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  1. Not true. Given that it was a divisional round playoff game and a Bills win would have had them playing in their 2nd straight AFC championship game that loss, entirely on the coaching staff, is worth 10 regular season losses (which is equal to about 2 full Bills seasons over the last 4 years).
  2. Yep and if we're going to knock Allen for all those short TD runs consider these stats: * Allen's average TD run was 5.5 yards. * 4 of Allen's 15 TD runs were 10 or more yards. * 7 of Allen's 15 TD runs were 6 or more yards. * 12 of Mahomes 27 TD passes were less then 5 yards. * 21 of Mahomes 27 TD passes were less then 10 yards. So can we put to rest the idea that Allen's rushing TD's were tush push gimmes while Mahomes was throwing all these medium & long TD passes.
  3. I can not rap my mind aroudn this last sentence. What evidence do you have that Allen doesn't take the game seriously? This is an astonishing thing to post.
  4. As Ddaryl noted TO's have not been a problem for Allen in the playoffs. They have not contributed significantly to even one of the Bills/Allen's 5 playoff losses. Sure, in the regular season Allen has a relatively high number of TO's but it's obvious from the results that his TD producton more then compensates. Consider that over the last four regular seasons Allen has: * a 48 - 12 record. * led the Bills to 4 Division titles * Earned a #2 seed in 3 of those 4 seasons and had #3 seed in the 4th season. So his regular season results have been excellent in spite of his high number of TO's. Now you can say that had Allen had fewer TO's during the regular season the Bills may have had a couple of bye weeks & #1 seeds. But that doesn't seem to have helped Lamar Jackson out has it?
  5. Disagree. You assume that they are appropriately weighing the correct metric (TO's) here. The fact that they have given two MVP's to one of the least successful active playoff QB's out there tells me that they aren't valuing what is truly important in awarding an MVP.
  6. I strongly disagree, Allen's mistakes are not the "primary reason he doesn't have at least one MVP or a SB ring".
  7. And don't forget that Allen performed at this level on a bitterly cold night with the temp around 5 degrees.
  8. And don't forget Curtis Samuel who over the last two seasons playing for bad QB's on a bad Washington team had a total of 126 receptions for 1269 yards and 8 TD's. He also rushed for 226 yards with 2 TD's in those two seasons. Samuel is likely to be very productive in this offense with Allen feeding him the ball.
  9. Yep but it is galling to have to defend Allen on a Bills message board from the constant attacks that a small minority of posters throw out there.
  10. Gee, everyone knows, or at least those with Josh Allen Derangement Syndrome, that working out with your receivers in March/April is way more useful then doing it in July with training camp right around the corner!
  11. Nice job but to be fair if you're going to take out Allen's NE game then you have to take out Burrow & Jackson best game in the playoffs. I suspect that if you do the gap between Allen the other two only widens.
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