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  1. I'm worried about this game but then again I worry about EVERY game. Living down here in Cincy and the Bengals being my 2nd favorite team I think this is a great match-up for the Bills: * The Bengals have a damaged O-line. And even when healthy it isn't very good. In a loud stadium the Bengals are going to struggle to hit the big pass down field to Boyd & Ross as I suspect Dalton will be running for his life. Sure they'll hit a couple of big plays but I don't see them driving it the length of the field much. * The Bengals defense has regressed over the last couple of years their D-line & Secondary are solid but not great. Their LB's are terrible. Slow and bad tacklers. Preston Brown is struggling big time. I see Beasley and our TE's having big games on Sunday. Beasley could be looking at a 10 reception type game. Allen could do some damage running the ball . We may see him go on a couple of 15 - 20 yard runs. * Another factor to consider is that Manning was actually a tough QB for our D to face. He has a wicked quick release and he was getting the ball out fast which frustrated our pass rush. Dalton relies more on hitting the deep pass so we should be able to get some sacks & a lot of pressures in a noisy Rich Stadium. My prediction is Bills win 34 - 17.
  2. But it's more then it should be. When we drafted Allen, the detractors, and there was a sizable minority of them among the Bills posting fan base, claimed that he would be a bust and NEVER be a starting caliber QB. Then after he showed flashes of excellence during the first half of last season the number of folks claiming he would be a bust declined but not by a lot. Then after he showed solid growth in his game after the injury the detractors still harped on Allen's accuracy & decision making "issues". Allen gave us good reason to be optimistic about his being a franchise QB with the way he closed out last season. Sure, he was still a work in progress but the persistent negativism & pickiness of the Allen detractors got old during the off season. Hell we had 20 page arguments about the definition of "accuracy" as the Allen haters, and yes they come across as haters, analyzed every throw he made. Frankly it got silly. Now after a strong off season by the Bills upgrading the offense and a strong training camp & pre-season by Allen we had a reason to be optimistic about Allen going into the season. And after the first two games our optimism has been reinforced. I just think the time has come to get behind Allen. Constructive criticism is fine and makes for a better message board but the assessment of Allen by the haters is just annoying. It doesn't add anything to the discussion IMO. Oh and for the record GunnerBill I love your takes on Allen. Your tough but fair and since I can be overly optimistic you point out stuff that I don't see or appreciate. This allows me to temper my optimism with some realism.
  3. It appears that Allen is now working under the new "perfection" criteria where QB's are judged harshly if EVERY throw isn't perfect. I need to know where the hell this insanity come from? It sure didn't come from watching the NFL.
  4. My goodness this is the very definition of DEPRESSED! I would love to see the Bills go to 4 straight Super Bowl games again before I die. Hell going to another SB would be awesome. And even if they lose every one I'm laying in my coffin with a smile on my face.
  5. I could have sworn Allen "cleaned it up" in the 4th quarter last week. You know the quarter where he was on fire leading the Bills to two 80+ yard TD drives to win the game! Details & context matter.
  6. You mean a defense like the Raiders that Mahomes chewed up yesterday? Now that was an elite secondary. The Bills play who they play. And don't lose hope, I'm sure a couple of defenses will shut Allen down and make him look like the inexperienced 2nd year project QB that he is. But then again just like you want to see Allen against better defenses I would love to see Allen with the Rams or Chiefs skill players! We can all play the glass is half empty/half full game.
  7. I agree 100%. It's the eye test baby and Allen passes that one. My guess is all this numbers stuff is a natural reaction by human beings who want to control every situation. It's in our genetics. Football is a violent, chaotic game that is also tightly controlled and planned out. It really is a form of "war" carried out in a much less fatal environment. Analyzing the numbers gives us a false confidence that we actually can predict events. Clearly there is a place in football for statistical analysis. And yes such analysis can provide insight into players and teams. But they're are over analyzing things; particularly for Allen. I mean EVERY SINGLE PASS he throws is critiqued. This isn't the Olympic Diving Championships! Hell some of the biggest plays a QB makes is when they throw it up for grabs and a WR comes down with a 50 yard TD!
