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  1. Shows how much others around the league care about the dolphins, which is very little.
  2. The Hurts contract is interesting. The next three seasons these are his cap hit rankings for the QB position: 2024- 16th $13M 2025- 18th $21M 2026- 15th $31M And then.. 2027- 9th $41M 2028- 4th $47M 2029- 1st $97M 2030* -29 $27M *Only three QB's under contract for 2030 season but got to figure $27M will be cheap. Eagles are basically all in to win these next three seasons with Hurts. Even AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith don't make outrageous money until after 2027. The weird thing is the Joe Burrow contact has no cap relief at all. It's basically consistently high in cap hit for the next six seasons from 2024 to 2029.
  3. It was a pretty big talking point amongst voters and media that Jackson meant so much to his teams success compared to the other candidates in the running. So they gave it to the dude who played with the #1 scoring defense and #1 takeaway defense.
  4. I think Caleb's floor is Kyler Murray. Kyler is pretty good IMO. Kyler's biggest flaw though is that he is injury prone. That's a pretty bad flaw to have.
  5. so you have given up on Kincaid and Coleman already? both those guys have elite potential. Two elite potential receivers drafted in the last two seasons.
  6. here is what you are missing FC. had the Bills drafted another WR in rounds 2-4 half of the people complaining in this thread of lack of receivers and what not, would withdrawal their complaints. But would have changed? Bills would still not have an elite receiver, TE or WR. But for some reason their fears would subside because we took another chance on a receiver on day two or three. heck, even say we traded into the top 10 and drafted one of the big three. We still don’t have an elite receiver on the roster going into this season in that scenario but again, it would be silent in this thread from those screaming the loudest that we haven’t invested in the position (false) or that we don’t have elite talent on the roster at the receiver position.
  7. hardly my take. The big swing the bills took is that Kincaid becomes elite. Like top 5 next season is probably the hope. Top 3 after that.
  8. Not everything goes to plan. We all know that. That said, Kincaid has better pedigree as you suggest so the increased work load is totally rationale and expected. I agree Shakir could hit or bust. Don’t know. But I don’t see a reason to not give him a legitimate shot at hitting. And of course, Bills did draft Coleman 32 overall. They are not putting all their eggs in the Shakir, Vet or bust basket.
  9. And people act like Kincaid isn’t on the team. look it is simple. Kincaid is supposed to be the elite pass catcher. Don’t know why folks have a hard time understanding that. We don’t know if he will be come elite best TE in the league, top 3, top 5, top 10 or bust. But there is no question he is the main piece to the puzzle right on offense. and what is with this out of necessity nonsense some are throwing out? I don’t care why we are drafting receivers. I have to believe most teams draft receivers (again WR/TE) until they hit. Bills are no different. They had Diggs for 4 years via trade. They tried Davis and Knox through the draft and some vets. None panned out. That’s life as an NFL franchise. But now it is freak out time at TBD because Bills have traded Diggs and the receivers we have drafted the last three years have been “out of necessity”. That take just makes zero sense. If one wants to argue the Bills should trade for a WR again. Okay that makes a bit more sense. But with Allen on his big money contract now and a failed Von Miller experiment I don’t see that happening this year. The Bills would be much better off long term having either Coleman or Kincaid hit as an elite talent over giving out a big money contract to a WR. Again, some are drawing conclusions that are not there. I am a strong believer in an elite TE as a better option to an offense over an elite WR. Bills are trying to hit a home run with Kincaid. It’s harder to find that elite TE but it’s worth it if you hit on them. I’m glad the Bills took a swing. But yes, of course an offense needs someone elite catching the ball. Whether it is a TE or a WR doesn’t necessarily matter but I think most see the recent value in TE’s leading teams to multiple rings.
  10. that’s not what I’ve been saying. I’ve been firm in two things. bills have invested more in receivers (WRand TE) these last two years than some folks believe. winning a Super Bowl can be done with or without elite WR’s. Luckily he is not the only receiver on our team.
  11. assuming they can get on the field right? Who are you taking off the roster? kincaid and shakir all had great catch rates. The plan is to give them larger roles in the offense.
  12. I agree. I am pointing out how ridiculous Mr. rags claim of not winning a ring last year (but we did the previous years???) was. That our inability to win a ring with phasing diggs and Davis out somehow draws a conclusion worth while. many factors go into winning a ring. To put it all on one specific thing as he did is a bit ridiculous.
  13. My opinion is that Kincaid, Shakir and Coleman are all “young talent” being added to the passing game with expanding and emerging roles. That’s 3 players when only what 4 or at most 5 can be on the same field at the same time. How many young guys do we need? Do they all need to be “young talent” guys? Bills have invested their first two picks in the last two drafts into receivers.
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