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  1. BadLandsMeanie

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    I feel like he would make a hideously ugly school girl in pig tails. It is a really disturbing image. 😡
  2. BadLandsMeanie

    What are your favorite football nicknames?

    billy "white shoes" johnson - because that is what pooped into my head the moment I read the thread title. He last played 30 years ago but it was still the first one that popped up in my head. So it was catchy enough to stick that long, for me it is the best.
  3. BadLandsMeanie

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    I think the Buffalo News did not have Opinion writers. I think they had "I am Righters". That is what bugged me about 3 of them who are no longer there. When it is impossible, flat out impossible to always be right about a football team, they always were pretty insistent that they were always right. There is another thing about TBN and Bills sports reporting that is disappointing to me. There are 53 players and 10 practice squad guys. You got I don't know how many coaches, and most are "personalities". It is this giant, crazy, traveling circus full of all kinda personalities. But nothing funny ever seems to happen? No interesting fun anecdotes? I bet it is crazy behind the curtain but we learn none of it. The stuff in the news nearly always reads like the same bland pap put out by the teams themselves. When I ask myself, of all of the players, coaches, support staff, lawyers, secretaries, salespeople, tech people, etc, who work for the Bills, I wonder how many have an interesting story to tell? My answer is, I think every one of them does. It is a gold mine. Given the same access the press gets, Shaw could run rings around them all. I think a number of people on this board could. So, Mr SDS and the powers that be, aren't you press? It seems to me you are. Has it ever been asked if TBD can get a press credential?
  4. I think it would work. I think we should do it ourselves though. The Bills would make it too bland. We could sell them a booth. And we have to figure out what time of year is best for it. We would also need somebody with some cash to front it until the profits rolled in. I would, except that I lost all of my nest egg by investing in Meadcoin.
  5. Yes. I am an Athletic Supporter.
  6. Ok. It has been a while since we were in the playoffs. I remembered it wrong.
  7. Well, the wild card game is actually not the playoffs. It is a game for two teams to try and get into the playoffs. The teams that have that week off are playoff teams. Team that play in the wild card are not in the playoffs until they win the wild card game I will show myself out.
  8. BadLandsMeanie

    I need help: 2018 Bills Home Opener

    Some graphic but good advice. Whatever you do, if you have the ability, eat before the game such that you do not have to use a sit down toilet for the entire time you are at the stadium before and during the game. Then again I go sober, so if you are blind drunk you may not notice the filth.
  9. BadLandsMeanie

    Training Camp Autographs

    And I should add, no thanks necessary to any of the 5 or so posters who gave your straight answers to your question Virgil.
  10. BadLandsMeanie

    Matthew Fairburn leaving Syracuse.com for the Athletic

    Be a hella coincidence if he isn't going to TBN.
  11. Yes I am sure it is probably someone else's fault. He was an NFL player after all. Those guys are all great. Just watch the commercials and videos. Bunch O' heroes Not a skill exactly but I always remember this story. Ken Griffy Junior tells the story that he signed his first major league contract. he proudly showed his mother the enormous signing bonus check. She took it from him. 😄 Right out of his hand. She knew he was a kid still. So one skill might be having good parents and being a good kid so that when mom snatches your check from you to save it for you, you let her. The article doesn't say he lived in a mobile home park. It says he was involved in crimes at a mobile home park.
  12. BadLandsMeanie

    Training Camp Autographs

    Send the Jerseys to Josh Allen at one bills drive. Include a picture of the kids, and a letter, and a postpaid package so he can send them back. Put the kids first and last name on the jersey with a safety pin and paper or something so if they get mixed around somehow he will know the right ones to mail back in the package. Do that now. Then, when camp comes, have the kids wear the jerseys. Go to some of the first practices. New guys almost always sign a lot when they first get here. The enthusiasm wears off fast though. High profile guys will be out there for an hour or more if the team doesnt grab them. So they dont have much time before they can'tr afford to do that. Also McD is a dink when it comes to pleasing the fans at camp so be on your toes. So you want to be at the first second or third practice. You have to watch and see where the players go after practice. Follow where Josh Allen goes. Somebody wil have a TV interview with him. See where they have a camera on him and a reporter. get near there. There will be a big crowd along the fence or rail. See which end he starts on. The see if an adult will let the kids squeeze in front of him. If Allen sees their little face he will make sure he signs for them. Have a mini helmet or autograph ball or whatever for the kids because they will already have their jerseys signed. That way if it goes wrong they still have the autograph. And if it goes right they can show him and thank him and they will have something to say to him. Also bring your own sharpie leave nothing to chance. Also have something for random players to sign too. You might get a few autographs while waiting for Josh to get there. Last if any of the kids are little and cute, get them to wave and smile shyly at Kelly Pegula. She is the youngest daughter. she likes kids. So if they charm her she might help hook them up.
  13. BadLandsMeanie

    Reggie Bush Awarded 12 Mil from Rams

    I think you are trying to belittle my post, but you support it instead. I said most will shirk responsibility, your remark says that same thing in a different way. Maybe if they owned up to it and were straight with him, they wouldn't have just got burned for 12 million dollars. Maybe they could have agreed on half that or even less, if they had not made him put a gun to their head to get some recompense.
  14. BadLandsMeanie

    Fan Advisory Board--Suggestions?

    Standing Ovation! Great idea!
  15. BadLandsMeanie

    Fan Advisory Board--Suggestions?

    In a general sense I would suggest that we end the practice of suspending the rules of civilization in the parking lots. Threatening to attack someone for example, would be punishable just as it is everywhere else in the Nation. Throwing objects or liquids at persons because of which shirt they have on, again, punishable. Public intoxication to the degree that an individual is unable to speak or walk without great difficulty, or maintain sanitary practices with respect to bodily fluids and excretions, again would be treated as it would everywhere else. Harassment of others also would be dealt with just as everywhere else.