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  1. We’re definitely drafting a RB on Day 2. It’s a huge need and I can’t wait to see who they look at. Jonathan Taylor is the dream but doubt he lasts until 54. Cam Akers would be fun.
  2. I’m betting he’s a revelation this year. Frazier showed him so much love during TC last year. A year of experience and a year in an NFL weight program I expect him to be a quasi starter.
  3. Love Dobbins, Hall, Bowden & Quarterman. Would be an excellent Draft! Currently I have it at 2. Cameron Dantzler-CB Miss St 3. Zach Moss-RB Utah 4. Lynn Bowden Jr-WR Kentucky 5. Shaq Quarterman-LB Miami 6. Braden Mann-P Texas A&M
  4. I’d be very disappointed if his 2020 season looks like 2019. He needs to make another big jump this season.
  5. We’re very clearly drafting a CB in the 2nd boys
  6. Zach Moss in the 3rd and I’m throwing a party
  7. I’d put us 4th behind Chiefs, Ravens and Titans. Giving the Titans a little bit more respect because they got to the AFC Championship game.
  8. I really hope we do! Getting one of Shenault, Reagor or Aiyuk would be amazing
  9. Vernon Butler is going to show out in Buffalo. Change of scenery needed!
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