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  1. I think Garoppolo is the hottest one by far. Then followed by...I hate to say...Tom Brady.
  2. i don't know why, but this has been a very satisfying game so far. I hope the Chiefs get humiliated. Hate the way they played so dirty against us. This is the first time ever I've rooted for Tom Brady
  3. I hope Tampa Bay wins. Not because I like Tom Brady, but I don't like the way Chiefs played so dirty in the AFC Championship game. I hope the Chiefs lose bad and get humbled. Hate the Chiefs and their arrogance. Bring them down back to earth Tom.
  4. Hi Bills Mafia, You were so encouraging to me when I openly shared my fears and hopes before the Ravens Game - thank you. I honestly really didn't expect us to win today, but I am heartbroken even though I set my expectations low. Also, it's not the fact that we lost but the WAY we lost. I am so mad at many of the Bills coaches, but I won't go there. I need to move on, but this one really hurts deep. Any Perspective or words of comfort?
  5. man, how many weapons do the Chiefs have? It's almost unfair lol.
  6. I know most of the attention has been on Patrick Mahomes's concussion this week, but I think the status of other key players (on both) teams will matter more than we think. For example, does anyone know what the word is on Cole Beasley? He is healthier than last week? Gabriel Davis? How about Bashaud Breeland? I think he's their #2 or #1 corner? If he is out, I think that will give us an advantage. I think cumulative effect of having Beasley and Gabriel healthy and having Breeland out will be huge. Thoughts?
  7. I am very happy and energetic today. Everything seems bright and rosy. A lot to look forward to. Thanks Yolo.
  8. Daboll, please call a better game if we advance. Stop passing all the time or running all the time! Use common sense! I'm not going to miss Daboll when he leaves.
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm go grateful to be part of this community! You've helped me get into a right state of mind before our game. Key takeaways: 1) I am not alone in the way I feel about our team. I'm amazed that so many people here know exactly how I feel during my lows and highs. Knowing this gives me peace, regardless of our outcome. 2) At the end of the day, this is entertainment. Enjoy it. 3) It's easy to forget how far we've come. Be grateful for this year - we have a bright future ahead for at least 5+years, no matter what happens to
  10. Thanks wjag. Yes I think it is the hardship and heartache we've all experienced together for the past 30 years that makes us even more passionate and loyal fans.
  11. Thanks LeGoatski for your perspective. I think having this mindset will help me (and many of us) stay grounded, regardless of the outcome. At the end of the day, this is entertainment that is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, I've been doing exactly that during games, especially last week. My wife told me I am not a pleasant person to watch games with and that I make her nervous LOL. I'm glad we can relate Apocalypse. Thanks for sharing your journey!
  12. Thanks wolfpack! I have 5 year-old daughter too that loves to color. She's been watching games more games with me this year and understanding football better. I hope that she too becomes a passionate Bills fan too like us! Thanks Charles. Something about the way you wrote this made me realize how grateful we should be right now. It's easy to forget how far we've come and what a bright future we have, no matter what happens today. Happy birthday Bufflow!
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