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  1. BadLandsMeanie

    Jets O-Line remove the wheels to Darnolds car

    I think it's cool that being 4-11 doesn't get the team all down and mopey. They still seem to be full of fun and mischief
  2. BadLandsMeanie

    AW23 Beef with the Bills-Any insight?

    I don't know what his issue is. But quite a bunch of the Bills front office do act like *****
  3. BadLandsMeanie

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - “No Review This Week”

    You don't want to watch a previously lost Bills game. It's even worse than watching a live Bills - Patriots game. At least with the live Patriots game you can pretend the Bills have a chance to win. Don't do it Shaw! Go outside and breathe free air! Paint a picture. Sing a song! Live Shaw Live!!
  4. I wouldn't know I live in Western New York
  5. I'm not declaring anything about everybody else. I said it quite clearly about the Buffalo Bills. And it is true. There is a verifiable record of the Buffalo Bills doing dumb things that are counter-productive for going on 20 years now, which is why they always lose. It isn't a "curse". That isn't rational. That is superstition. That is an excuse. The Buffalo Bills have arguably been the worst team in football for coming up on 20 years now because of the decisions they made, period.
  6. I haven't written off Allen I believe that coaching and practicing help players develop Everybody else says that no, not at all, they must play to learn Then why do they have coaches and practices? Your position, and to be fair it is shared by almost everybody, makes no sense I think hurrying Allen back out there before he can think fast enough will get him hurt some more and I say that is a VERY stupid thing to do. So of course that is just what the Bills will do. Because the Bills are stupid and will never stop being stupid until after I'm dead because I am in the hell of being a lifelong fan of the stupidest team in sports. Oh well you can't have everything! I'll just make my motto "Respect the Stupidity" and be happy! If they are lucky most players get to play 4 seasons mostly because the beating is so bad for the body. Throwing one away to develop the GM's throw of the dice is demoralizing for many You don't develop a winning culture by losing
  7. Laugh it up pal. All kinds of odd stuff happens that signal problems with the way players relate to management. Including we have people who quit the team in the middle of a game. That one is something that would seem to be a stretch in an over-the -top comedy screwball sports movie. But it really happened to the Bills. That stuff means something in my world! And putting in a cub QB to learn on the job the game after the players had their best game in years is bad for morale and leads to a sense of futility and that is nuance
  8. I will leave that to you, the reader, to decide
  9. This is a weakness for McDermott that shows up repeatedly. He should start Barkely because the Bills kicked butt behind Barkely. It is that simple. Barkely should be able to prove it was either a fluke, or not. The team deserves that. Instead they will start Allen for no other reason other than they drafted him. How is the team supposed to be positive and stoked when they know they finally had a tremendous victory and in response the coaches pulled the starting QB? What if Allen does the most likely thing, and struggles? What if it is so bad they have to pull him? Then he is behind the 8 ball if you ask me. They are risking that for no good enough reason. This staff paints themselves into corners where the only possible non-disaster outcome is that their plan goes exactly the way they envision. So lets hope Allen does great because if he doesn't we will have a better playing QB sitting on the bench just because the coach says so. And the team and us fans will never know for sure if Barkley was a fluke or not. If Barkely starts and does great, then there is no down side. If he starts and flops, then we have Allen and we put him in next time. The only down side this way is that Allen loses a game of practice. If Allen starts and does great it will be the first time, and it will be great. But it is unlikely. And if he starts and flops badly then you have all kinds of trouble. The decision is easy and as usual with the QB spot the coaching staff made the wrong one.
  10. BadLandsMeanie

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - So Funny I Could Cry

    Exactly. If that's what they wanted the Bills should have got that. Not a guy looking for his big break
  11. BadLandsMeanie

    Bronco's cut Chad Kelly

    At any given game there are 5,000 guys as obnoxious and crazy as Chad Kelly milling around in the parking lots. What is one more? What difference is it if there are 5,001 but that one can play quarterback? I say bring him in!
  12. BadLandsMeanie

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - So Funny I Could Cry

    "Grilled cheese and kale is better than the games." That got a lol out of me. A tid bit I learned today was that the Coaches and McCarron didn't get along because McCarron wanted to compete for the starting job, rather than mentor Allen. So off he went. I am not positive about that but it was from somebody knowledgeable about football.
  13. BadLandsMeanie

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - So Funny I Could Cry

    And once again the Rockpiles are better than the games, according to long standing tradition. I smiled at the Edmunds Looney Tunes mental image. If it is any comfort, think of me Shaw! I separated myself from the team this season for reasons of principle about a number of things the teams does that I can't abide very easily. And then they suck. Like really bad. When does that ever happen? I expected Super Bowl run to begin the minute I stopped watching. It still hurts a little when they stink and lose so bad. But I am also enjoying it because I think the Bills coach on up are jerks and have it coming. So be a bit happy for me if it helps any. What is no way amusing is that Josh Allen's injury is a ulnar collateral ligament (Tommy Johns tore his) in his throwing hand elbow. It should get better but there is damage. Elbow or shoulder damage is not good for a QB. 5 starts is it? Already he has a serious injury. I say it is because McDermott put the team on his back right out of the gate. He gave him no decent QB to train behind. He drafted Allen no help choosing instead to bolster his preference of defense. There was a crummy running game and not good receivers, and as you point out, a rotten passing scheme. And now Allen can't throw for who knows how many weeks. I blame McDermott for that. Anyway I hope Allen is Ok in the long run. And as long as nobody gets hurt I plan to enjoy the tanking as much as I can. But if they win I will be happy for you.