. Plus, the Steelers are a much lesser opponent. I don't like the way we match up with the Ravens and they were the one team I was hoping to avoid before the Chiefs. Having both coordinators being focused on other opportunities does not help as we will need to have exc
  14. When is John Brown coming back? I don’t ever want to hear how many receiving options Allen has and how that is why he has been so good this year.
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