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  1. Idiots lol, im cool with it though 👍👍 He wants 45 😂😂😂😂 Time for a QB salary cap, it will be impossible to field a winning team with them hogging all the money.
  2. Sports babe was awesome, great to listen to and it was not her voice. She really knew how to do a talk show, ahh the 90s good times.
  3. the callers are the worst, i usually fast forwarded through them and add in the huge amount of commercials and i could blaze through the show in an hr and half 👍👍
  4. Wood be Friggin awesome didn't think about him. Have sal replace Dopp and GR would be much better.W
  5. Wish i knew it was his last day, i quit listening when they took them off MSG ( to which they could have still aired it on there as audio , like i want to watch old hockey games )
  6. Yes!! And no. i liked Murphy but he could be a homer, glad he is doing the games and he can do more of the retirement life, im happy for him. Chris Brown rocks he is always excellent on the show and calls it like it is. Maddy isnt bad she's just not great (yet) . Really would have preferred Sal, him and Brown who know their football would have put the show over the top. im assuming Tasker got canned as well. Now they just need to get rid of Dopp and Lapdog .
  7. hell no draft spots are earned by records not some criteria based on racial quotas. Coaching needs to earned as well ,cant just get a job because your a minority. There are tons of minority coaches as coordinators and position coaches, they will get their chance when the time comes.
  8. Not a fan of her sports illustrated photos, they clearly made her lose weight, made ass and boobs flat.
  9. Apparently not,found her by accident
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