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  1. It's March, PFF needs the clicks. And if ever an organization personified the idea of "garbage in, garbage out" it's PFF. Try doing this mind game - do you think that the Jags would trade Minshew for Allen? I think they would do it in a heartbeat.
  2. Yes I did. And it was to point out how wrong your original comment was. I never said that CMC or any RB in the history of the NFL could on their own win a team championships. Even a QB doesn't have that power. My point was that an elite RB like CMC could be the difference maker that propels an otherwise good team to a championship. And if you don' think that Barry Sanders could have lifted any number of good teams to a championship back in the day then you haven't watched Sanders play.
  3. But Henry is a RB and he carried his team. And CMC has proven over the last 2 seasons that he can be an every play, between the tackles RB. Sure he's not a DH in size but overall he's a better RB IMO. Detroit never won a lot of games with Sanders at RB but that doesn't change the fact that if the Lions had traded Sanders away to a playoff level team he would have probably been the reason that team won a SB or two. I see McCaffrey as a Thurman Thomas type & caliber of RB. If there was one RB in the NFL I would give up 2 first round picks for it's this guy. He's a hard worker, "process" type of guy who brings great talent & versatility to the field. Put him on a team with other offensive talent and like Thurman he can be a dominating player who takes a team to the next level.
  4. Maybe. And for sure that's the conventional wisdom in the current NFL. But what put TN in the conference championship game? A RB. And back in the day RB's could take a game over and will their teams to championships. The Bills do not go to 4 straight SB's without Thomas. And CMC is on Thurman's level. And keep in mind that we pick #22 this year and with CMC we would likely be picking AFTER that next year. So it's not like we're giving away lottery draft picks. Again I don't see McBean doing this but God help us if NE or Miami or KC or Pitt or Denver does it. Because as sure as the sun rises in the east it will make our path to the SB harder.
  5. First off CMC is that good. Those who think Singleterry is on the same level are fooling themselves. Keep in mind that CMC has stayed HEALTHY through THREE NFL seasons in spite of all his touches. And while I like Singleterry my knock on him was that he didn't exactly make a lot happen as a pass catching RB. Think about the 6 yrd gain off an Allen pass against Cleveland late. Throw that same pass to CMC and you probably can add 10 yards to the total and we win the game. It was very rare that CMC was tackled by one guy in open space. Go and watch CMC's highlights and then get back to me about whether Singleterry is even close to his level. CMC made catches that would impress the best WR's in the game. And while this is a classic off season discussion (to much time on our hands) at the Panthers Reddit there are at least THREE different threads talking about Carolina's new ownership maybe letting CMC go. As for what he would be worth to the Bills? I think that bringing in a guy like CMC could put us over the top and into a conference championship and maybe even the SB. CMC was deadly running the read option with Newton and he would be just as dangerous running it with Allen. CMC also averaged 5 yards per carry with a lot of that coming between the tackles. And I think CMC & Singleterry could be complimentary to each other. The guy is evidently a gym rat who is likely to stay in prime health for another 3 - 5 years. Now do I think Carolina would let him go and we would pick him up? No. But it's fun speculating and over in Panther country they're terrified at the possibility of losing one of the most exciting players in the NFL.
  6. This is the core reason we continue to have negative articles about Allen. This is also why so called "experts" continue to over analyze Allen looking for every little flaw as vindication for what they said when he got drafted. In many ways their professional reputations depend on Allen sucking. To overcome this Allen will have to produce on the order of what Mahomes produced which is not going to happen with the Bill's current offensive talent. Allen IMO is already a solid NFL QB. He has much to work on but there is no reason based on his last 2 seasons to think he doesn't have the capacity and will to keep improving. We know for a fact that his floor has risen substantially since he was drafted and his ceiling still remains very high.
  7. If we or any team other then Baltimore and maybe SF had taken Jackson they very well could be looking for a new QB. Jackson would have struggled in a conventional offense. I give full credit to the Ravens organization for going all in on Lamar. I doubt McD & Dabold would have done the same with Jackson.
  8. IMO Allen was placed in as bad or even worse position then Rosen. I'm not sure why a number of posts on this thread are saying Rosen came into a worse situation then Allen. Rosen got more reps with the Cards first team in training camp and the preseason then Allen did and the offensive talent around Rosen was as good and maybe a bit better then what the Bills put around Allen. Bottom line is that while I like Beane & McD, the Bills organization did not distinguish itself in its handling of Allen then the Cards did in their handling of Rosen.
