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  1. FeelingOnYouboty

    The supplemental draft, is there anyone in there for us?

    Wouldn't mind taking a 3rd rounder on Sam Beal.
  2. FeelingOnYouboty

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Just got off beating an off duty cop. Now this. I'm sick to my stomach. That poor girl.
  3. FeelingOnYouboty

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    There's a brutal picture that's floating around that I'm too sick to even link too and other allegations like child abuse, dog abuse and drug abuse. This is going to be a national story.
  4. FeelingOnYouboty

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Allegedly beat up his GF and the story is going to be huge. UH OH! Mod Edit to put what's known to date up front: DCOrange post summarizing The Athletic article: Cliff notes: Summary of the instagram/facebook posts that we all know about already Statement from Cordon's lawyer where he says the attacker demanded specific items that McCoy had also been requesting/hinting could be stolen Police statement that the attack was not random, but a specifically targeted attack McCoy had filed eviction papers roughly a year ago, but eventually he had the order dismissed as he and Cordon patched things up McCoy then had eviction papers filed again roughly one month ago; Cordon's lawyer says that this was illegally done because the papers were signed by McCoy's friend (who is not allowed to practice law) and the papers were served to a minor: Cordon's son. McCoy was in Miami at the time of the attack, so he could not have personally carried it out (though Cordon has not accused him of this anyways) Cordon claims that McCoy had their security cameras removed and replaced by a new system that only he had access to. McCoy claims that Cordon had the security cameras removed (not sure if this is referring to the new system McCoy had installed or the original system) In the aftermath of the attack, Cordon's son was missing. The window in his bedroom was open with a bedsheet tied and draped down the side of the house. The attacker walked out the front door, so either this window part is completely unrelated (maybe her son snuck out his room the night of the attack and it had nothing to do with anything at all) or this could have potentially been how the intruder got in. I'm guessing it's the former. Cordon says the neighbors have cameras, so they might have a view of the attacker, though she also says he was wearing all black and a mask. Seems to me that the only way they'll be able to identify the attacker is if they have a view of his license plates or if there's some physical evidence at the scene. Police released reports regarding all the other times they were called to the house. In July of 2017, they came to the house to find piles of clothing and stuff on the ground; Cordon had apparently followed McCoy to Vegas and caught him cheating and they were breaking up. At this time, McCoy mentioned that jewelers often loaned them high-value jewelry to wear at events and that Cordon hadn't returned some of the items. He also told Police that he was nervous about being around Cordon because of the climate of domestic abuse in the NFL. At this time, Police informed McCoy of the eviction process that they would have to go through. In April, Police arrived once again after hearing a heated argument over the phone, during which McCoy was trying to remove Cordon's belongings. By the time Police arrived, things had calmed down and they had worked things out between themselves. In June, Police arrived once again after Cordon called to inform them that McCoy was having her possessions removed again. When Police arrived, it turned out that it was McCoy's mom who had shown up to pick some things up for McCoy. The disagreement was regarding some furniture which both McCoy and Cordon viewed as their own personal property. The furniture was left at the house. They were supposed to show up in court on July 10th, but it was delayed to August 14th due to a medical emergency in Cordon's family (I think initial reports said it was her lawyer's family though; not sure which is true) Thank you to DC Orange for a clear summary.
  5. FeelingOnYouboty

    Taron Johnson and Siran Neal Hope to Make Big-Time Contributions

    McDermott has all my trust when it comes to DB's and LB's. Hope these two become long time productive Bills.
  6. Best thing for Edmund's career was to be hooked up with Sean McDermott. Glad our HC got a fancy new toy to play with.
  7. FeelingOnYouboty


    LOL! True but I've never seen peers tweet about other players especially during Rookie OTA's lol
  8. FeelingOnYouboty


    That's two players calling Josh Allen out publicly. He really doesn't have the respect of his peers but I'm hoping he can shove it in their mouths.
  9. Better not involve screens
  10. FeelingOnYouboty

    Every Josh Allen TD pass in 2016/2017

    There’s maybe only 1 other QB in the league right now that can make some of these throws. Kid needs work but sheesh!
  11. FeelingOnYouboty

    Rumour: Rosen and Mayfield were off the Bills' Board

    Pure nonsense lol
  12. FeelingOnYouboty

    Zay Jones and His New QB

    Kid had bad luck. He was just starting to look like a viable NFL weapon in the away game to New York but he got injured. Already had a TD and was going to break a long one before the opposing CB tripped him and injured him. I think he might like playing with Josh Allen.
  13. FeelingOnYouboty

    Harrison Phillips will be a BEAST!

    Can't believe we got him at 96 and the Redskins got Payne at 13 lol
  14. FeelingOnYouboty

    Way too early look at 2019 FA

    I love the idea of Danielle Hunter and Taylor Lewan(Tennessee will probably re-sign him)