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  1. I did the same. My reasoning was that I think Allen will rise to be a top 3 QB for the next 5 - 10 years. Burrow will rise to be a top 5 QB over that time.
  2. Aikman and Buck were unprofessional last night. The point where Aikmans bias came into play was when Diggs dropped the perfectly placed deep ball by Allen in the back of the end zone. He sort of threw out how Diggs usually routinely makes that type of catch but no comment on Allen's accuracy there. Given that last season Allen would not have been able to place a long pass on Diggs hands at the back of an end zone it would have been a good time for Aikman to have noted that. That throw was an example of how much Allen has improved. In fact when the Fox graphics crew threw up that stunning chart looking at Allen's first 16 games passing stats and his last 16 game state line it disproved EVERYTHING Aikman had said. It was clear from the data in that chart that Allen was overcoming any accuracy issues he may have had at Wyoming. I'll take Tony Romo any day over Aikman as an NFL color analyst.
  3. There was a guy down here in Cincinnati named Kenny Anderson who was more accurate then Aikman.
  4. To answer your question the answer is HELL NO. A win is a win no matter how you get it. However the only way we win that game even if we do get the fumble is if the O uses up all the remaining time in that drive and we score with less then 10 seconds left.
  5. I can't argue with this. Feliciano can't get back soon enough.
  6. If I was a Dolphins fan I would like this move. If Tua hits the ground running like Burrow & Herbert have he has a chance to lead the fish to the playoffs in his rookie season. If he struggles but gets better as the season plays out that's still good for Miami even if they miss the payoffs. As an aside if I'm a NE fan I'm getting nervous that my elite program is about to crash and burn for years. My coach is real old and not getting any younger. Newton is not the answer and I'm not getting a top 10 pick. And if the Jets can close the deal and lock up the #1 pick the AFC East will have Allen, Tua & Lawrence. Can yous say last place finishes for the foreseeable Patriot future.
  7. In a weird way that's why I'm not as down after these last 2 losses as I thought I would be. I understand that coulda, woulda, shoulda is ultimately a losing game. But in previous years you really couldn't say with a straight face that had a couple of things bounced differently the result would have been different. The Bills mostly sucked over the last 2 decades. I takes a good team to be in games where 2 or 3 different bounces of the ball would have made all the difference in the outcome.
  8. They can if they get consistent pressure with just rushing 4 D linemen. Allen took a beating last night. It reminded me of the Bengals games I watch down here where Joe Burrow is treated like a pinata. And to be clear Allen was off at times. But if Allen is a bit off whether due to the weather conditions or he's just not having a good day the Bills have nothing to fall back on. Their best players on offense are the QB and the WR's. Arguably the Bills are bottom 5 at TE & RB. I know Shaw66 likes Moss & Singleterry but I'm not sold. Neither seems to have great speed or power. And while Singleterry can be elusive neither have showed great pass route running or pass catching ability.
  9. But Mahomes also missed some easy passes last night. Twice he badly missed a wide open Kelce that would have gone for huge yardage and maybe even a TD on the 2nd miss. The first one was over Kelsey's head and on the 2nd one Kelsey made a spectacular catch. Mahomes also threw a ball that should have been picked by Norman and his fumble to kick off the 3rd quarter should have been recovered by the Bills. The damn ball sat on the ground for 5 seconds as the Bill's D-linemen danced with the KC blockers.
  10. Fair enough. The Diggs throw though should have been a TD and it would have been on every Allen season highlight film. That ball dropped right into Diggs hands over the DB and he got both knees down at the back of the end zone. That throw and the accurate toss to Brown off the flea flicker were passes that Allen could not make in 2018 and 2019.
  11. First off Allen attempted 3 long passes last night. He was badly off on one but the other two were perfectly placed balls with Diggs dropping one at the back of the end zone and Brown having the ball knocked away by a great defensive play by the KC DB. I'll take accurately throwing 2 out of 3 deep balls all day long. Sure Allen started off badly with back to back poor throws. Then on 3rd & 10 he escaped a fierce pass rush to make a great throw for a first down that brown dropped. Drops happen but to call out Allen's first 2 bad throws and not mention his great 3rd throw is an example of the often biased discussions of his performance on TBD. And to call the missed throw to Singleterry an "easy throw" is just plain wrong IMO. Allen was running for his life. Under that level of pressure there are no easy throws. And as others have mentioned Allen may have been thinking that Singleterry was going to run to the end zone there.
