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  1. I was actually thinking that this is one of the worst things about this loss. 😀 This would have lived in infamy, but instead will be reduced to a footnote.
  2. Those are great clips with a good break down and well worth a watch. Thanks! The Bills do appear to be much more aggressive/downhill against running plays. I'm not sure if that is just because of the improved D line play or if there has been a change of philosophy. Edmonds making RB tackles in the backfield/close to the line versus 7 yards downfield really changes things.
  3. A team full of killers...I say it all the time - culture is a talent multiplier. You can't win without talent, but culture can multiply the talent you have. A leader in every room holding teammates accountable, working hard all year, comradery, putting in the extra time because you want to...it is so much easier to put in the extra work. OTOH, most of us have been in workplaces where the culture was negative - that always made it much harder for me - no matter my good intentions. This attitude will go a long way to keeping them focused even though they are blowing teams out by double digits all the time.
  4. Miami Mammals Murdered Mercilessly Making Many Merry To help Tua Dolphins traded for Tyreek Their Hill to die on
  5. Josh Allen can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass.....at night. Josh Allen once had an arm wrestling contest with superman. The loser had to wear his underwear on the outside for the rest of his life.
  6. Every fanbase wants to believe that they truly are the best fanbase or that they are special in some way... But, dang it, we are. We actually have some objective proof, some things that we can point to...the video didn't even bring up how we cheered for Norwood at the rally after SB25 (that doesn't happen in Boston). It is perfect that our nickname is Bills Mafia because we are La Famiglia.
  7. Careful. Never say 17-0. If you are going to go that route, say 20-0.
  8. I've not watched Kupp enough to honestly rate him, so it is hard for me to agree or disagree, but I can say this: Diggs has a remarkable ability to gain separation. He runs amazing routes, has great hands, great body control, good speed, and great short area quickness. He's the best WR Buffalo has had since Reed. He may be better than Reed. In the 90s we had much less access to camera work where you could see individual routes so it is hard to tell. I was a huge fan of Moulds - a man among boys - so (for me) that is saying a lot.
  9. I don't like the look of those teenagers...get off my lawn! As I get older I am beginning to feel like my future could be Gran Torino.
  10. Because it is true. We had beat the Giants earlier in the year, on the road, without Kelly. We had just obliterated the Raiders. The offense was the best it ever was. We only got 19 minutes of possession because the Giants knew we were better than them and they wanted to shorten the game. Belicheat's defense won the game for them because the Giants got stops. Not counting a kneel down at the end of the 1st half, the Bills had 10 drives. - 1 FG - 1 FG Miss - 2 TD - 6 punts For comparison, I just looked it up. In the previous playoff games, we punted 1 time in scoring 44 points against Miami and then we punted 2 times in scoring 51 points against the Raiders after the game was already essentially over. 3 total punts and only 1 first team punt in the playoffs before the SB.
  11. While this is all true...drafting a generational QB in the 6th round will boost a coach and Belicheck is sub 500 without Tom...it shouldn't denigrate Belicheat as a coach. - His plan/defense won SB25 for the Giants. - His Browns won a playoff game (it was almost 30 years before that happened again) - He beat the Bills in that stupid wind game. The Pats had no business doing that. - He got the Pats to the playoffs with a rookie Mac Jones. He's a cheater and he was helped by Tommy, but he is still a great coach. Thank God he is a terrible GM (and I mean that literally).
  12. I agree. It is normal churn and almost all teams have it. However, the real question is this: Did we get better with our churn or worse? For me the answer to that question is Levi Wallace. I expected him to get a fairly fat contract as a starting corner. When he only got $4M/year, I was taken aback. We made a $3M gamble on a TE coming off an injury. If we wanted Wallace to be our CB2, we would have signed him at that price. That signaled loud and clear that the Bills thought that position was a problem and that they wanted to get better there. When he struggled to win the starting job in Pitt, I think that thought was confirmed. Add to that thought that both the DL and OL have gotten better this year (IMHO) and I think we didn't just get better, we got much better in the churn. Side note - it is fun to have a chance to use the word churn. I kept thinking of Amos Burton as I typed this. Second side note - I do fully expect our defensive stats to be worse this year (because of schedule) even though the defense is better.
  13. When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I usually find it mildly amusing which makes up for any misses. Hey, its not all going to be gold.
  14. Thanks so much for posting this video this morning. I desperately needed real football content to "cleanse the pallet". Here is my hot take. Beach Chair might be our most important off-season addition. The offensive line looks reborn. Countless times we lost yardage or had minimal gain running against light boxes last year.
  15. I have no doubt, Inigo. I bet you would do that if someone hurt anyone in your family.
  16. I do not have faith in the legal system like I did 20 years ago. I'm not sure if the legal system has really changed that much or if I just got wiser and more jaded. Justice is rarer than you think, so many lawyers are untrustworthy/expensive, and judges, if not corrupt, have biases.
  17. This is an interesting thought experiment and I am interested in how it plays out, but I have my doubts. It's not like they moved on from their studs and the studs signed mid-level deals. People paid a king's ransom for them. The KC-Miami deal especially. KC not only saved on their cap (which can be used elsewhere), they got serious draft capital. For Sabres fans - it was one of the reasons why the trade for O'Reilly was bad (IMO). Not only did we give up a lot of assets for him, but then we immediately paid him a contract that would hurt our cap situation later.
  18. This is yet more proof that culture and work ethic matters. There are always those that say things like: - They're professional athletes, they all work hard - sure but some are more driven and work harder and they get better. If this were not true, you would not have contract clauses on weight, study, etc. or stories about QBs who hadn't studied the playbook. - I would rather have talent over culture - sure, but I would rather have talent AND good culture. The way I phrase it is - good culture is a talent multiplier. I love McD's philosophy of a leader in every room.
  19. I've been camping in his front yard for a year now and cheering loudly for him whenever he gets the mail. He seems to like it.
  20. In fairness, some of that is right. I didn't figure it out right away, but for about the last 30 years I have screamed at the TV when some announcer said that they have to establish the run. Coaches in an echo chamber repeating a mantra from the 50s and not realizing the game had changed. When that saying was really a thing, DBs could practically jump on the back of WRs and force them to give them a piggy back ride. Of course you should run the ball, especially if you can do it against a light box, but the last 10 years have proved that the best teams tend to throw it more. All through the drought the fraidy-cat punts by the Bills drove me crazy. Again, the last 10 years have shown that teams should punt less and the best coaches punt less. On the rest, I can see your point.
  21. This is tough to do. There are 10+ easy cuts at this point and determining which are the first to go out of that batch is hard to predict. My bet is that the Bills are at least partially motivated (on this cut) by whether or not someone is a "glue guy"/popular. All things being equal, someone who is "good in the room" likely gets held on to until the last cut. The problem is we don't get to see any of that so it is hard to judge.
  22. jwhit34 is Jim Nantz! It is an honor to have you on this board.
  23. I see what you did there. I like it. 😀 He has great short area quickness. I would love to stash him. I remember him doing better than Singletary the first year and I remember him being injured last year. The key here is that he still has another year on his rookie deal. Moss will not be cut. The real take away from all of this is that this is almost certainly Singletary's last year with us. With all of our other free agents, it will be impossible to pay him when the RB room is so crowded.
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