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  1. Go watch the video and ask yourself if Kim Pegula is going to let Beane sign him. And we ditched him when he went off the rails again. Although he did have something of a renaissance with the Raiders after that.
  2. The same Kareem Hunt that brutalizes women? No thanks, I’ll pass.
  3. He's just mad his pathetic excuse for a career is over. His last game with the Redskins was laughable.
  4. Can we please get out of this game without any more injuries...
  5. It's a bizarre year in the NFL. Every week it seems like there is a game like this.
  6. Other teams kill us with outside pitches and counters, we can't run one to save our lives.
  7. I like McKenzie on returns better. Stephenson likes to run into people, usually his own teammates.
  8. Straight line speed, I would say yes. Game speed? That's a good question. Did some research, you were right! McKenzie: 4.42 Stevenson: 4.45
  9. He has better speed, McKenzie has better vision. If we could only combine their attributes...
  10. Yeah I agree. I don't trust McDermott with challenges either for what it's worth 😄
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