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  1. There won’t be a gimmie in round 1. Every team offers a huge challenge but I’d love to play the Steelers in Round 2 if they can get past the Dolphins
  2. LSU LB Jabril Cox is definitely in the running. A big LB who covers like a safety! Bills have already scouted LSU games this year too.
  3. The only NE coach who’s had some success is Flores but it’s still too early to judge him. Thank God for Beane and McDermott. I’m so grateful!
  4. Patrick Mahomes would’ve walked into our situation and been just as great. Why lie to ourselves? That being said I’m loving Josh Allen and I think he’s still not done developing and has the inside track on being the #2nd best QB in this league for a long time. I’m so happy with him and his development. EDIT: Plus we got the best CB in the NFL out of the deal too!
  5. 1. Pat Freiermuth-TE Penn State 2. Chazz Surratt-LB UNC 3. Jordan Smith-DE UAB
  6. This will be a tough game. We didn’t look sharp last year v the Fins after the BYE.
  7. From bottom 5 in nearly all statistical categories to Top 5. Unreal! i think he’s going to make another jump from Year 3 to Year 4.
  8. He has been but Mahomes has multiple picks dropped. It evens out in the end!
  9. Another stupid Dawson Knox penalty! He’s useless!
  10. He’s been good all year! You guys don’t know what you’re watching.
  11. He was being way too greedy today. Choosing to go to more vertical routes that were covered instead of going to more open guys underneath. still made enough plays to win. This one hurts!
  12. Been the biggest disappointment this season. ‘My very sad about his development.
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