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  1. The nuts and bolts of it is I would rather try and up coach a superior talent, at let's say WR, to play better special teams, then keep a receiver whose talent at the position is questionable, but is a good special teamer. I consider one discipline to be skill (WR) and the other to be based upon work (ST). Not that they don't both represent work, but I am saying one (skill) is more difficult to obtain than the other.
  2. Thank you, Jimmy. Holy mackerel did it suck this morning.
  3. Thank you, Rico. I am young enough to not really remember his football days and old enough to remember Inside the NFL being an institution. Prayers for Lenny. Additionally, he is another one of those guys where there are photographs of him out there smoking a cigarette on the sideline.
  4. Man, they’d be looking at the 5th to 7th highest paid qb if done at or before that time, and continue to slide down that list with the way this league works. Yes, it was a mistake not to get a deal done earlier. I am of the camp he is not worth the money (even back then), but he is still is a good qb and good starter in a qb hungry league. Bite the bullet.
  5. I know, funny, funny, ha-ha here. However, the guy is a lock for the Hall of Fame and maybe the greatest player in the history of the league. Hated him for years, but honestly it was more envy and in the twilight of his career I just feel the guy, even from us, has earned a modicum of respect. ...plus we all know this time away is to help him deal with his addiction to nuns and nazis porn. God speed to you, Freak.
  6. The money is sweet fat stacks, though, for any 33 year old defensive player. Whoa, I just get delirious thinking about how great it would be to have that tasty green guaranteed lettuce, whether it was in Buffalo or not. It's millions, upon millions, upon millions of dollars. I'm just sayin'. And it is so weird for me to write this stuff as I am way more of a "team" guy in my life...but I can be bought.
  7. @eball @nucci @goober BW, gentlemen, your whole back and forth on this has been tremendous and I would expect nothing less from veteran board members that I have so much respect for. Bravo. My apologies for being a weak interloper, but I could not resist.
  8. I am 100% sure that a great majority of the home sideline will be made up of Buffalo Bills, or Bills affiliated employees.
  9. Doc, I think he is going to be lower than where most of us think. I think he is top 10, hell even top 5. However, I bet he falls somewhere between 10-20.
  10. Man it is almost 2:30, haven't we signed him yet?! Side note, he is the least big play receiver of all the big play receivers known for being big play receivers, but I would at least take a look.
  11. I am right there with Corta. It's not like I start a Madden thread every 6 months around here. EDIT: I think there are three tiers of Madden units out there right now ( i could be wrong. haven't pre-ordered yet) $59 - X1 and PS4 $69 - Series X and PS5 $99 - Has a lot of M.U.T. stuff in it and I believe you can also play on two different generations of consoles (X1 and Series X for Xbox and PS4 and PS5 for Playstation)
  12. This preseason can serve only the purpose of misery and tears. Wrap them all in bubble wrap and pillows and we'll see them on September 8th.
  13. Dear World, 6 weeks and all of his more than 45 million dollar salary guaranteed?! I took a nap on a couch and I lost my job! This completely f%$%@@ up bulls&&# is straight from planet c*@% smoke!!!! GIVE ME A BEER! Sincerely, Chad "Just-One-More-Chance" Kelly
  14. 6 weeks, Awwufelloff? It can't be! It can't be!! Crazy. Love it.
  15. House, if you like I can start a brand new Madden thread and reference it in there.
  16. S***! He just screwed up his knee reading this thread.
  17. Gugny! Dude! Oh man. Are we doing knock knocks next?
  18. Regardless, and again I am not prying, but it is weird after so much time. Also, it is not like it is one of her children (like the BS/black mail reporters tried to do with Lindy Ruff a decade ago when his daughter was sick...a**holes). She is the President (CEO ?) of Pegula Sports and Entertainment. At some point someone has to say something from the organization. And it doesn't make anyone a jerk for wondering or asking on a message board.
  19. Are we still jumping all over WEO for his speculation, which wasn't unreasonable or rude at all, or are we just cool, cool, cool with the fact that one of the owners of the organization is said to be "progressing well" with no apparent further updates or even any photographs (also, not an unreasonable analysis after a month)? It is family and it is private. I get that and of course it is their right. Jess also played in Wimbledon, which she wouldn't have if her mother was in mortal danger. Also a good sign. Yet it is becoming more and more apparent that WEO may have been on to something early on. Again, they don't have to prove or show anything to us. However, KP, the sort of face of the new or modern NFL used in some of their advertisements has not been seen since before this health crisis. If she were progressing or there weren't visible signs of something wrong I would imagine that we would have seen her by now. If I have missed something I am sorry. That said, God bless Kim and her family and prayers for a speedy recovery.
  20. I thought it was going to be a majority for "no". When I voted "yes" and until the next person votes, I broke a 134 a piece vote. Wow, really didn't think it was that close.
  21. It was painful watching a guy who scored 51 TDs in ‘20, 42 passing including the playoffs, start the following Madden season (22) at an 81. It wasn’t even Bills fans that were upset as it was the Madden public clamoring that he was too low. I think he was an 85 by the 4th or 5th week. I thought he may have ended higher than 88, but I’m probably wrong. After another 50+ td season along with the best playoff rating in history and an almost consensus MVP that he might be a little higher. When you consider his versatility on the ground it makes has passing rankings look that much worse. Brady was great last year, but he is team was great, too, and not just because of him. Father Time is undefeated and I just don’t understand him being the best. Although EA Tiburon is in Florida, so… I played both versions, too, 716. Yeah, there were tweaks.
  22. During a much ballyhooed press conference Josh Allen comes out as touchdown fluid. Meaning he is comfortable being referred to, and perceived as, throwing them, rushing them and catching them. He also would like to go by his preferred TD pronouns: Pzz, Ruzz and Catzz
  23. Jeepers, Yolo, I don't think Barks is a 58. I'd put both the guys higher. Keenum at about 70 and Matt at 63-64.
  24. HUDS, I have so many stories about interesting things I have heard from other people.
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