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  1. I was hoping for AJ Brown but hopefuly Ford works out.
  2. Zay Jones is a replacement level wr and should never have been starting this year. WE knew this coming into the year as he failed to demonstrate any special qualities such as catching ability, catch radius, speed, quickness, run after catch. Jones has been average or poor in all those wr traits. The best I can say for Jones, is that he knows his playbook and he is a solid route runner. The only reason Jones has been on the field is that the coaching staff invested a high pick in him and they have been reluctant to admit their mistake. Hopefully, his days are numbered as there are better options, one of which may be Duke Williams. I'd prefer to see more Isiah McKenzie and Foster but Williams will at least go up and fight for contested balls and could be an asset in the red zone. What I wish the Bills had done was draft AJ Brown in the 2nd instead of trading up for Ford. Brown was my favorite wr in the draft and I'm not sure why he lasted as long as he did. I like Ford but if AJ Brown were drafted instead, he would have been a perfect compliment to John Brown and Cole Beasley.
  3. GM’s who have mountains of information on the college qbs coming out are often wrong so why would we think folks on a message board would fair any better. Its best to avoid making definitive statements because in reality the paid professionals with access to mountains of information and surrounded by other experienced scouts still get it wrong all too often.
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