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  1. I don't know if he would've gotten to it, but he definitely mistimed his jump. Fouts saw and mentioned the same thing during the broadcast. Said that it looks like he could of gotten that extra needed step to get to the ball, had he not jumped early. But he's a RB, and it's hard to blame him. Josh missed plenty of throws, outside of that one. But he also was dealing with a lot of blitzing, and often times, our guys were not winning their matchups. As a whole, our offense got dominated by their defense. Josh needs to improve, but he also needs a better supporting cast. I know that we made a ton of moves this past offseason, but that only moved the needle from historically bad to respectable. Now we need to move the needle again, from respectable to good. Keep improving the o-line, and add a dynamic weapon in the passing game, starting with a big but fast receiver that can match up well. Someone who maybe would've caught that ball that Brown got beat on. Brown would also have a lot more success, if he slides down to WR2.
  2. As I mention above, below average screen game. I don't know why. When we call it? How it's designed (poor disguise)? Maybe both, along with other factors.
  3. It was early and often, and we did a very poor job of countering. The best way to counter blitzing, is with quick screens. Use the other teams aggression against them. Unfortunately, we have a below average screen game.
  4. Martindale took Daboll to school, and it wasn't even close. I know JA had a bad game, but he was absolutely getting killed, from the opening whistle, all the way until the end of the game. Even against cover 0, it's hard to beat when guys get there, as fast as they did. Several times, I saw someone come straight up the middle with a free shot at Allen. That led to sacks and a lot of other big hits. I thought he was going to get killed yesterday, and was shocked that he finished the game. Like another poster pointed out, Baltimore was vulnerable on the edges, yet we decided to try and attack the middle of their defense way too often. I was screaming at the TV and pulling my hair out. Frank Gore.....up the middle. and then we get to the half yard line, and we try a sweep with Gore to the outside. That single play almost cost us the only TD of the game. Big physical defenses like NE and Baltimore have to be attacked with backs and TE's. Forced those big heavy LB's into coverage. Thats why we started having success against NE. They had a hard time covering yeldon. It's also what NE does with White all the time, and KC with Kelce. We should of played a 2 back set with Singletary and TJ Yeldon, to serve as extra pass protectors against the blitz, and also for quick screens and outlets. fake screen to one side, and hit the other side. It was as bad and vanilla as a game plan that I've seen.
  5. I couldn't agree more with this. We all knew or where at least hoping to keep it close enough until the end, which we did. It came down to one drive and one play. He made a good throw and a good decision, but Brown failed to create the separation needed. We know he needs to improve against cover0, but I also saw too many blitzers come right up the middle. That's suppose to be priority number one, to pick up the guy with the closest path to the qb. No chance when guys come in that quick.
  6. Thanks! I don't know about Vinovich, but glad we didn't get Boger. His crews seems to be flag happy. Any idea about the broadcast team, maybe we can get Romo?
  7. We all know he's taken a pretty good step this year, but all that matters is a W in the win column. Also he has an additional 7 tds on the ground. That's 20tds in 10 games. On pace for 32tds, not to shabby. That has to put him in the top 10 I'm guessing
  8. I was a little worried about the whole 3-cone thing, until I started hearing that a lot of the bigger WR don't even attempt it, because of what happened to DK. Now, I really wanted DK, but not over Oliver. I mean, it was close, but I just thought that it was more important to get someone that could disrupt the pass game. That being said, I couldn't believe that we passed on him, and every other WR in the draft. There was a lot to chose from, and a lot of them are making a nice impact on their team (AJ Brown, DK, and Deebo) to name a few. DK's skill set was a perfect match for Josh Allen. ME RUN FAST...ME CATCH the ball. 7ft wing span with a 4.3 40. I would like to think that Josh would be letting go of those deep balls with a little more confidence, knowing that if he under throws it some, he has this massive WR that isn't going to get out-muscled for the ball. Right now DK is on pace for 952 yds, 8 TDS, and almost 60 catches. Good chance he ends up with a 1,000 yds receiving. This regime's ability to find receivers in the draft worry me. I heard on WGR this morning, that the Bills are the only team in the league to not have a single skill position player drafted in the 1st 2 rounds. Philly leads the league with 8. This was a problem on Sunday, and is a big problem with how Daboll runs his offense. His offense is based off of attacking mismatches. This only works, if you have the personal to do that. We obviously do not, at least not yet.
  9. Exactly, not all interceptions are equal. If you have a guy deep and it's picked because of an under-throw, but it was the right call, it was at least a good decision, just a bad throw. Not the hero ball, across the field type of garbage. Coaches have to tell him that they are ok with that. Don't be afraid of a pick in that situation. The other thing I hate, and some of it is on Josh, but I think this falls on Daboll even more is that we love to run it up the middle for 2 yards on 2nd and short, and than take a deep shot on 3rd and short. They have those two things backwards. It drove me crazy yesterday, and we see it every-week.
  10. Sorry if someone already made this point, but I'm at work and didn't have time to read through every post. Josh Allen is playing mistake free the last few games (bravo), but it's also severely hindering him. The clear reason for not being able to connect on a deep ball, is his fear of throwing an interception. As a result, the ball always ends up in no man's land. Not only can it not be picked, but also has no chance of our guys coming down with it. I mean, he hasn't even been close. It's grossly overthrown every-time. I've felt this way for weeks, but he just confirmed it in his post game presser. They asked him if he can pin-point the reason, for not being able to hit the deep ball, and he just said, I don't know, followed by.......I don't know if I'm super anxious about under-throwing it, and getting an interception. The coaches have him playing scared. This is a major detriment to his development. News flash.....we are not winning the Super Bowl this year, but we have this special talent, that we need to develop. Peyton threw 33 picks his rookie year. I'm sick of this ultra conservative approach. The only we we are beating the better teams in this league, is if Josh plays up to his potential, and that's not happening with the leash that they have on him. Let him go, and win or lose, live with the results. We'll be better in the long run for it.
  11. Well said. I agree with 100% of what you said. I wonder how high he ranks in completing those 3rd and 15+ situations. He's done it so much, that I almost expect us to convert those. In years past, I was making a trip to the fridge or bathroom, knowing we would be punting.
  12. I agree. Prior to the opener, I remember Sal saying that if Josh has the jump that Trubisky had in year 2, he would be very happy. That surprised me. I wanted no part in that comparison, no matter how good his stats looked. my mistake if it was.
  13. Same here, I'm equally excited and at the same time nervous. The TENN game gives me hope.
  14. I know everyone will laugh at Mitch Trubisky now, but a lot of people were praising Trubisky, after the year he had last year. I personally didn't see it. They were able to mask a lot of his inefficiencies, but whenever he needed to make a big play (critical 3rd down/end of game) type of throw, he was off the mark more often than not. Josh doesn't, and won't have the stats that Mitch had, but he passes the eyeball test. He couldn't be any more different. I'd like to hear all the self proclaimed experts, on how inaccurate Josh is. That argument is getting a lot tougher with each passing game. Will he make some boneheaded plays from time to time, absolutely. So will Drew Brees, and even the great Tom Brady. Time and experience is the only thing, that can reduce that frequency.
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