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  1. 3 straight plays after a 49 TD that was negated by a really lame penalty. And why do people whine after a win? Who's whining? But there's only about a million reasons you could criticize a team after a win... You should understand this by now. Remember those threads early in the year "Are people really upset we're 4-2?!" DERP. Yeah, people were rightfully calling out the obvious problems... the same problems so many on here were in straight denial over. Turns out there was cause for concern, and putting your head in the sand doesn't magically mean they don't exist. So McDermott almost blowing yet ANOTHER late lead ***IS*** cause for concern. Of course I'm happy the Bills won. Josh especially deserved it. But being saved by Toney's foot over the line isn't really cause for celebrating like things changed. We were lucky the refs cared this specific moment, otherwise those next 3 plays wouldn't even have happened.
  2. Look, we'd all be pissed too. Problem is the refs didn't know it was going to be an insane, perfectly executed TD when Toney was Offside. And it's not like it was an iffy call either. He was clearly past the ball. It's just a lame penalty to kill what would've been a hell of a play. With that said, I'd still be pretty upset if I were McDermott. Sure you're relieved they shot themselves in the foot, but you nearly blew yet ANOTHER close game where you had a lead in the final 2 minutes. Nothing you did saved the game. Toney saved the game. Hopefully next week you'll be better prepared. πŸ™
  3. It was driving me crazy that even after the free first down before the 2 minute warning, we wouldn't just ONCE run the ball to kill some clock. Cook was having great success, but they only gave him 2 more carries from the 3rd to 4th quarter? It's weird.
  4. Need more Cook. Just keep feeding him the ball, and for a breather, just let Josh run. Cook needs more than 8 carries.
  5. I really hope people start throwing it back in Nick's face that Herbert & "The Prince" haven't done as much as Josh had by the same points in their careers. He talked Herbert up all off-season prior to 2022, then quietly dropped it as he kept hyping up Trevor. Now Trevor is in year 3, and to match Josh, he has to finish runner up in MVP voting & lead his team to the AFCCG (both too late for Herbert). So if that hasn't happened, he should have people constantly remind him of that energy he held against Josh in year 3, 4 & 5, and do the same for them. But at least 49ers fans are realizing how stupid Nick can be once he decides he doesn't like a QB. His Purdy hate this year has put him on the Niners sh*t list πŸ˜†
  6. To be fair, that exact thing was what nearly ALL of our head coaching hires said throughout the entire drought... and I used to mock it all the way back to the day of the BBMB! Always talk oh this hard-nosed defense & physical run game to compliment a blue collar city like Buffalo. Always complete BS, basically saying "we know we don't have a QB & can't adapt to today's NFL." Remember, a lot of fans used to believe this narrative. They'd defend our passing offenses being stuck in the toilet each year, saying 300 yard games mean nothing, and eventually accepted the idea that the Bills HAD to be a defensive, grindy team.
  7. I feel like I need to remind everyone again - this is NOT the same Bills team from the last 3 years. Your faith in them is nice and all, but what have they done THIS SEASON that has earned this kind of trust? 6-6 record, 2-6 in one-score games, long stretches of pitiful offense, defense collapsing at the worst times, turnovers & penalties everywhere, and overall undisciplined football... Might as well predict the Colts or Browns are going to the Super Bowl. At least they're 7-5. This is not the 2020, 2021 or 2022 Bills. To suddenly think they'll magically make it to the AFC Championship Game (MINIMUM at that) suggests either severe mental health decline (understandable given how the Bills have wreaked havoc upon the fans this year) or heavy drug use πŸ˜‰
  8. Jay Remiersma was clutch. I don't remember if my nostalgia is clouding my judgement, but I always felt he was super underrated, and would've thrived with a better overall offense.
  9. At this rate, it'll be just like 2004 all over again. Making it to a win-and-in scenario, then somehow choking against the Dolphins backups or something. Please let me be wrong!!!
  10. 86.5% completions on 37 attempts is nuts, especially for a backup. Congrats to Browning on the win, though it's not exactly good for us.
  11. People need to understand this is not the same Bills team of years past. 4-1 or 5-0 was very realistic for those teams, but I'm not sure this group believes in themselves enough to do that. I don't blame them though, as it has to be disheartening to lose so many close games that came down to the wire. I hope the BYE got everyone on the same page.
