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  1. If the Saints can get away with stuff like this than there has to be more ways for the Bills to manipulate the cap to bring in a pass rusher free agent and maybe a tight end.
  2. The first 4 Super Bowls were the best. The leagues despised each other. Players for the AFL attended the super bowl not to hawk products but to root for the AFL. Vince Lombardi openly mocked the AFL. When the Jets beat the Colts it was the AFL beat the NFL and the Chiefs put the frosting on the cake dominating the Vikings. It was great being a different league right down to using a different football. I do miss the AFL.
  3. The NFL has a criteria for stadiums where games can be played and most college stadiums do not fit those. As someone else said its a out money and the NFL isn't going to play a game in Laramie Wyoming.
  4. Houston wasn't going to pay him, so no he couldn't stayed in Houston.
  5. After a few beers on Chippewa Street a couple of them aren't half bad. https://sportsnaut.com/look-hilarious-faceapp-thread-shows-what-every-nfl-quarterback-would-look-like-as-a-woman/
  6. Stealing is black and white. I bet if it was your money then you'd be bitching up a storm.
  7. Much like when the Bills got Chris Spielman. Chris still had gas in the tank and was great leader on that defense. Had his wife not gotten cancer he may have been the piece to get us to the Super Bowl that year. Him quitting football to take care of her tells you all you need to know about the character and leadership we lost.
  8. That's what the guy was asking, nobody bought the ticket. It went unsold. Way, way over priced.
  9. Sound like the Bills are still in the running. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/17/j-j-watt-bills-have-mutual-interest/
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