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  1. I hope that's the reason. Having an anemic run game will hurt in the playoffs.
  2. They won't keep it up. They kinda suck. Good on Daboll he's making the absolute most out of that roster.
  3. I like Singletary but our run game gets way too many runs between -3 and + 2 yards. A lot is blocking. This may be nuts but I hope we can iron it out in one of our few easier games. Need to see if Cook is for real too. He may be a guy that just needs more reps. He also may be a jag.
  4. That doesn't make sense exactly but fair enough. I mean , one normally wouldn't be thinking about how they could draft a guy like that unless you thought of him in that way. To me he seems like a quiet dude but I'm guessing based on little I've seen on TV and interviews. I want him to succeed so I'm definitely biased. Our run game (and blocking) has been horrible. If we can get him going it would help a ton.
  5. That's all conjecture. You have no clue if he doesn't have passion. He looked extremely bummed after his drop and previous fumble. You could be right but that's 100% your opinion right now.
  6. Everyone just about dropped one today. Our rbs have been dookie. I say we try actually giving him some decent playing time and see how he does.
  7. Crowder had at least 2 drops. Not good. Gotta give Shakir more playing time for sure.
  8. Yeah even with that. The sack was a great play on one of the most elusive players in the league.
  9. They've gotten a couple now. Thr hold the other poster called out was blatant.
  10. Brutal. Just brutal. Defense got curb stomped. I want to blame Frazier but guys were in position to make plays and just didn't.
  11. How'd Revis I mean Elam play this week? I didn't catch much.
  12. Here's a hot take we hand Tua his own head on a platter after we play in Buffalo. Too hot for us in that biach of a stadium.
  13. 45 to 31 Bills. Shoot out, we pull away towards the start of the 4th.
  14. Josh Allen is gonna put the hurt on them. Can't wait to be louder than the fish fans at the game. You know, the ones who probably won't be paying attention by week 13.
  15. Not in the least surprising. Hopefully Russians come to their senses and overthrow this tool. In the past I'd always thought him a brilliant autocrat/sociopath . He's lost now. Health? Surrounded by ineptitude? The more the people are put through the meat grinder the higher the chance he eats a bullet.
  16. I mean impressive start what else can you say?
  17. Might be a lesson to not take your foot off the gas when you have a lead. Bal defense was a but shocking though.
  18. I dont equate mocking to rage. I'm replying more to the start of this joke of a topic, "the beserking left". Scary! Those are the tears I drink from the right's fake tough guy crybabies. But no rage. Maybe there should be? Don't know. The hypocrisy maybe should enrage but I recognize there's enough on both sides.
  19. Hardy har har. Replying to the whining and crying here. I suspect most posters that support the right here are old as dirt because exactly none of you have anything approaching a sense of humor and believe virtually everything from fox. If I'm wrong and some of you are say, under 50, then somehow it's even more sad. Cry about this crap but defend J6 scum all day?
  20. What I truly don't understand is why anyone tough would even consider supporting him. Draft dodging, silver spooned, pansy. Literally nothing tough about that sack of *****.
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