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  1. I think he’s a top HC. Unquestionably. I know this topic is about Beane but wrt the Niners- they’ve had arguably better results without a top QB. I know we like to ***** on Vrabel but until proven otherwise he’s McDermott’s comp, not McVay or Shanahan.
  2. They beat the Packers and Cowboys last year and Packers again the year they went to Super Bowl.
  3. I can't speak for anyone else but I would take one Super Bowl and some 7-9 seasons over making the playoffs every year but never winning one.
  4. Upthread it’s been said that the 2017 draft was all due to McDermott’s prowess…that doesn’t quite square with the idea that he simply used Carolina’s draft board.
  5. Because it’s rote. Anyone who’s every managed people in any capacity is going to say those things.
  6. They also got Taron Johnson, Edmunds, and Wyatt Teller in 2018.
  7. I didn’t take it as luck so much as it worked out better than anyone could have reasonably foretold. In that sense it was a lucky pick. I think by any objective analysis 2018 is the best draft.
  8. The best draft is the one that got Allen, who is largely responsible for this team's successes both past and future.
  9. Edmunds was invisible in the Indy game, it was almost as if he wasn’t even there.
  10. Of course you can. And imo it will happen if the Bills haven't won a Super Bowl by the time they need to start negotiating Allen's next contract.
  11. I think that’s a very shallow interpretation of the Bills’ front office dynamic.
  12. It was a great game, watched the whole thing back along w the highlights a few times now I just turn it off after we take the lead for the last time lol
  13. McDermott is not above criticism. I don’t think he’s a top 5 coach personally but he’s in range. What I find funny are these attempts to insulate him from criticism…like people saying if the team falls short of expectations this season it will somehow be Beane’s fault. This while the Bills are Super Bowl favorites and the roster is absolutely loaded.
  14. The guy above wants to give McDermott most of the credit for Allen, so I'm going to give him most of the blame for not having the communication lines squared away in the most important game of his career. I don't want him fired or anything. I'm just saying there's an argument to be made that he gets into big spots and gags them away. You said McDermott is mostly responsible for Allen. That's the bad take. I'll repeat- Josh Allen is 10x better at QB than Sean McDermott is at head coaching. I'm not going to debate this.
  15. There's some luck involved, but my point was that those guys have done more with less.
  16. I'm sorry but this is such a bad take. Sean McDermott is at any given point in time a top 10ish coach in the league. Some years higher, some years lower. Josh Allen is one of the most gifted QBs ever. Josh Allen is 10x better at QB than Sean McDermott is at head coaching.
  17. I can give McDermott some credit for Allen. It seems you want to give him no blame for the Chiefs loss. Without Josh Allen doing Josh Allen things last divisional round we lose two very similar blowouts to the same team two years running. I’m comfortable putting that on the head coach.
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