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  1. They’re based on Vegas odds. How do you guys not know that already? LOL! Unless Josh Allen is injured for a significant amount of games we’re not picking 4th.
  2. I’d be extremely upset if this is his stat line next year. It means we’re winning in spite of Josh Allen instead of because of Josh Allen. I’m comparing him to Year 2 of Trubisky.
  3. We have Frank Gore teaching Devin Singletary how to be a pro and now we have Lee Smith teaching Dawson Knox how to block. Get young guys and then get seasoned vets in that same room to help the youngins. Love it.
  4. Charles Clay must've really pissed off Brandon Beane EDIT: PFF has him ranked as the 4th best graded TE last year fwiw
  5. my favorite Bills draft class. Beane really hit it out of the park.
  6. Dane Brugler revisited his early 2018 mock and look at who he had in the 1st Round.
  7. Ahhhh rookie minicamp. When half the board changes their avis to the rookie pics in their practice gear. Including me.
  8. He doesn't even have to play. I just want him in the room with Allen for another year.
  9. No way Marcus Murray makes the team so 22 will be available. Let's just hope Singletary takes that number. Cuz idk about #40.
  10. Ceedee Lamb is my guy. Agility, hand-eye coordination and body control is off the charts. Perfect receiver for Josh Allen.
  11. Fairburn + Graham and Buscaglia is a good 1-2-3 for Bills coverage on The Athletic
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