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  1. Wow, I didn't know that. Had to look it up, & we've only played 9 times in the regular season. They tend to all be low scoring games too, with the Bills only breaking 20 points 2 times (and we lost one of them). But given the way both teams have played this year, I'd be surprised if that's the case this week. Thanks for sharing the video btw
  2. At this point, the Bills just need to have a list of 5-10 players for EVERY position on standby... because we'll be recruiting from the film crew in 3 or 4 weeks.
  3. I'm just not as anti-Moss (or any of our RBs) as many seem to be. Our O-line is a poor run-blocking unit as it is, and injuries compound that weakness even more. Until the Bills really invest in the O-line & commit to running the ball through even one game, I can't really draw many conclusions about Moss, even if he looks bad on a handful of carries
  4. I disagree, but only because threads like these pop up any time we lose, while credit goes unnoticed when we win. And McDermott has accomplished far more winning than losing. Same is true for all our coaches. Whenever Josh didn't play well last year, it was Daboll's fault. When the defense didn't make a stop, it was Frazier's fault. Yet when we're playing with a skeleton crew defense filled with rookies, undrafted FA's & backups, holding the Dolphins to 219 yards & basically containing Hill/Waddle, where are the threads praising Frazier's defensive prowess? When McDermott has the balls to keep pushing the pace & forgo punting, putting trust in Dorsey & his offense, where's his praise? What about Dorsey's for providing Allen a smooth transition from coordinator to coordinator, dialing up all the right plays designed with Josh's comforts & strengths in mind? But no, we have armchair play callers only hopping on to bash any mistake or failure. Andy Reid, the guy who is constantly talked up as the best offensive mind in the game, couldn't coach his Chiefs past the 0-1-1 Colts today. Belichick's defense just had the Ravens drop 37 on them. SB winner, offensive Guru Sean McVay (5-0 in home openers) couldn't put get his team more than 10 points against the Bills... ********************************* TL;DR - ALL coaches make mistakes, ALL have shortcomings, ALL lose games, but that doesn't mean they aren't still great.
  5. If there's one team this team has, it's the will to keep fighting. There's never that moment where you think anyone's phoning it in or not giving it their all (like in the Dick Jauron years), and guys like Diggs & Allen show how competitive & determined they are. It's that mindset that makes me far more confident in this team than just stats or W/L record. You know they're never going to quit.
  6. There were blown opportunities all game, of course he's going to be mad when we lose a game where his offense controlled the ball for 41 mins.
  7. Really hoping for the Rams to annihilate the Cardinals, just so Nick Wright can stop pretending the Cardinals were stronger competition for the Chiefs 😅
  8. Conversely, the defense can't stop anyone on 3rd & long... The 2 spots that are supposed to be the easiest to convert, the Bills struggle with. On offense, can't gain 1 yard when we need to. On defense, 3rd & 20 is an automatic layup for opposing offenses for some bizarre reason. Truly a weird dynamic this team has...😅
  9. Go back & look at the gameday threads... you had fans basically yelling "stop running the ball!" and "we should be passing on every play!" This was even more prevalent with Moss, until he had our best run of the game. I agree with you, but it's clear fans don't realize why running the ball is important. Problem is our O-line isn't very talented, so combined with the heat, we basically gave up on running.
  10. Basically all of these. And despite all those problems, Bass missing a 38 yard FG he'd normally make with ease ended up being the ultimate deciding factor on who won or loss.
  11. I agree. I'm honestly already moved on, not really as upset as I'd normally feel after a loss like this. Too many injuries, too many irregular things (Bass missing a standard 38 yard FG, Allen's bad pass into the dirt when McKenzie was open for a TD, Milano dropping an INT thrown right into his hands, etc.), O-line being a scrambled mess of band-aids, and uncharacteristic penalties. The heat & patchwork roster just make this L feel not particularly meaningful, kind of like the MNF windstorm against the Pats. BUT... Two things still do matter - play calling on short yardage situations, whether it be 3rd & 1 or 3rd & goal at the 1 and the O-line, regardless of injuries. Every year they're mid-tier at best, can't run block to save their lives, & leave Allen scrambling/improvising way too often (and too quickly). This also shows that whatever the reason, the Bills still can't win a 1 score game. It's double digit wins or nothing. That has to change.
  12. Look, I understand heat & injuries really made this a s*** show for us today, but you're still 100% right about the O-line. This is something Josh Allen has helped cover up for the past few years, but this team has barely invested anything in upgrading this line. All they do is look to patch it up each off-season, with mid-level vets & late round picks. They prioritize "flexibility" & guys who can be a Swiss army knife filling holes, rather than elite talent at their respective position. It's part of the reason we can't run the ball, regardless of who the RB's are. James Cook might be amazing, but we'll never know his true potential with this line. Allen dancing around pressure & scrambling helps keep their sack numbers low, but they're mediocre group at BEST.
  13. Maybe we stop pretending the Dolphins are sooooo beneath us... The way fans talked all week, the Dolphins were a joke & we'd steamroll them. Yes, we were beat up & the heat took a toll, but they proved they can hang. Time to take them seriously.
  14. Well, everybody had a hand in this loss. Allen missing open TD's, receivers dropping passes, O-line giving up a ton of pressure, coaches with play calling & not challenging, defense giving up 3rd & 22 + drive-extending penalties, dropping gimmie INT's from Tua, Bass missing a 38 yard FG, and most importantly - INJURIES BLASTING THE TEAM. Hopefully next week we can have a healthier team to field.
  15. Well sure, if we want him to go down with heat stroke too 🤣
  16. Now Diggs is hurt? This is absolutely RIDICULOUS... The Bills must've really pissed off the football gods this week
  17. Jesus... 3rd string center now. Not a single O-line position filled by their starter in depth chart.
  18. Today's problem is the O-line is too gassed & injured to give Allen any chance to look downfield. He's already thrown the ball 46 times & still not over 300 yards. The only way to slow down the Bills seems to be through injuries.
  19. Missing 2 gimmie INT's from Tua throughout the game doesn't help either... Injuries clearly adding up. Anyone that thinks all these losses are sustainable are just kidding themselves.
  20. This isn't even an exaggeration... for years now, defending 3rd & very long has been a layup for opposing offenses. I don't get it...
  21. Oh surprise, Bills fail to defend a 3rd & extremely long... what else is new?
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