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  1. he wouldnt get into details when he was interviewed by Strahan
  2. some of you should be upset with that committee for misleading you. i know a couple of you here that should apologize to me, i wont hold my breath. i gave a first hand account but you'd rather believe known liars.
  3. Biden is coming to town tomorrow! U think if i identify as a 10 year old girl i might be able to get sniffed by him?
  4. "considering Maine is from Northern Virginia he seemed believable" he is from Danville VA which is not anywhere near Northern VA.
  5. well its a boom right? the biden BOOM! i thought a BOOM would be more noticeable.
  6. i agree with you on Allen. I dont know who Joe Bus is, but i dont watch or read any media. Sports media is designed for pointless debates and rankings so i just ignore it. I dont know which QB is better, i just hope ours can win us a SB.
  7. some fans worry too much about how some guy ranks something
  8. i would sign all their back up OL right now
  9. the bengals fans woulda been even louder
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