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  1. Only the Chargers have a better DB corp than us. Really happy for Levi Wallace and if he has another good year I hope we sign him a year early for cheap. Get White under contract too.
  2. Pure nonsense. This time next year I can see Allen, Singletary, Oliver, Edmunds and White all being on the list
  3. We better not mess around with Tre. Another great year and he should be one of our cornerstones.
  4. So he’s not getting cut like folks was promising me lol
  5. I doubt we’ll be picking in the Top 10. If we’re picking in the Top 15 it will be a disappointment in my eyes.
  6. I keep coming back to how good Devin Singletary and Dawson Knox looked in OTA’s. I think they’re going to be sparks for our offense in Year 1.
  7. Really? He gets stuck at times but he’s so young and he didn’t get great coaching. Hand work, having a pass rush plan and sometimes balance issues but he’s a near perfect prospect. Potential All Pro and DPOY if he puts it all together.
  8. Once he improves his hand fighting he’s going to wreck everyone in this league
  9. They’re based on Vegas odds. How do you guys not know that already? LOL! Unless Josh Allen is injured for a significant amount of games we’re not picking 4th.
  10. I’d be extremely upset if this is his stat line next year. It means we’re winning in spite of Josh Allen instead of because of Josh Allen. I’m comparing him to Year 2 of Trubisky.
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