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  1. Chris Olave is my pick today, tomorrow, during the season, off-season, Senior Bowl, combine, Pro Day and Draft Day. The perfect Buffalo Bill.
  2. Don’t think he values CB2. We’re going to spend the next 12 months with people mocking a CB to us and we probably won’t take one high next year
  3. I know we don’t want to spend a 1st on a RB let alone trade a pick for one but damn Travis Etienne is fun! im all for fun! Plus i want to rekindle the beef with PFF
  4. Inexplicable bad sacks because he’s trying too hard to stay alive and the occasional fumble are the last two things he needs to clean up. He can still be confused pre-snap with some coverages but he’s come on leaps and bounds in that department and he’s starting to beat teams with his brain too. I fully expect this part of his game to develop too as he’s such a young QB in his development. Spags and the Chiefs kind’ve owned him with the late disguises but he’s shown an ability to see things a few times and then solve it. He had no idea how to play v zone teams earlier in
  5. the only reason he’ll be available at 30 is because he hardly played at all this year. Guaranteed to go Top 50.
  6. been tweeting about him all year. He has special gifts! No one is going to stop Kelce but he can bother him.
  7. Other guys I’d love other than Nasirildeen Jordan Smith-DE 6’6 255 UAB Teven Jenkins-RT Oklahoma State 6’6 320 Aaron Robinson-CB UCF 6’1 185
  8. The pick will be Hamsah Nasirildeen. Everybody get acquainted with him now. Beane and McDermott were hot on Kyle Dugger and Jeremy Chinn last year. He’s in that mold. Come back to this in late April.
  9. What a season from Josh Allen. We absolutely have a Franchise QB and we’ve not confidently been able to say that for two and a half decades. Incredible. And there’s still room to grow.
  10. There won’t be a gimmie in round 1. Every team offers a huge challenge but I’d love to play the Steelers in Round 2 if they can get past the Dolphins
  11. LSU LB Jabril Cox is definitely in the running. A big LB who covers like a safety! Bills have already scouted LSU games this year too.
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