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  1. Excuse me sir, I don't let facts get in the way of hating on Brady! 😀 Now get out of here & don't come back (unless the facts support my Brady hate)!
  2. As long as Brady keeps benefiting from the calls, we can all sleep well at night πŸ™ƒ
  3. C'mon Stef, hook your uncle up with a real phone! He's out there with some Wal-Mart prepaid s*** πŸ˜…
  4. Remember when people used to defend lack of 300 yard passing games or Tyrod's 60 yard outings? πŸ˜… It's a passing league, & clearly a sign of a competent offense. Now here we are talking about one of OUR QBs possibly breaking 5000 yards! Oh how the times have changed 😁
  5. Side Note: Mods - please don't lock this thread or ban the OP! This needs to stay open until at least week 9! Also, it's guaranteed to be comedy gold 🀣
  6. It was obviously both. To succeed in the NFL, a lot has to go right & fall into the place. It was Josh. It was Daboll. It was McDermott. It was Diggs. It was Beasley. It was Jordan Palmer. All these guys (and many more) were invaluable to Josh's development & growth. Who were the only successful QB's from that 2018 draft? Allen & Lamar. Who were the only QB's with the same OC for most of their careers? Allen & Lamar. Granted, Greg Roman didn't take over as the actual OC until 2019 (the year Lamar won MVP), but he was already on staff as Assistant HC in 2017/2018. But to this day, I still give the most credit to Allen's own work ethic & commitment. He's basically the anti-Kyler Murray. He knew he was raw, knew what his weaknesses were, knew he could improve, & dedicated all his efforts into doing so. With that being said, he deserves the most credit.
  7. Oh for sure, I agree with you 100% I'm just saying they should've bit the bullet earlier, & that $850 million would've gone a lot further, coupled with the money not spent on renovations.
  8. Just think of the extra money they'd have saved if they didn't keep putting band-aids on the Ralph & actually invested in a new stadium when it was semi-affordable. Vikings: US Bank Stadium - $1.23 Billion (2021 dollars) Colts: Lucas Oil Stadium - $907.6 million Cardinals: State Farm Stadium - $612.3 million Cowboys: AT&T Stadium - $1.64 Billion Texans: NRG Stadium - $530.2 million Falcons: Mercedes-Benz Stadium - $1.69 Billion I'd say the sweet spot would've been around the last renovations deal, investing in a stadium like the Vikings' US Bank Stadium. It broke ground around the same time, and even with inflation cost just over $1.2 billion. Even with higher costs in NY compared to Minnesota, factor in all the costs spent on renovations & you're probably still coming out ahead. Oh well, coulda-woulda-shoulda!
  9. Because Romo is one of, if not the smartest guy in the business. Just look at this clip - literally predicted what kind of game it would be and the EXACT score at the beginning of the game -
  10. All I want to say is: VON MILLER DIFFERENCE IS REAL! 2 crucial sacks, 4 tackles, guy was a major asset today! 😁
  11. This game highlighted once again that CMC would not fix the glaring short yardage problem. Run blocking was improved this week, but CMC doesn't help improve that area.
  12. I don't care what anyone says, Elam is a huge liability. He can get a pick every now & then, but he's still too green to cover anybody well
  13. Another embarrassing outing by the defense. The decision to squib was also dumb overthinking. It took 2 seconds off the clock & gave them way better field position.
  14. See McKenzie - that's what you do when a ball hits you on the hands!
  15. Bills offense = 3 redzone trips, 0 TD's Allen fumble FG McKenzie trips over himself, turnover on downs. Definitely rising to the challenge today...
  16. Wow. Seems to be the only thing I can say this game. This team is crumbling under the pressure.
  17. How? Benford obviously held, and it was the right call. If anything, we got lucky since they got called for a hold too. Either way, an "elite" defense shouldn't be such a pushover on 3rd & long.
  18. This defense has been soft on 3rd & long for EVERY team. It's been a reoccurring theme for a couple years now.
  19. That was embarrassing, on every level. Wow. I hope they replay that absolute stupidity back for them a million times when reviewing film. And yes, I'm salty πŸ˜…
  20. This is a game where all those dumb turnovers come back to bite you. Can't be so careless with the ball. McKenzie wasn't even looking
  21. So they average about 15 less yards, & basically everything else is the same. That's nice, but it's hardly indicative of some huge success figuring out TE's. And we all know Kelce is just a different kind of TE anyway. One of the best pass-catching TE's in history, just under Tony Gonzales, Jason Witten & Gronk (Chiefs are so lucky to have had 2 of those guys), and he's been great against us. 2020: Reg. Season - 5 rec / 65 yards / 2 TD's Playoffs - 13 rec / 118 yards / 2 TD's 2021: Reg. Season - 6 rec / 57 yards / 1 TD Playoffs - 8 rec / 96 yards / 1 TD So I guess we can be happy we cut his TD's down from 2 x game to 1 x game! But realistically, Kelce will likely get his. We just have to hope others don't step up & that we can at least make it difficult for him in the redzone.
  22. You might not have a lot of people on this particular corner of the internet agreeing with you, but I don't think it's a weird take at all. It's why you see fans of many other teams enjoy watching both Allen & Mahomes so much, even more so when they're competing against each other. I can't "hate" Mahomes either. I went to Texas Tech when he was the QB, I desperately advocated for him & wanted the Bills to draft him in 2017, and then he went on to become one of the most exciting QB's to ever play in the league. He's not disrespectful, he's a good community guy, he always gives back to Lubbock & Tech, and has a good relationship with Josh too. But hey, all is well that ends well! We got our guy, he developed into a franchise player, & now is the only player spoken of in the same breath as Mahomes. Not Rodgers, not Brady, not Burrow, not Lawrence... just Allen & Mahomes! 😁 So instead, I direct my hate towards the Chiefs as a team & other players who are openly cocky (like Tyreek was). Or I just point my anger towards his idiot younger brother (who even seems to annoy Patrick) 🀣
  23. 100% agree. Sure, it's inevitable we'll have some bad calls against us, but even the best teams get that (like the Chiefs last week with that awful roughing the passer call against them). And if they're going for the handsy, illegal contact stuff against the Chiefs this week, I hope they put it to good use against Kelce. He alone can make it a long day for the defense if they don't make it hard on him from the onset.
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