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  1. Biggest difference was Josh's back to back drives nearly throwing a pick into double, then quadruple coverage, were both somehow dropped. Then the Pats scored 0 points off his fumble (not really his fault imo though, pressure was there instantly). I know, it's a bit of a negative post, but he's not "back to old Josh" just yet.
  2. True, but Josh isn't good at that anymore... I don't know why, but he's just started playing careless again. But as you said, pressure was there pretty quick, so normally you could forgive it.
  3. Aaaand this is what I was afraid of... throwing into double coverage & nearly picked, then throwing into quadruple coverage... Just throw it away please!
  4. Gonna be honest, that exact type of throw is what has lead to so many turnovers lately & almost gave me a heart attack! Redzone, rollout to the right, then throw across the body to the middle of the endzone right as he's nearing the sideline. Glad it worked, but I definitely stopped breathing for a moment...
  5. Go figure, another 1 score game. Really inspires confidence huh
  6. Nothing we've seen from this game is encouraging... on either side of the ball. Why is everything so damn hard for this team? I mean seriously, EVERYTHING is a struggle! Can't tackle, can't cover, can't run, 50% completions again, can't cover ST, can't hit PAT's... it's everything!
  7. This team is back to finding ways to lose... Why does it always have to be so difficult?!
  8. Plenty of people are happy with the win. But people like to talk football. Pointing out the obvious & discussing it isn't PTSD or indicative of people being negative... so dramatic. Discussion & speculation is what this board is for. It's not all "Rah! Rah! Bills best everrrr!" and talking about issues doesn't make you a bad fan. I'll always think back to that thread before the GB game where some tweet was arrogantly asking why Bills fans aren't more confident (because they weren't out gloating/being cocky thinking we'd steamroll everyone)... Well look how the past month has been! Mocking replies where people sarcastically say "remember the Jags"... as if that could never possibly happen again?? C'mon. Nobody said the sky is falling. Nobody is saying all hope is lost. Nobody isn't cheering for the team or burning their Josh Alllen jerseys. But for some reason, express concern after a month of your QB struggling, the same one everyone was more than happy to proclaim was BETTER than Mahomes & MVP favorite, you're suddenly "negative," or have PTSD, or have posts psychoanalyzing how that may reflect on their family life? 😑 I hope people can just accept not all fans want to just coast by the entire season pretending everything's perfect. Sometimes we like to discuss what we see on the field & speculate on how it impacts our chances going forward. / this ends today's Ted Talk
  9. So Josh hasn't played well for a month now... is it too late to bring Daboll back? He just choked against the Lions, might be available 😅 Speaking of which... Lions D played s pretty good game & that offense put up 31 points. Hope the Bills don't take them too lightly this week
  10. Just having warm bodies available isn't the same as having CBs who can play WELL.
  11. Since I'm obsessed with the weather news, $10 says Josh has a great game now that it's been moved to a dome & will make those passes with ease this week 😉
  12. I know it's petty af, but if I were the Lions brass/NFL, I'd say "Nope! A roof wasn't important to you when you invested $1.4 billion in a new stadium, don't come asking to use one ours now!" 🤣
  13. As far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't be favorites in any game until they actually prove it again. Remember, the Browns are a much different team when at home this year. Here's their home results this season: Loss: 30-31 (Jets) Win: 29-17 (Steelers) Loss: 28-30 (Chargers) Loss: 15-38 (Patriots) Win: 32-13 (Bengals) So aside from the Patriots, they either won each game or choked away the game (Jets, Chargers). Aside from the Steelers, all those teams have winning records too. The Browns actually show up to play at home, regardless of the opponent.
  14. Out of all the things people are saying, I feel this is the most accurate. Having that safety net back there really changed what the defense was able to do. The defense Frazier wants to run & the pressure we want to generate without blitzing is made possible having 2 x All Pros (and great leaders) back there anchoring the DBs. Then when you lose Milano or Edmunds on top of that & still no Tre White? The defense becomes a shell of what it used to be.