  12. I suspect a good part of this is due to the 10 - 1 record of our opponents the last 2 weeks and to the possibility that the NFL has learned we can't run the football and our TE's represent no viable threat downfield. Especially when Knox is out. Last night BOTH defensive schemes and the weather largely took out the high octane passing attacks of both teams. So that means you better be able to lean on your running game and short passing attack. Last night when you look at the production for our RB/TE's versus the Chiefs a disturbing pattern develops: Chiefs RB production = 35 carries for 204 yards & 1 TD Bills RB production = 15 carries for 42yards Chiefs TE & RB receiving production = 11 catches for 90 yards & 2 TD's Bills TE & RB receiving production = 2 catches for 20 yards Total production for the Chiefs = 46 touches for 294 yards& 3 TD's Total production for the Bills = 17 touches for 62 yards & no TD's You can blame this lack of production on Allen if you want and some will. But I prefer to believe my lying eyes which tell me we don't have the horses at RB or TE to do what KC did last night.
  13. If you are right and Allen is half way between his first 4 games and the last 2 then he is a top 10 QB. If accuracy was such a fixed constant then how could Allen be over 70% through his first 4 games? And he was at or near the top of the NFL in average yards per attempt while doing that. I could buy a hopelessly inaccurate QB getting lucky for a game or two but not 4 in a row. And don't forget that the Bills led the NFL in drops through those 4 games. Last night was a classic weather game that causes a drop in most QB's accuracy. Mahomes was accurate because he is the best QB in the NFL, faced one of the worst defenses in the NFL and his team has the horses to execute a pounding rushing attack and short passing game. This last bit requires a dominating TE and RB. We have neither. If you look at Allen's accuracy it's gotten substantially better his last 17 games versus his first 16 games. Ditto for the number of TD throws and the reduction in his INT's. That's a pretty decent sample size. But the reality is that Allen isn't there yet. We hoped that he could keep up the pace of the first 4 games. Obviously that's not going to happen. But by the end of this year we'll see a QB that has improved greatly from last year. Next year is the year the Bills make their move. The goal for this year is to have the young guys keep improving and to win the division. Anything more is icing on the cake.
  14. To say Allen hasn't played well against good teams is to forget he played very well against LA & LV and pretty darn well against TN. For sure Allen was off last night but I counted at least 4 drops including one that should have been a 45 yard TD pass to Diggs. Allen attempted 3 deep passes yesterday and he was accurate on 2 of them. The first was a great play by the Chiefs DB to deflect away a great deep ball to Brown by Allen. The 2nd was the Diggs drop at the back of the end zone of a perfectly placed Allen throw. Allen did miss his 3rd deep ball by a lot. To claim that the weather didn't impact Mahomes negatively is to not have watched the game last night. Until that 40 yard strike late in the game to a WR most of his completions were to his TE's and RB's. These are position groups that are way below average for the Bills - particularly when Knox is out. Just look at the difference in production between the Bills & Chiefs RB's & TE's: Chiefs RB Rushing yards = 35 carries for 204 yards & 1 TD Bills RB Rushing yards = 15 carries for 42 yards Chiefs RB & TE catches/receiving yards = 11 catches for 90 yards & 2 TD's Bills RB & TE catches/receiving yards = 2 catches for 20 yards That's 46 touches for 294 yards & 3 TD's versus 17 touches for 62 yards and no TD's. And this was on a night where the weather conditions and defensive game plans of BOTH teams schemed to take away the WR pass. The problem seems to be clear to me and Allen is the least of it. And don't forget Mahomes should have lost a fumble and been picked by Norman in the 3rd quarter. How much different the game and our opinion of how players performed in it would be if those two things had went the Bills way. That fumble sat on the ground for a good 5 seconds. Where the hell was the DL?
  15. As others have noted we got smaller and less physical on the D-line compared to last year and it shows on the field. Oliver is the key. We talk about what a disaster missing on Allen would be and IMO we haven't as Allen is a franchise QB. But we used a #7 pick on Allen and we used I believe a #9 pick for Oliver in 2019. A top 10 pick has to produce or it's a real problem. So far Oliver has under performed and that has got to change. One other point, how much of the LB's problems are tied to a D-line that can't occupy the opponents O-line allowing them to release and blast our LB's?
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