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  1. Super tough schedule but no excuses made. Need to beat these teams.
  2. Josh Allen always seems to be learning and today it looked like he added the, “playing against zone D” software. A quiet 300 yard game but I’m extremely happy to see him learning.
  3. If he starts the first drive without a completion he turns to crap the rest of the game which is sad. When he started 0-4 I knew we were losing
  4. I should say I’m not worried at all about the Dolphins either. The Patriots are dead!
  5. Honest I’m more worried about Dolphins than the Patriots
  6. If he plays great v the Chiefs I will officially crown him
  7. Can’t wait to see the jump over the next 16 games
  8. Just stay healthy please but there’s a lot of tough games left
  9. Didn’t we basically get White, Dawkins, Allen and Edmunds for that deal? Or some variation of that. Can someone break it down for me?
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