  12. If we lose to KC, we fall to 3-6 in the conference, so we need to get over that hurdle first. Every other team we're fighting against already has a better record than us, but if we manage to catch up, they also have better conference records than us too. Browns: 5-3 Steelers: 5-3 Colts: 4-3 Texans: 4-3 Broncos: 3-4 The Broncos are the closest to our level, but they have a head-to-head win (another McD choke). If we can upset the Cheifs in Arrowhead for a 3rd straight year, then I'll look further ahead again. A loss to Dallas won't be the end of the world, but a loss to KC will require a lot of teams to fall apart ahead of us.
  13. I don't have any issue with benching him, it's just the length of time that bothers me. You want to take him out a drive, fine. But why continue that for multiple drives, and continously drag it out through entire games? The issues with Cook's drops & fumbles are often how inexplicably bad they can be. The guaranteed TD drop against Philly would make any coach want to pull their hair out. But continuing to pull him off & on each game just kills potential momentum & confidence. Josh also makes some bizarre INT's, but you wouldn't punish him by yanking him each mistake.
  14. I'd be down, and I'm not even on the fire McD bandwagon. Harbaugh has proven he can coach in the NFL, and what he was able to do with for Alex Smith's career and a QB like Kaepernick was nothing short of amazing. I imagine he'd be thrilled to see what he could do with a far superior talent at QB.
  15. I don't know what there is to address. You're preaching to the choir here. Bills fans are going to have Josh's back. But you aren't going to change the reputation he's earned with fans of other teams & most of the media. I spend way too much time on various NFL circles online, whether it be reddit, Twitter, YouTube comments, etc. & it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle against an overwhelming public opinion that he's a "turnover machine." This really became a big narrative last year, and week 1 of this season solidified it in many people's eyes. He's got to be the one that changes that perception now. Us Bills fans aren't convincing anyone.
  16. Don't worry guys, she was only pregnant. No big deal... 😰
  17. Sean McDermott, unless a very obvious upgrade is available. I know, faith in him has been lost, but things aren't guaranteed to get better just because he's gone. The Bills could just as easily become the next Chargers too. Despite all that talent & having a star QB, they crap it away every year with even worse coaching than ours. 13 seconds sucks, but so does losing a game after being up 27-0 and snagging 5 turnovers by half time. And it's not like the Chargers are as bad as it can get either. The Cardinals thought they were on the upswing with a franchise QB, and since then have only suffered setback after setback, firing their coach, dealing with injuries & a bottom feeder in the division. Another thing we tend to forget is that the Bills aren't the only team making moves to improve each off season. 13-3 plus all the additions... that means even BETTER results! Not quite. When everybody else is improving even more dramatically, you get left behind. Yes, I'm not the biggest McDermott fan right now either. But I'm also not ready to start up the coaching carousel again, especially when the Pegula's also hired Rex Ryan. Or maybe I'm just a chicken like McDermott & am afraid of the unknown 🀣
  18. Happy birthday Stefon! Hope you retire a Bill, but best of luck if you decide to leave.
  19. Beats me, I'm a homer, so I desperately wanted Mahomes the previous year. But whether it was Mahomes in 2017 or Josh the next year, I had zero faith in the Bills to develop a QB properly. I had no idea either would turn out so good. I was basically the only Bills fan in Lubbock, so I selfishly wanted to see the whole city jump on the Bills bandwagon.
  20. Fair enough, and I agree that some schools just don't produce good prospects at certain positions. I went to Texas Tech, and until Mahomes, we were known for "system QBs" that only could play in air raid offenses, then flame out in the NFL πŸ˜†
  21. Weren't Tua & Hurts both at Alabama at one point? Seems they turned out alright. And yes, I know Hurts transfered to Oklahoma πŸ˜…
  22. A win vs KC would go a long way in boosting this team's confidence, but I'm worried there's not a lot of confidence going into the game. Thankfully, this team seems to always want to prove themselves against the Chiefs, so this may be the last chance to turn things around. People give the Dolphins crap for only beating teams with losing records, but that just means they always beat who they SHOULD beat. If the Bills could've just done that, we wouldn't be in this situation right now πŸ˜•
  23. I don't think age is an issue. He's 29. The top 2 WRs right now are the same age or older. Tyreek Hill (1,300+ yards) - 29 (1st) Keenan Allen (1,100+ yards) - 31 (2nd) Davante Adam's (800+ yards) - 30 Mike Evans (850+ yards) - 30 Then you have the younger guys: Ceedee Lamb (1,050+ yards) - 24 AJ Brown (1,050 yards) - 26 Amon-Ra St Brown (950+ yards) - 26 Diggs is right in the middle. I really don't think it's age.
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