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  1. Wondering if they will use him at safety?
  2. Likely because the next Super Bowl is in 2021?
  3. Same here and I live in Texas. I took my daughter to the game, her first ever Bills game. We were at the Bills tailgate and she loved how nice everyone was.
  4. This is likely a stupid question but I’ve never tailgated with people that I don’t know. How does this work just show up and say Go Bills? I’m taking my 12 year old daughter and want to show her a good time, it’s her first Bills game
  5. Kinda don’t like that they lost him but if he has to go to a contender and gets to contribute, good luck to him. I hope that he does well for the Vikings. Would have been cool, if they traded him for Chad Beebe. Yes, I’m aware that the trade deadline has passed.
  6. It would be kinda funny to have Josh back up the right Josh, wouldn’t it?
  7. I live near Austin and go to a location in Round Rock. I’ve yet to have any cold or like warm wings there.
  8. Pluckers, fire in the hole are actually pretty good. When I go there I ask for extra sauce for my fries
  9. Taking my daughter to her first game! Section 118
  10. Got tickets to take my daughter to her first game. Where’s the tailgate??
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