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  1. Miles Sanders: 20.2 yards/game receiving Zach Moss: 21.8 yards/game receiving
  2. Possibly…Henry is just a runaway train, there aren’t a lot of players w the levers to manufacture a hindrance…I’d say Edmunds did about as well as one can.
  3. Landry for me cant get over him ruining Aaron Williams career Hunt and Garret close behind
  4. No team is ever prepared for QB sneak on fourth and short, that’s why they get converted at such a high percentage
  5. lol relax The video was for the OP to keep it on topic, this being a thread on Edmunds And since you appear to be operating under the assumption that somehow defenses aren't usually prepared for a QB sneak on 4th and inches, we have nothing further to discuss.
  6. There really wasn't anything wrong w the playcall. They bring Poyer down into the box on the TE a lot. There were a lot of things execution-wise that allowed that play to happen, but none of them are predictable. Like if Rousseau doesn't lose contain getting blocked by a TE the play goes for 1 yard. If Wallace is faster to recognize that his man is runblocking v Poyer and crashes down like he's supposed to instead of taking that last terrible step backward the play goes for 3 yards. If Milano doesn't slightly overrun his gap and is able to work back the play goes for 5 yards. If Poyer isn't held it goes for 7, if White isn't held it goes for 15, if Hyde takes a better angle it goes for 20.
  7. They have a bunch of injuries along the oline as well
  8. Are you saying that you think a QB sneak for than less than a yard is a low percentage play, offensively? Re: Edmunds
  9. That can’t be a -1. It’s not his side, he gets there after Milano overruns his gap.
  10. I guess I don’t know what people want…he completed 75% of his throws, if he had finished the drive everyone keeps referring to it would have been like 400+yards, over 80% completion, likely 4TDs…is that now our threshold of acceptability somehow?
  11. If your point was that the defense didn’t play particularly well, more people would have agreed with you.
  12. that moment when you realize @BringBackFergydoes these just to collect one of each emoji
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