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  1. i came here to make sure i wasnt the only one too old for this
  2. they are currently just extras in the movie
  3. if i didnt use an illegal stream then i would go to a sports bar so its only the bar thats losing out on my $
  4. good write up! just noticed 1 typo.
  5. does anyone else have the peoples skin show weird yellow coloring? i have a new tv and ive not noticed this problem anywhere else except thursday football.
  6. on tv Matt Ryan explained why Howell should not have thrown it.
  7. im in the commander tv area, i will be legal today
  8. is Al Micheals' hair green?
  9. Pat Mcafee broke it down, the holder had a tell and the holder was in NE for 6years.
  10. she left the man for Scott Norwood and the kid is getting her step-grandfather's jersey
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