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  1. You guys are blowing my mind as I was today years old when I found out they do the 2022 voting part way through the 2021 season. In a hysterical tone, but yet maintaining my dignity…WTH?!
  2. Graphic details can sometimes be…pretty graphic, which these were. I eat steak knowing someone killed it. You showing me a video of someone doing it to my ribeye just before I sit down at the table…is different. Additionally, 10+ weeks since we have heard or seen anything from somebody in the Bills organization (who is doing well, and thank you for all your support) who probably would have been very vocal and decisive in this earlier had she been available. …but as usual that’s a question around these parts we are forbidden to ask anymore because, you know…F the “president” part as this is a family issue and it is none of anybody’s damn business.
  3. Yeah, unrelated per se, but I am going to be that guy...I am sure it is weighing on Beane and Terry Pegula, and I can assume maybe Kim, too, as we all can imagine what a valuable voice she would have added to this in the preceding month and things may have been different, as he may have already been cut or cut in the midst of training camp. But we don't know because we continue to pay no heed to the fact that it has now been 10 + weeks and we have not seen even a photo or heard a word from the President of the team. All...ALL PRAYERS TO HER, but at some point the team has to address what is going on with the President of the organization. The family...doesn't. ...but the team does.
  4. Agreed. We as a Bills nation are weighing what is worse: 24 (un)gentleman’s tugs or 1 brutal rape. Man, this is just disturbing and disgusting. I am not judging on this one, but just in general…my God men, come on. Come on, we have to be better than this. Deferring to the wills of our pen**es is utter and complete none sense and needs to stop. Ridiculous. Edit: go jerk *** you f’n cretins, instead of hurting another human.
  5. @NoHuddleKelly12 Please, I am sorry my friend. This is not to beat a dead horse especially after you so eloquently painted with words and memes and gave the whole topic nice finality. ...but I was incorrect with my description, so it warrants a revision. The topic was actually..."Is Mac Jones a Hall of Famer?"
  6. Shut the board down now. It’s over for the evening. Thank you, HUDS. Thank you. Simply outstanding.
  7. HUDS, no lie, my buddy in New England said a few weeks ago on Boston area sports talk tv the topic one day… … … …was about whether Mac Jones will be a Hall of Famer.
  8. Side note and completely unrelated, but Gaseki (86) is rated higher than Knox (83) in Madden 23. yeah, annoying.
  9. I remember for Super Bowl 50 (if I am remembering correctly) all 50 SB MVPs were there...and they are starting to slip away. Times passes and things change. We say good-bye to these childhood heroes and as much as we morn them we morn the passing of our youth, as well. RIP, Lenny.
  10. If Beane had really done this properly we wouldn't be talking about how could we trade Ford while Mancz gets hurt, but rather how can we get our starting WR, DK Metcalf, to play back-up WR. ...you see...that's sorta how you do that stuff. ... ...hey does anyone validate parking around here?
  11. Heck, I think we may only see Case for about a quarter and then Barks the rest of the way. Additionally, with Brown being iffy for the start of the season or rather slow going on his recovery from off season surgery how much do we even see Quessenberry on Friday? They can't risk losing that guy right now.
  12. When you’re done if you’d like to come over and chill we have popular streaming services, comfortable furniture in our living room and our pantry usually has tasty goodies in it….usually.
  13. Guns...albeit briefly...I will be seeing Josh Allen in a game tomorrow for the first time in my life. My daughter, wife and I get to see him at the same time at what might be our only Bills game this year. In short...I am in that mood to give and to receive hugs. I am very excited...kids day game with my daughter. I cannot wait! GO BILLS! GO DADS!
  14. They are gross. Honestly, you guys, they are almost all simply gross people. Owners and players. A number of good and great ones out there, but so over shadowed by the gross.
  15. Can I hug you? Honestly, I really want to right now. Please don't think I am joking. I feel it in my bones. Thank you, my friend.
  16. Quick passage into God's heavenly kingdom, young (too young) man, and may your family find a place to put this pain, quickly.
  17. The nuts and bolts of it is I would rather try and up coach a superior talent, at let's say WR, to play better special teams, then keep a receiver whose talent at the position is questionable, but is a good special teamer. I consider one discipline to be skill (WR) and the other to be based upon work (ST). Not that they don't both represent work, but I am saying one (skill) is more difficult to obtain than the other.
  18. Thank you, Jimmy. Holy mackerel did it suck this morning.
  19. Thank you, Rico. I am young enough to not really remember his football days and old enough to remember Inside the NFL being an institution. Prayers for Lenny. Additionally, he is another one of those guys where there are photographs of him out there smoking a cigarette on the sideline.
  20. Man, they’d be looking at the 5th to 7th highest paid qb if done at or before that time, and continue to slide down that list with the way this league works. Yes, it was a mistake not to get a deal done earlier. I am of the camp he is not worth the money (even back then), but he is still is a good qb and good starter in a qb hungry league. Bite the bullet.
  21. I know, funny, funny, ha-ha here. However, the guy is a lock for the Hall of Fame and maybe the greatest player in the history of the league. Hated him for years, but honestly it was more envy and in the twilight of his career I just feel the guy, even from us, has earned a modicum of respect. ...plus we all know this time away is to help him deal with his addiction to nuns and nazis porn. God speed to you, Freak.
  22. The money is sweet fat stacks, though, for any 33 year old defensive player. Whoa, I just get delirious thinking about how great it would be to have that tasty green guaranteed lettuce, whether it was in Buffalo or not. It's millions, upon millions, upon millions of dollars. I'm just sayin'. And it is so weird for me to write this stuff as I am way more of a "team" guy in my life...but I can be bought.
  23. @eball @nucci @goober BW, gentlemen, your whole back and forth on this has been tremendous and I would expect nothing less from veteran board members that I have so much respect for. Bravo. My apologies for being a weak interloper, but I could not resist.
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