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  1. Bingo. Normally you can grab a quality safety in later rounds. Line plus WR.
  2. Yeah, I really think there's some disappointment in a few areas on offense (not that we're bad overall). They expected big things from Gabe and it hasn't worked out. Had we gotten Davonte in an imaginary scenario we probably wouldn't have punted this year.
  3. Imo. We need to change our style of play and go all out aggressive offense. Josh can handle it. Wrs need to step the f up.
  4. Is that what he said lol? I believe I was mocking his mistype.. Greatest in what sense? Smartest? Most powerful? Certainly culturally we win, our music and movies are everywhere and copied (poorly). Where else are we greatest? How is this defined? Mind you I'm overseas right now and homesick so I probably agree on most fronts. But my contention is we suck at certain areas and we should be much better. Just saying we're the best is ignorant. Usually the people that shout this loudest have never been anywhere else.
  5. Saying ambitious people end up here you know is somewhat outrageous. Some do some don't. There are plenty of ultra ambitious that care nothing for the US. I think a lot end up here more for comfort/cultural reasons than ambition as well. My assertion isn't we should be just like them. My assertion is we should try and emulate the things they are doing really well that we aren't. Education first and foremost followed by healthcare. They generally pay high taxes. We can pay less (than them) and get most of the benefits they enjoy. There's no reason for us to be so far behind in these areas.
  6. I dont get the not trying to be successful part. That's an individual trait. I don't think it's fair at all to say people in those places aren't as ambitious. Yeah you don't sound dumb at all. Murica!
  7. Why? Brown shirts gonna beat my door down when I get home? Our 2 party system blows. Both parties are at their lowest points in forever. We have a mummy for a president and a crook owns the other. Cool. No, right now things suck. Less than the last term but still.
  8. I've spent years over most of Europe so I'd say I'm well traveled. To put them in a box and say they're all happy for the same reason is ignorant. They like their government by and large. Can any of us say the same?
  9. Mediocrity? Generally they have the happiest people ( according to polls i assume are somewhat accurate) and are nearly all at the top education wise. I wouldn't characterize that as mediocre.
  10. It's absurd only because we have so many hopelessly moronic people in our country. They are highly educated and some of the happiest countries in the world. Most of what they've implemented government wise were ideas from us.
  11. No blinders here. I dislike our crazies just as much as your sides generally. I simply recognize them as an extremely vocal minority. The gender psychos, nutjob feminists, they can all jump off a bridge for all I care. I want what the Nordic countries have or as close to it as we can manage with hopefully slightly lower taxes. Improve our education and our country will thrive.
  12. Yes grasshopper. One of your saviors Tucker Carlson certainly exemplifies masculinity. The imbalance part is spot on. The rest is cray cray.
  13. We're talking bs but do you honestly believe this? I didn't even mention the religious nuts who would gladly have us be a Christian version of Iran. Jewish space lasers bro.
  14. Exactly! You all knock the few nuts we have while defending the hundreds of thousands on your own.
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