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  1. Pdf tickets are no longer an option

    Sooo, what if your battery dies? No game?
  2. What (non QB) position would you pick if guaranteed the GOAT?

    You could be right Muppy. DE might make the bigger overall difference. I watched JJ Watt just take over a game one time. I would go LB because they factor in every play. But a DE might make the bigger difference in the end. Hmm, maybe I would flip a coin?
  3. I don't think it would count against you as a suicide. I think it would go in the books as your having been tortured to death. You might even posthumously get the nod as The Patron Saint of Bills Fans. But I hope you stick around
  4. I love this response. And yes "pissed" doesn't describe what I would be if that happened either.
  5. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Oh good point, thanks 26.
  6. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Fair enough BUT, lets leave the "53" out of it please. He has to be on the roster, not practice squad, agreed. But if they increase the roster to more than 53 I still win if he makes a roster.
  7. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    I think it is because they need a guy who will work with a rookie qb and won't be trying to undermine him, or not help him. Mc Carron will try to beat the guy out, but if he doesn't he will be an asset to the rookie. I'm not somebody who believes that they just took McCarron because he was the cheap one left. I think he was one of the few that they wanted.
  8. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Great. I will ask Shaw and if he says OK we are on! I just have to hope Peterman isn't a late camp cut next year because then he could technically be out of football on opening day if nobody picked him up fast enough. Oh, it is Bills opening day ok? To keep it firm because they have the whole Thursday night thing early start etc. So it is Bills opening day, wheather he is on the Bills or another team, whatever day the Bills season opens will be the day ok?
  9. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Ok! Now you are talking. I would suggest Shaw66 hold our wagers for the next year :). Would he be acceptable to you?
  10. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    $100 Who do we know who can hold the money?
  11. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Oh. Well you quoted a different post I didn't connect that was the same poster.
  12. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    I get that you stand by your assessment. But it is an easy assessment. For example I could proclaim right after the draft, that I have run my analysis and I am sure that the Bills will not win the Superbowl this year. I could then support that with a lengthy thread, in a know it all kind of tone, as if anyone at all on the planet aside from McDermott's mom, was forcefully saying the opposite thing. And as true as that would probably be, people probably wouldn't want to hear that noise just after our draft . And really anyone who wanted to dispute me and see what happens, would be in a very weak position based on the odds. Same as you here. You "boldly" predict the hugely more likely outcome. 5th round pick won't be a starter ever. Who can take that bet? Your post is off topic in this thread. The thread is about his off-season work not if people think he will be a starter of backup. It seems more just like you are saying "I'm right. I'm right. I'm right." Well I say you are wrong about one thing. Peterman will be in the NFL in 2019. I would like to place a bet on that with you. We can get someone to hold the wagers until opening day 2019 What do you say?
  13. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    He didn't.
  14. Peterman Works w/ Tom House, Adds Velocity

    Here is my trouble. Your smug and abrasive tone. Quite a few posts in this thread are like that. And you are so absolutely sure. I don't believe that you alone have the power to be absolutely sure how a young QB will turn out 5 years from now. I think you over state your case, over estimate your prowess and skill, and do it in a caustic kind of way in this thread here. I am not saying you will prove to be wrong, just that you are less believable by a lot, because of how you say things in this thread.
  15. Aaron Rodgers 'You've got to trust the process'

    I dont know if the 6ers are the very first but yes, the phrase was popularized by them. The thing is McDermott's line was "Respect the Process". But everybody says it as Trust the Process like the 6ers do.