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  1. It’s probably my fault, did a rain dance working in the ER so I could get home in time for the second half.
  2. I'm an old ER nurse who comes here to read other's opinions and breaking news of my favorite team. For a short time I get to pretend that everything else going on doesn't exist. I also probably won't post again for a long time unless given the proper provocation and never leave the status of "probation". With all that I get to see every day any icon applied, with a few exceptions, will just supply a little more levity to my psyche.
  3. Being in Wyoming, it's rare that I don't have to stream the game. Best options have been to either catch a stream posted on Facebook, or go to WeakSpell and mirror to the big screen.
  4. I live in the original Buffalo Bill's territory,,,, northwest Wyoming.
  5. Because he played for Wyoming,,,, can't possibly be any good??
  6. Was probably predestined as I was born in Cody WY, the town that Buffalo Bill built. Watched the Bills off and on since OJ, but never truly became a fan of any NFL team until the Bills drafted JA.
  7. I've been a Wyoming Cowboys fan for many years, being a Bills fan just seemed like a logical progression. I get to hope for the best and be happily amazed when it actually happens.
  8. Haven’t cared about the NFL for many years, and until recently had little reason to change this. In Wyoming, we don’t have a pro team and only the one 4 year school. Then, Josh Allen came along, and I seem to have a team to follow again.
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