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  1. I get the cap concern. But if the Bills want to pony up the bucks, it isn’t as bad as it looks. Certainly the team wants to stay relevant, especially with the new stadium season tix (PSL’s) looming. One thing to remember is cutting players isn’t a zero sum game. Gotta fill that position with another warm body. And to stay relevant, those warm bodies need to be good players who may not come cheap. Filling the roster via the draft is a good way to manage the cap with cost effective rookie contracts. But impossible to know if those rookies will make meaningful impact.
  2. What looks amazing is the number of NPC’s and how different they look. Cars also. Graphics look great, expect them to be a bit better by release. 3 large cities from what’s been said. Vice City looks insanely large! Looks like a great game and hope they bring back the single player DLC’s.
  3. Here it is: VI trailer I guess it was supposed to be released tomorrow, but Rockstar was hacked. They decided to release the trailer tonight instead.
  4. No thanks. Hasn’t proven he can get it done.
  5. I agree the defense didn’t help last night. But the offense is culpable for sure. Some NFL games it comes down to which offense is better that game. Sometimes it’s a defensive struggle, and sometimes it’s an offensive shootout. We score a few more points, obviously, and this game is ours. Davis catches the ball and all game over. Oh, and Bass leaving 6 on the carpet didn’t help either.
  6. Media has to make a big deal. All they do is follow the winners and try and look like they know what they’re talking about when that team wins.
  7. We had the chance to score more. Missed two FG’s, Davis screwed a TD.
  8. I have no idea what the problem is. Coaching? I will say playing against the refs didn’t help.
  9. Nope. Not on the defense. Should have scored a few more times and it’s a moot point. Offense lost the game. Davis “miscommunication” lost the game. Period.
  10. Honestly? If it’s intercepted, so what? Need to win out. Whatever it takes. Now, we got The coin toss and had the winning TD if Davis didn’t suffer from rectal cranial inversion (head up his arse). Still, have to win out so….should have gone for it.
  11. Win or lose, we still had to win out. Wasn’t going to happen. Valiant effort. Defense played pretty well. Play calling was decent on offense. Season over. Need to make some smart decisions this offseason player wise and especially cap wise.
  12. He can go. Score or not. Win or not. Still have to win out to make playoffs. Probably not happening.
  13. That was a fumble. Foot down on the catch, 2nd foot down and football live.
  14. How are there 2 defenders and he catches that??
  15. Why do defenses know the play every time Josh calls it at the line???
  16. Question. Can the Bills mentally move forward?? Killing them is n the stats. Score now.
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