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  1. I'm sorry, Ryan. I went through it, and just reading your similar situation got me pissed off all over again. Honestly, they need assistance on the weekend. You paid so much for it, and you are making people pay a lot for it...and no one working on the weekend?!! WTH?! Think!
  2. We only won by 28 over a 1-0. What did you expect? "Oh sure, great QB. Contact us when his rating is over 130, he completes 90% of his passes, and has 4 TDs instead of 3. On second thought, don't contact us at all. Milano who? Cook who?!"
  3. It was a nightmare for me. It took me 20 plus minutes to regain access on my mobile devices. Really, YouTube? You trusted my locations last week and then this week not so much? And what you needed from me wasn’t even clickable?! I went through setup yoga and finally got it. This better not happen next week. At least have someone working these first few weekends to help resolve issues. Getting it resolved on Monday is a little pointless. Otherwise, it has been good.
  4. Yes, she’s dead. He bought his granddaughter the jersey that was most memorable from the moment he proposed to his wife.
  5. teef, not he exact same thing, but I loved Von production last year, but worried about how an advancing-aged player may get dinged. It worked for awhile, and I believe it will work again when he gets back...same sauce, though. Yes, freak injury. I just get more worried about the freak injuries when these guys are older. Would a healthy Von have made a difference? Maybe...probably.
  6. I very respectfully disagree, because I just don't think they do the same thing. I think it will be symbiotic in nature and I don't anticipate much of a drop off from Knox. Both tight ends could combine for 100 receptions this year. Kincaid may, not definitely, but may have more of an effect on Harty's numbers, and I expect Harty to add more than iMck did last year. Go Bills!
  7. See here: https://9to5google.com/2023/09/10/youtube-tv-nfl-multiview/ I don't believe multiscreen is available on mobile.
  8. Sorry, brother, if it seemed I was digging on you it really wasn’t my intent. My follow up was just reinforcement.
  9. He’s not fine, he’s good. Maybe very good. You also placed him in a tier with other highly touted 1st round picks who are also good. What fans cheer as far as “Tank for Tua” makes no difference and this far into his career anyone, even them and us, should be well over it. The nuts and bolts is whether he is a good QB or not? In his last 14 games he has 4,000 yards passing, 28 passing tds, 9 picks and an overall QB rating of about 105. Recency and primacy. He is really a pretty good QB, and he is in our division.
  10. Yeah, agreed, Nuch. Quite simply you know who played well yesterday? Tua. As a fandom we should get over this ragging on a guy who generally is pretty good. Yes, he has good tools around him, but still. We don’t like it when people are nonstop on Allen, or at least were. Sooner we take the guy seriously the better.
  11. We all know it…Chargers gonna Charger. Also, still…STILL home “road” games for them. Huge Phins crowd there. Man-o-man can they sn@tch defeat from the mandibles of victory like few other teams.
  12. No lie, if you check your watch at this very moment I believe it is approximately half-past 4 years until 8:15 tonight. COME ON!!!!
  13. I don’t have a ton of posts, but I believe this may be my 20th year here…just checked, September 5, 2003. A friend recommended it all those years ago and I never left. @chongli is so right. Thank you SDS. Happy Birthday and I hope you are around for 54 more. You’d probably be a little roughed up and a tad absentminded, but you’d still be running the best 3D Augmented reality Bills Board with Smell-A-Vision in the 2070s!
  14. Don’t sleep on the Phins. That was an impressive finish.
  15. Nice play by Miami D, but still, Chargers gonna Chargers.
  16. Not gonna lie, I am curious to see what Aaron Rodgers has left in the tank. He is a future Hall of Famer, and yes he is old, but that is still not someone to taken lightly. He'll be tough competition for the team on Monday, as would anyone of his stature. Go Bills, but for that matter, go all of us. In a way, each of us has an Aaron Rodgers to face. For some, shyness might be their Aaron Rodgers. For others, a lack of education might be their Aaron Rodgers. For us, Aaron Rodgers is a four time NFL MVP who wants to bash the Bills secondary's heads in. But, as sure as my name is Dollars 2 Donuts, the Buffalo Bills can conquer their own personal Aaron Rodgers, who also happens to be *the actual* Aaron Rodgers! Go Bills!
  17. God bless you, HUDS, you simply magnificent B@stard. Go Bills!
  18. Regular season since 2020: Chiefs 40-11, Bills 37-12. That other team, not the Chiefs…a number of talking heads, as you all know, are predicting them to finish 4th in their division. Receipts, my TSW Peeps. Receipts. Go Bills!
  19. I agree with the sentiment of the OT by Pats Fan, and it really is the media fueling this, but I am of the mindset that all three teams, Buffalo, Miami and the Jets could finish with 10 or more wins each and that, honestly, if the cards fall right, the Pats could finish with a winning record. Man, this is all just about to get going. Go Bills! edit: media is fueling it, I meant. corrected.
  20. Since we are talking numbers, 7.7% of those guys (Josh Allen) made it to the Pro Bowl...ever. Go Bills! Come on we gotta start this season!
  21. Hansen and Rousseau are pretty close in their early starts numbers. If you can go by first 30 starts they have close to the same sacks (Hansen has more through the period (13.5-12), but it is difficult to track and he likely had only 10 at 30 starts to GR's 12), and Hansen has more total tackles ( apparently a little more than 100 combined to Rousseau's 87), but again difficult to track as there is no log for solo and assisted, just combined back in Hansen's day on PFR.
  22. I don't need Rousseau to be Bruce Smith. However, I would really appreciate it if he would develop into an Aaron Schobel or Phil Hansen, and sooner rather than later. Go Bills.
  23. Thank you, NMW. I did read that over the weekend. I forget which guy on twitter mentioned it, but he was talking about all the teams (and he included the Bills...Chiefs, too) that had to make moves by the deadline (I'll take your word it is today). The talk in the thread with respect to the other teams was as you say, practice squad, etc.
  24. Thank you, HUDS! Will learn this on guitar shortly. I have no idea why It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year isn't already in my Christmas song book! Go Bills!
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