  9. I don't agree. I can think of 5 - 10 events having NOTHING to do with Allen's "decision making" that cost us that game. In fact the only example of a bad decision by Allen that negatively impacted the game was the big sack he took in the 4th quarter. Oh and bad decisions that had very little effect on the game, like throwing deep to DeMarco or trying to lateral to Knox, don't count because in the grand scheme of things they didn't impact the game like: * A couple of key dropped passes in the 1st half which if they had been caught likely lock up the game by halftime. * A missed block in OT that likely prevented us from winning the game. * Allowing a 3rd & 18 conversion on what was essentially a check down pass. * Failing to wrap-up and make a sack on 3rd & long on the Texans game winning FG drive. There are others but you get the point. As the article points out Allen is still a work in progress and there are things he needs to work on and get better at. But to claim that his poor decision making cost us the playoff game is just plain wrong.
  10. For those of us who have used statistics to analyze all sorts of things your sentence in bold pretty much invalidates everything these guys have done. This is so inappropriate at so many levels it begs the question of PFF's basic understanding of statistics. For those of us who use statistics in our everyday work it's hard to understand how groups like PFF deal with the enormous number of variables involved in each individual play. Football suffers from having the most variables per play of any sport while having very small sample sizes. So I struggle with how effectively they can apply "analytics" in assessing QB play. So it's reasonable for anyone experienced with using statistics to study complex processes to wonder how they deal with such a chaotic system like football . But when they employ FICTIONAL results in their analysis my skepticism skyrockets and it's hard not to feel like they've jumped the shark.
  11. ***** = scum sucking, low life, mathematics challenged, dimwits. As an aside, the fact that Allen did not throw a 4th quarter INT or a red zone INT is impressive as hell. And as others have said this fact alone renders the entire PFF notion of "turnover worthy plays" to be hot garbage.
  12. But what a year! Simply put Joe Burrow had the single greatest season at QB in the 150 year history of college football. And it's not close. * 60 TD passes and only 6 INT's * Over 6,000 total yards. * SEC title, College Football Championship and Heisman trophy winner. And Burrow accomplished this playing arguably the toughest schedule in college football history. His biggest games also came against the best competition in the most important games. And for the record Burrow had a solid season in 2018 which was his first as a starting QB. In fact check out his games from late in that season, particularly the New Years Day Bowl game against #6 CFU (4 TD passes) and you'll see Burrow was flashing signs of what was to come in 2019. Burrow did not have a bad game in 2019 - that's 15 games. In fact Burrow did not have a bad half this past season.
  13. I'm thinking that Allen choked a bit in the 4th quarter as the Texans cut the Bills lead. And this isn't surprising in the least given that it was Allen's FIRST playoff game and it was on the road to boot. I think we tend to underestimate just how damaging the defense giving up that 75 yard TD drive AND a 2 point conversion really was. All of a sudden the game goes from the Bills having a commanding lead to a one score contest. At that point Allen tries to do to much, fumbles and he's clearly shaken. What I like though is that he got his act together late and led us to a tying FG and was driving us towards the winning score in OT. Allen played well, if a bit chaotic, in those last 2 drives. And this was in spite of being on the road in front of a fired up crowd. IMO Allen acquitted himself well under the circumstances in that playoff game.
  14. It might be cheaper to just get Stafford's skill players. I saw some nice plays by the WR's on the video.
  15. A couple of thoughts here: * The Lions could do a lot worse then Stafford at QB. Frankly he is good enough to win them a Super Bowl if their coach & GM can fix the rest of the team. The Lions issues are NOT about their QB. Hell, TN made it to the AFC Championship game with Tannyhill at QB and the 49's made it to the Super Bowl with Jimmy G - both of whom are inferior to Stafford IMO. * If the Bills brought Stafford to Buffalo I would probably stop being a fan. Such a move would be so insane that I would question investing time & money into the Bills. The idea that this move wouldn't screw up Allen AND bust the Bills salary cap on a position they already are good at makes such a move absurd on the face of it. Luckily the Bills are 100% certain NOT to do this. * I think there are some Bills fans that just like to have a QB controversy. They're only happy when they can scream "put Marrangi in" if the QB isn't playing perfect. * The ONLY place that would benefit from the Bills signing Stafford would be 2BD as traffic would explode and the number of threads would increase exponentially!
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