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  1. Best player in football. The most talented QB of all time. Great deal for all parties involved.
  2. I’m really happy with our group here. We have two of the best young RB’s in the league. Every carry they’re going for at least 4.
  3. Just take another big step forward. Im not getting carried away with MVP talk.
  4. I’m too amped for #MotorMoss. What a duo and we got them both in the 3rd. Don’t have to worry about RB at all for the next 4 years
  5. Good Lord! How many prime time games? Lol!
  6. We’re so lucky to have this player. Get him with our training staff and I think they’ll get him to shed 5-10 pounds. I’m elated man! Got this dude at #54. Unreal!
  7. 2021 Draft is all about Hamsah Nasirildeen. It’s so obvious Beane and McDermott are going to be in love with him. Hopefully he’s there at 32.
  8. He forces so many fumbles because he’s always looking to go for the ball. My type of DE.
  9. LMAO! Plz don’t lock this thread.
  10. I mean Fairburn and Buscaglia have been hinting at Dugger for weeks. He’s probably the guy. I’ve accepted it.
  11. We’re taking Kyle Dugger. Just accept it now lol.
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