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  1. Agreed. After a while I too figured he had done that on purpose. He wanted Baltimore. Pretty clever how he and his mom pulled that off.
  2. Hiya Hap. Thanks. Iv'e been spending more time in the real world. Which was a tragic mistake! Golly it's a harsh environment out there. Yes. But the man asked for encouragement I'd hoped we could all overlook that angle. Not to mention that we still have a genuine good QB no matter how good Mahomes is. And, it's a long time coming before we know which one has the better career. Time will tell!
  3. Part two. In his 3rd year the guy completed 70% of his passes! Look at the steady and huge really, progression of his QBR. The team has high level playoff experience. The Bills are in the best shape they have been in in 30 years because they are young and on the move pal. I think you dodged a bullet. The Bills aren't at a level yet to win The Superbowl. What could have happened is that the Bill made it there, lose again, in the Covid year with nearly empty stands, to Tom Brady. A scenario like that would scar young fans and probably kill off a good many of the old ones. When the Bills do make the Superbowl, they will be seasoned, they will be ready, they will be a solid team top to bottom, the stands will be packed and they will probably win it. Good luck cheer up.. The best is yet to come.
  4. Here are some words of comfort like you asked for. But more than that, this is the truth which is better than words of comfort. Losses like this hurt real bad. But the inevitable fate of a football team is loss. Eventually they all lose way more than they win. It prepares you for death. On the day you die, you will think to yourself, "This is terrible but compared to that 2021 Championship game, this isn't that much worse." What's more, you were never going to win it all this year. The team isn't good enough yet. This team wasn't even good enough to make it to the Championship game. BUT THEY GOT THERE ANYWAY. That means something pal. They played over their heads and they won. You have won the lottery. Look at this headline. Mahomes proved he is the best QB BY BEATING YOUR 3rd Year QB! The Bills went Twenty Five Years without a top tier QB. 25 Years! These guys came in and picked the best QB in the 2018 draft. They say a coach who pick s a first round QB is supplying the next head coach with his QB. Because he will get fired. He will get fired because that pick costs him other very good players. And the team will lose while the new QB learns. These guys didn't get fired. They took that hit and they played in the conference Championship game 3 years later. That is an extremely difficult feat. Look at this! Josh Allen has only gone one way. Up, and Up , and UP.
  5. I dunno what will happen. It might not be a fan decision. It could be the league or something.
  6. Los Angels & Las Vegas both opening new stadiums in 2020 This virus thing might put a big dent on stadium attendance this year..
  7. So, what are your predictions for opening day? Score, running yards, passing yards, for and against. What do folks think? https://heavy.com/sports/2019/08/raiders-seahawks-preseason-takeaways-nathan-peterman/
  8. I think it's cool that being 4-11 doesn't get the team all down and mopey. They still seem to be full of fun and mischief
  9. I don't know what his issue is. But quite a bunch of the Bills front office do act like *****
  10. You don't want to watch a previously lost Bills game. It's even worse than watching a live Bills - Patriots game. At least with the live Patriots game you can pretend the Bills have a chance to win. Don't do it Shaw! Go outside and breathe free air! Paint a picture. Sing a song! Live Shaw Live!!
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