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  1. Can we pay Jordan Palmer to sleep over at Josh's house the entire next week? He hasn't thrown a good pass the entire second half... Hell, his best pass was the 1st one of the game ๐Ÿ˜…
  2. We're still missing a lot of key players on defense this game too. O-line is bad today, though imo they're never actually "good," just serviceable, and Allen continuing to turn it over is killing us (once in their redzone, once basically in our own).
  3. Josh hasn't thrown a pass this drive. Not a great sign of confidence (perhaps his own).
  4. Our personnel is poorly suited for that right now. Every time we've blitzed today Jets have beaten us bad.
  5. And points off turnovers are killing us. Worst part is they were all terrible, completely avoidable turnovers.
  6. This is what's most concerning. Unlike the picks in the Rams game, his 4 INT's these last 2 games have been AWFUL.
  7. Allen just sucks lately. These picks aren't even understandable. They're just blatant bad throws.
  8. Frazier is amazing. People fail to give proper credit for what he's been able to do... only choosing to blame him when the players don't execute on the field.
  9. The inexperience & missing key talent is really hurting this defense's ability to do what they want to do. Milano, White, Hyde, Poyer... that's just a huge hole in talent & experience missing.
  10. And this is why having OBJ wouldn't hurt. Davis & McKenzie aren't consistent enough threats to take pressure off Diggs. They both can have standout performances, but they are just as likely to go long stretches barely being visible.
  11. Your dad played football with you? I'm still waiting for mine to return home from his milk run.... ๐Ÿ˜ข
  12. Even right there, throwing off his back foot falling backwards... Scary
  13. No way. It was very clear, and he threw up such a soft floater it'd make Nathan Peterman blush
  14. Even I saw that & thought "no way he's throwing that pass..." Then he just limp wrists it straight to the defender! Wtf
  15. At least he will return to a hero's welcome in Buffalo!
  16. Well then you gotta experience a crazy home snow game in Buffalo! Unless of course you already have. Then yeah, I'd also prefer to avoid it๐Ÿ˜…
  17. Except for ours please! Don't want to find out Terry & Kim have an underground #### fighting syndicate!
  18. If they cut me off or nearly caused a wreck, I'd be pissed regardless. If they actually wrecked into my car, I'd be super happy & far more forgiving, feigning emotional damage & requesting an upgraded ride ๐Ÿ˜…
  19. People can shrug about this all they want, but I'll be honest... I'm not happy. He's a strong talent at the position & still young. We may have signed a better player & HOFer in Miller, but Chubb can be a difference maker in a different way. I don't think they're a threat for the division unless the Bills collapse, but they'll be a tougher out in December & potentially the playoffs now.
  20. And the RB carousel continues... I'd be more hyped for O-line depth at this point. We need to improve up front. Until then, we can trade, sign & draft all the RBs we want, but I don't see it changing things much.
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