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  1. Please practice red zone offense more than usual this week.
  2. Why was it a crap call? Saying the fix is in is a tad premature.
  3. Some of the stuff online I've seen is downright horrific. And I usually don't mind crazy stuff. I'm hooked on watching videos of intercepted calls. Gives insight into the f'd up mentality of the Russians and their soldiers.
  4. Deep. Especially how they could not spell the one word that was supposed to be the tnt of the tweet. Sums up the right's stupidity pretty well actually.
  5. Better than Russia rolling Ukraine and having them under thumb. Yes the current situation is shiite. Yes it could be worse.
  6. Not if it breaks the game. It sorta is. Wish they'd do heavier post game fines over flags so games would not be determined by awful flags.
  7. Yeah I'm not parting with Singletary. I'd like to let cmc acclimate to a new awesome offense slowly. I mean, he's been playing with Baker. Balls are gonna be thrown his way 80009 mph faster. I did the math.
  8. Yeah ? Lol. Mtg, Boebert, Goetz, Gohmert. There are no crazies on the left to that level. I get it though. Fox told you what to think, they manufacture your opinions all good.
  9. Hells yeah I would hope it would cause this more than sulking.
  10. She realized her political career was stalling and realized she could rake in more money being Alex Jones lite. The crazies she's complaining about are a loud minority.
  11. Uh, it's an internet rumor and they are pros. If this hurts their feelings we got bigger problems.
  12. Blah I always thought him overrated. Chiefs can go ahead and snag him. I wouldn't rate them much better.
  13. Teams game plan around him. The Panthers offense is absolute garbage after him. Put him on a team with weapons and his stats will be great.
  14. If Beane thinks it puts us over the top? Get it done. Should be a way without sacrificing too much. If you have to give a higher pick get a lower one back.
  15. Please. Seriously. Stop. You are not funny. It happens. I'm sure you have other stuff you're good at. Bridge? Solitaire?
  16. I was thinking that I don't believe this chick is nuts ala mgt. I think she made a calculated decision to start talking crazy to make bank. I could be wrong.
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