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  1. Thank you. It is a great memory. The Bills were a big part of our lives since 1966
  2. Yes Jets -Bills in Detroit 2014.It actually was a very cool experience. They had the Bills logos on Ford field. They played the shout song. There was a large turnout of Bills fans and it really did feel a bit like a Bills home game, plus we crushed the Jets!
  3. Last day I spent with my brother was Bills Vs Seahawks in November 2004 and the Bills crushed them. It was a great day.
  4. Yes I have, in 1992 the Bills played the 49ers on Sunday night. As we flew it we noticed stadium lights on. Found out the Raiders were playing the Chiefs. Got our rental car. Bought two scalper tickets and went to the Chiefs- Raiders game. When that was done we headed over to the Bills -49ers game. 2 different stadiums but a double header in one day
  5. It was definitely different times. People brought cases of beer in. But even at Rich stadium in the early 80s you could bring anything in. A group of about 10 of us used to go to games and buy a ticket for our 10 gallon Igloo cooler of vodka-icetea and tape the ticket to it and it had it's own seat. It was crazy times Many in the 90s. 49ers, Raiders,seahawks to name a few
  6. Yes actually in Buffalo at War Memorial Stadium on Dodge st. It's funny how you can such fond feelings about the worst stadium ever in the AFL-NFL.
  7. Was also at the game. There were some many signs mocking Howard Cosell. The place was electic OJ went over a thousand yards and it was only half way through the season. That's when the talk of 2000 yds started.
  8. There are players I love that were Bills but their Buffalo time is offen forgotten when they're spoken about. Here's a few guys I loved as Bills. Chris Spielman Conrad Dobler Phil Villapiano Bryce paup
  9. That blows not one AFC team.
  10. So a guy gets a shot to make our team. Shows excitment for Buffalo and its fans. Actually goes to the trouble to produce a video to show he'll fit in here, and all people on this board can do is find negatively in it. Ya know for a board pertaining to football, there sure are a lot of guys that piss sitting down here.
  11. This may be an unpopular view but this guys religious fervor may be a turn off even for McDermott. Not everybody is a believer or follower of Turk's ideas. And a guy who is so religious and it seems to be his only subject can be a divider in a Lockerroom. I don't have a problem with anybody's religion but I just dont want it shoved down my throat 24/7
  12. D'Andre Swift Laviska Shenaul A.J. Epenesa Jonathan Taylor I like these players in that order
  13. I know the movie well you silly English kaniget!🤣
  14. Alright... good luck in rehab and kicking that meth problem.
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