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  1. Yeah, it's to bad you can't pull a full Ned Beatty on anybody these days. Snowflakes. Quote: "perpetrators would allegedly steal victims' clothes and wrestle them to the ground while shoving their genitalia on their face or between their buttocks"
  2. Najee Harris has told Alabama he's returning for his senior year. He's hasn't officially announced it but that's the word.
  3. Another Alabama guy...Najee Harris
  4. NFL officiating has always sucked. The difference these days is 16 cameras and alter slow motion let's you see every play from so many angles.
  5. It was both. He ran right in between them.
  6. The white on white looks the best wearing throwbacks. Blue socks with stripes and red buffalo on helmet. I'd like to see them go to the red buffalo, either old standing or charging logo switching to red buffalo and blue swish.
  7. The only playoff game I ever attended. Great to watch it from the TV perspective. It was electric there that day. The other thing I now remember is I'm pretty sure Jamie Mueller had more carries than Thurman that day. Why I could never figure out.
  8. Rich Eisen keeps calling Watson, Winston. This is the 3rd time he's done it in the game. Hes a terrible play by play guy.
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