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  1. I totally agree with this and will add that if there was a DE that they really liked enough to take early, they likely would've kept their 1st. Brandon Beane says that there aren't enough good pass rushers to go around. I could see them trading for one in the future.
  2. With 2 young backs aon the roster already, it really surprises me that Denver is the the team that lands him. The Bucs made the most sense. Maybe the Broncos move Lindsey or Freeman for a day 3 pick.
  3. Haha....totally forgot about the Tyson Clabo watch. We became a..."let's use Buffalo to get more money destination. We were the fat girl with the pretty friend.
  4. No longer are the days, where we are keeping our fingers crossed, to sign a guy like Bryant Johnson, because that's the best we can do. We can finally dream big, and in some cases like the Diggs trade, it becomes reality. I just wanted to quickly reflect, and say how nice it is to be a Buffalo Bills fan today.
  5. Before FA started, I thought the priorities were WR, DE, and OT. We traded for Diggs, and also no 1st round pick. It obviously pushes the need all the way down. No longer a need, but a luxury pick. We resigned Spain, and brought back Waddle. This also tells us their plans with Ford, which pushes OT down as well. We have signed a lot of guys on the DL, but still no premier pass rusher. Addison seems like a solid pickup, but a bandaid at beat. DE remains the only missing core piece. I don't expect us to address DE this year, unless a premier pass rusher becomes available via trade, and we give up something this year and next years 1st. Pipe dream type scenario (bosa/mack) For the draft, I expect this to truly be PBA, but I feel like a top flight number 2 CB to complement Tre, or maybe a top interior OL. It's really tough to figure out, which is a good thing. I'm loving what we've done so far, really looking forward to the draft.
  6. I couldn't agree more, and it takes time for rookie receivers to develop. Not much else, could've helped our offense as much as this.
  7. Mohammed Sanu went for a 2 last year. I obviously preferred Hopkins like everyone else, but there was no way HOU was making a deal with Buffalo. There was bad blood between Bill O'Brien and Brian Gaines. Not to mention, we gave them all they could handle in the playoffs. It takes two to tango. WR is one of the hardest positions to project in the NFL, and it typically takes receivers about 3yrs, to take form.
  8. I think this was overblown, he did get mad, but there was context that was left out. He got mad, because in big games, like the must win against the Bears backup QB, cousins folded like a lawn chair. After Diggs called Cousins out, Cousins started to let it rip.
  9. I'm not against getting a receiver early, as in the 1st round. I just don't want to give away picks to do it. At the end of the day, you win in the trenches, and we still need a pass rusher and at least 1 oline. I wouldn't mind if we went WR/DE, OT, WR, with our 1st 4 picks. Ideally for me, I would prefer we trade up in the 2nd, or trade back into the bottom of the 3rd, to nab our 2nd WR. I heard the other day that on average, 12 WR get drafted in the 1st 3 rounds. This year, they said there are as many as 27 WRs with a day one/day 2 grade. Come 3rd round, there's probably going to be a guy or 2, that has no business still being there.
  10. I would rather double up on an Elite class, than spend all my draft capital on 1. Especially when history shows us, that it's not uncommon for day 2 guys, to outperform day 1guys.
  11. Yes please! Can we some how come away with 2. Maybe 1st and 4th round.
  12. Justin Jefferson looks a lot like Robert Woods to me. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a Robert Woods on our team, but not as a 1, or X receiver.
  13. I'm a big fan of Mimms, and Badazz. Mimms caught my eye a few weeks back. Like the majority of us, I was doing some armchair GM/YouTube scouting, and besides the consensus top 2 (lamb,Jeudy), the 2 that popped off the screen for me was Mimms, and Ruggs. I also like Jefferson. I like Mimms, because we can potentially draft a top OT, or DE with or 1st pick, and get someone like Mimms or Jefferson in the 2nd. Mimms just looks like a specimen. He's not just big, or fast, he's both, and can also play the position.
  14. I would love for our draft to go like this..DE, WR, OT
  15. Total agree with you Alpha. I hope OBD feels like we do.
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