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  1. FeelingOnYouboty

    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    This Oliver v Wilkins debate is boring me now Give me T.J. Hockenson please
  2. FeelingOnYouboty

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    I'd be elated.
  3. Tore his ACL last game of the year otherwise he's a Day 2 pick this year
  4. Irv Smith, Tyler Kroft and Jason Croom aren't a bad TE corps all things considered EDIT: Regarding OP's stance on Josh Jacobs and the RB position. I kinda just want to double dip and take Devine Ozigbo in the 4th and Bryce Love(RS rookie year) in the 5th or 6th. Don't see McCoy or Gore being here next year and I'd love if we spent two late round picks on a 1-2 punch like this. I feel so confident on both being great NFL players.
  5. FeelingOnYouboty

    If Allen is real deal, bills make playoffs

    We need to make the playoffs this year and Allen needs to be a big part of that. This is what I'm hoping for 16 games 59.4 completion percentage 28 passing TD's 3520 passing yards 831 rushing yards 10 rushing TD's
  6. Are you a billionaire? Why are you caping for Kraft? LOL!
  7. This country is so backwards man. Really makes me sick. Do you know how many poor people are in jail because of minor offenses and they get heavy sentences. Depressing.
  8. FeelingOnYouboty

    TE Tyler Kroft (Bengals) to the Bills

    Just needs to stay healthy but I'd love if we spent our 3rd rounder on Kahale Warring
  9. FeelingOnYouboty

    Full Intelligent Breakdown of DK Metcalf

    It's wild but I feel like Metcalf's best place to land is here with Josh Allen
  10. I kinda believe Beane and McDermott when they said Josh Allen was their guy all along
  11. FeelingOnYouboty

    Lost in all the talk of hopes of improved Josh Allen

    He doesn't even look comfortable in his body yet. Another year in the system and a full offseason I expect to see a better Edmunds next year and he was coming on towards the end of the season.
  12. FeelingOnYouboty

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    That's Ed Oliver
  13. FeelingOnYouboty

    CB Rock Ya-Sin .... a McDermott special

    Don't be surprised if he goes in the 1st. I really like him and wouldn't mind taking him at 40.
  14. FeelingOnYouboty

    Feels strange to have a FO with a specific plan

    Can't wait to see if he's made that 'leap.' If he improves like Trubisky from Year 1 to Year 2 we're a playoff team. If it's more than that then watch out.