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  1. Look at each offensive lineman's first step. Allen shifted coverage toward that side seeing the overload front. It's not unusual that he would drift left to gain an extra bit of time to get the throw off.
  2. They're not really out numbered though. To me that looks like it's designed to look like an overload but with a spy so they're actually blocking 7 on 7. Allen drifts because Knox was a little late coming over in motion to pick up the DB. If Dawkins and Singletary don't whiff he's going to hit Davis on the post for 30 yards.
  3. Do you have any idea why they aren't committing to running the ball vs light boxes in general though? Apparently they are running vs light boxes at a much lower frequency than in 2021. Also it looked like they were blocking a lot of inside zone vs Dolphins. Is that a function of the injuries?
  4. If you don't think exhaustion explains poor mechanics you've never played sports in your life.
  5. If he got cleared he got cleared. I'm just glad he's ok. Looked scary.
  6. I would put money on us going around or a little over .500 in one score games this year
  7. It was like his 58th dropback in 100 degree weather after also being our leading rusher. Suffice to say you and I have very different definitions of routine.
  8. Take comfort in the fact that they will likely extend Tua now. This was their Super Bowl.
  9. The Chiefs, Cowherd's comparison, have never had a great offensive line and their scheme doesn't necessarily require one. You just can't be dominant at every position group. It's not feasible. The Chiefs have the offensive minds on staff to utilize one of the game's best young QBs to overcome personnel deficiencies in their offense, while the Bills as of yet have not been able to find similar results with arguably a more talented QB.
  10. He makes the point that when you watch the Bills it's very obvious that the offense relies almost entirely on the skills of Allen, whereas when you watch the Chiefs or now the Eagles move the ball you can see how the scheme and play designs positively impact their offenses.
  11. I will say the Bills if only because they lost to the clearly inferior team.
  12. Dude drags Quinton Morris and Reggie Gilliam up and down the field for 400yards behind a preseason oline and this dumbass fanbase thinks he played bad lmfao
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