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  1. He was so bad, that I was like...omg, I think he might single handely cost us the game. The last few weeks, he seems like a street free agent
  2. It's been a few weeks in a row now, that Dane Jackson is getting abused. Wherever he lines up, teams are attacking. He needs to be benched.
  3. As much as I love Tre as a player, and everything that is said about him as a person. I think it's perfectly fair for fans to feel a little frustrated at this time. I don't understand why people are getting defensive about it. ACL recovery time for football players is typically 9-12 months. We are technically still in that window for another 3 days, but I don't think many of us expect him to play this week. If we were only a few days, or even a week or 2 from when he was cleared, it would be one thing, but we are now about a month past that point. Without saying it, the coaches are also wondering. Love him or hate him, he gets paid a lot of money to figure this kind of thing out, is the bottom line.
  4. I didn't like the call, because it was too obvious. In my opinion, the safety is worse in that situation. Why can't we just run our offense? Would we normally try a sneak from that close in? Use Josh's legs, with th run/pass option. We were out coached all game.
  5. After almost 20 years of misery as a Bills fan, I love that we have to nit pick, to find something wrong with this team. We played a B minus or C plus game and it was never even close.
  6. I am not worried about run defense. Your up by 3 scores, right thing to do is to play the pass. Everyone on the planet we're scratching their heads, as to why GB was running. Phillips is one of my favorite players. He absolutely loves being here and it shows. Said he came back, because this was home, this was family for him. Fits Bills culture perfectly.
  7. I love it, but the basement episode got the spelling right. Hertel Ave
  8. I would've given 2 1s for that guy.
  9. I don't disagree with any of this, but I do believe he's a generational talent, who will find a way to overcome most weeks. Demarcus Lawrence on the other side help, and to think, this guys was either a MLB or ILB at Pennstate. Same thing with the Cowboys, except that all their pass rushers got hurt. Not bad...going from a fill in, to LT comparisons. I do admit, I'm a Pennstate fan, so I can be a little bias at times.
  10. Ok....I think you mean DROY DPOY......hands down after y games is Micah Parsons, and its not close right now.
  11. I hate even mentioning the refs, but 2 bailout calls on those holding penalties.
  12. We need to adjust to their blitzes. And make them pay. This looks like AFCCG from 2 years ago, at least on offense
  13. We're playing too tight. Let's play Bills football and let it rip.
  14. Getting ready to make this same point plus 2 others. 1. As OP notes above, no Ward (criminally underrated). Just watch SF defense, to see the difference he makes. 2. The Emergence of Gabe Davis 3. Diggs is noticeably bigger/stronger this year. I believe he said he put on about 10-12lbs of lean muscle, and it has showed in his play. Given these 3 things, I expect him to have one of his better games against them.
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