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  1. Cody Ford needs to be moved inside at RG and Ed Oliver has been a non factor the last month
  2. Don’t feel good about this game tbh but it’s a game we should be winning
  3. Tylan Wallace is a souped you Robert Woods. Perfect WR for Josh Allen. My 1st round pick.
  4. Win tomorrow and we’re definitely making the playoffs this year barring catastrophic injuries
  5. Just keep winning and win a playoff game please. Media can poop on us for all I care.
  6. One of the only pickups I’d be freaking about over
  7. Anybody who thinks Darnold is well above Josh Allen has disqualified themselves
  8. We’ll be even better next year in terms of performances
  9. I want Tylan Wallace. He’s a Robert Woods clone with long speed.
  10. I’d rather take our WR this year in the draft
  11. We’re picking in the mid twenties this year and Lamb is a Top 8 pick Tee Higgins, Laviska Shenault and Tylan Wallace are possible targets if we take a WR in the 1st
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