  15. My mom called with like 40 seconds left to celebrate the win (after the defense made the stop)... Last time she did that was in January with 13 seconds left... I knew I shouldn't have answered the phone 😭
  16. I don't see many people "turning on him," just people being overly sensitive about criticism. Why is it OK to constantly call out Edmunds, McDermott, Oliver, Frazier, Dorsey, Singletary, Gabe, the entire defense, etc... literally anyone BUT Allen? It's like the Tyrod days all over again. Can't say anything about the QB, shift blame to everyone else, otherwise you're a "hater" & not a "true" Bills fan... Does anyone honestly believe there's a single Bills fan that doesn't want Allen to succeed? Who isn't desperately rooting for him? Who is legitimately calling for him to be traded/benched? There might be a handful of nuts out there, mostly on Twitter, but most everyone else is just disappointed, venting, or trying to come to terms that our QB likely isn't ever going to be consistently elite. If anything, fans are just guilty of propping him up to unfair expectations (MVP, better than Mahomes, SB favorite), and I'm guilty of that too. But criticizing recent play, playing us straight out of the 1st seed again, mid-season regression again, turnover prone AGAIN... these are just fair & normal criticisms for fans to make. We've seen this story before. Nobody wanted a repeat & another "Arrowhead invitational" again (as Nick Wright so annoyingly puts it), yet here we are. That's it. No betrayal or turning on players necessary. Just stop acting like QB is immune to criticism we levy at everyone else (and do so far more frequently).
  17. He was great from rookie season onward, how is he overrated? Was runner up for DROY, became an All Pro, was consistently mentioned as a top 3 CB... Compared to Elam & Benford, he looks like a HOFer. Problem is we're missing all of our defensive All Pros now. No Poyer, no Hyde, no White... all secondary players. It's not a surprise why the defense is struggling at times, but the same can't be said for the offense.
  18. He's been playing careless with the ball throughout the season, defenders have often not been able to punish it. More batted balls at the line than any time before, throwing balls into the back of your O-linemen's head, staring down guys from snap to throw, allowing coverage to know exactly where you're going with the ball... It's not like he just started the turnovers in GB, he was already doing that prior. Difference is he was able to balance that out a bit with positive drives & points. And just like with the COVID season, Josh plays best when he's absolved from so much pressure. When things are well, he can ride it & keep it going, but when he's in a slump, he forces things, gets desperate, then regresses on everything from reading defenses to going through progressions, to even bad mechanics...
  19. Defenders get paid too you know, they're not just there for looks. Sometimes they do their job & cover people... crazy, I know. In that situation, the right response isn't force a bad throw right into 2-3 defenders, it's throw it away or run. Josh also isn't looking for safety net/outlet passes underneath anymore, it's always press the issue even when there's zero chance it'll turn out well.
  20. Obviously we'll be back, but c'mon, don't act like everything is fine & this is just your usual tough loss. Our QB hasn't played well for nearly a month now. We're about to be THIRD in our division. People love to pretend Allen is on the same level as Mahomes, but he's just not. We're losing home field advantage once again, and we're all tired of this disappointment. Nobody is saying we won't make the playoffs, but c'mon, is a WC spot & going through Arrowhead AGAIN really going to make anyone happy?
  21. Don't even start with this... I don't want to hear blame on Frazier, Dorsey, McDermott, Gabe, Knox, Edmunds, etc etc etc... you know, all the usual shifting of blame. We had every opportunity to win it, and at each turn, Josh made costly mistakes. That simple, regardless of ANYTHING else. We're lucky the Packers were so bad, otherwise it'd be a 3 game losing skid, all with multiple INT games from Allen.
  22. Yep. The saddest part is seeing him regress so quickly too. 3 points all half until the final 40 second drive (after another turnover gives them a lead), only 3 points from Josh & the offense off turnovers (compared to the Vikings who scored every time), a redzone INT, and now an overtime INT to lose the game. This is 3 straight weeks with 2 x INT's, bad ones at that. He's rarely taking what the defense gives him, and consistently throwing dangerous passes into double/triple coverage. It's so sad to watch.
  23. This team's biggest flaw is also its biggest strength... Blow a 14 point lead, don't kick a FG to make it a 17 point lead, 3 points the entire 2nd half, poor decisions, 3 points off turnovers, several turnovers yourself.... Then drive the field in 41 seconds to send the game to OT. Why can't it ever be easy?! Oh, and F*** FOX! How do you drop the game your viewers have been watching for hours, just to catch the start of the Cowboys game?! 😡
  24. That was execution. He went for the pick instead of batting down the ball.
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