  8. I agree about there being a different feeling. Just contrast the first 2 games from this season to last season. Sure the Jets/Giants aren't as good as the Ravens/Chargers but people were seriously arguing at this point last season that the Bills couldn't beat Alabama! First, the defense is elite. While we've had a good defense the last two seasons over the last 20 years we've had some awful defenses. IMO having a great defense provides a foundation that makes you think you can win every game and beat the big boys. Second, Allen looks to be a step above the QB's we've had here since Kelly. It's not the numbers that convince but the demeanor, leadership and stunning plays that this guy makes. He appears to be a clutch player which is worth it's weight in gold for a QB. Allen also has a short memory, essential for great QB's & DB's. Think about last years Miami game where he threw a bad pick 6 to allow the Dolphins to tie the game right before halftime then comes out to lead a long TD drive at the start of the 3rd quarter. Even better was his 4th quarter performance against the Jets. This was after the 1st 3 quarters where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Third, from the ownership to the GM to the head coach and coaching staff there appears to be a plan. They don't seem like they're winging it as they to often did before.
  9. I didn't have a problem with what the Bills did I was just pointing out that they seemed to down shift the offense in the 3rd quarter and this was by design. I also believe that it will come back to bite them in the ass at some point. But over the course of an entire season this type of strategy, given how good the defense is, will probably lead to more wins then losses. And even though they were still throwing the ball they seemed to do it more out of 2 TE sets with a FB and it didn't seem like they were using their whole playbook. And as others have pointed out the Bills O got sloppy in the 3rd quarter with a dropped pass and a couple of false start penalties. But I'm fine with this while at the same time I was frustrated by it as well. Like I posted earlier - my heart says keep the pedal to the metal while my head says the Bills managed the game in the right way.
  10. It may not be impressive from an NFL standpoint but the fact that Allen is the first one to have seven straight 200 yard games passing since Kelly in 1992 is pretty amazing. That's 27 years. It also says two things: * Allen is starting to establish himself as a true heir to Jim Kelly. Whether you're talking about his 4th quarter come back wins or this streak of 200 yard passing games, he's showing us that he may be the guy. * This streak also highlights just how futile the Bill's QB'ing has been over the last 25 years. A flash here and there but very little consistency. Dare we hope?
  11. My first expectation is that Allen leads us to a WIN. That has happened two weeks in a row. If he does that he's already flirting with an A. My second expectation is that he's clutch. Sure a QB can complete a couple of nice passes at the end of the half that take their team from the 15 yard line to midfield then the half is over. Or on 3rd & 20 a QB can throw a beautiful 17 yard pass. But that's not clutch, that's just numbers. Clutch is taking his team on a 98 yard drive to break the game open. Allen gets a lot of credit for making some terrific throws on a drive that I kept saying "let's at least get the ball out to the 30 so we can get a good punt off". That TD drive was way more important then everything the O didn't do in a lethargic 3rd quarter. Clutch was Allen leading the Bills on a long 4th quarter TD drive after the Giants had cut the lead to 7. The key play was an amazing scramble & throw by Allen. In fact Allen's play in both 4th quarters, on the road, has been outstanding and the very definition of clutch.
  12. But a lot of receivers catch that ball GunnerBill. I'll wait for the replay's but I thought it was a good throw under the circumstances.
  13. It's going to depend on the game situation. If they're locked in a shoot out with Brady and up by two scores in the 3rd they'll need to keep attacking. But today they were confident that Eli & the Giants were not going to score on any 2 minute 75 yard drives. As a fan I'm not thrilled with that type of thinking but then again I watch these games with my heart NOT my head. Fortunately for all of us the coaches use a little more of their brains in managing these games.
  14. My grade is an A for the simple reason that we won and like last week he was instrumental in our victory. The offensive explosion in the late 1st/2nd quarter was all Allen. The 98 yard drive was as beautiful as it was improbable. Sure the 3rd quarter sucked and that was a combination of by design and some sloppy play by the offense. But when the Bills needed Allen to come through he did leading a masterful TD drive in the 4th to seal the win. Looking only at his numbers he gets a B+ but taking into account his clutch play when we needed it most (98 yard TD drive and 4th quarter TD drive) and the fact that the Bills won he gets an A+. So by averaging a B+ & A+ I get an A. Now that's my kind of analytics!
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