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  1. To prove that you're 100% correct here all you have to do is go back and re-watch last seasons Super Bowl and see how Mahomes struggled greatly.
  2. There is a difference between pressure from only the front 3 or 4 and pressure from blitzing. Allen handles the blitz well but IMO NO QB can consistently handle frequent heavy pressure from only the 3 or 4 D linemen. See Mahomes at last years Super Bowl. Again we are overthinking this. Better play from our Oline combined with not playing anyone else this season beyond maybe Washington (and their 2ndary & LB's aren't as good as the Steelers) with a Dline as good as Pittsburgh's should go a long way towards solving this issue.
  3. A lot of folks commenting on Allen's ball security Sunday seem to forget that Big Ben was strip sacked and the Steelers were lucky the Bills didn't fall on that ball. TJ Watt is one of the best D-linemen in NFL history at stripping the ball. Allen also threw the ball 51 times and I don't recall any of those passes being intercepted or even coming close to being intercepted? Big Ben was intercepted and was only saved by a terrible penalty called on White. Allen like Jackson is a risk taking player when it comes to moving around trying to make a big pass play downfield and/or taking off and running with the ball. As such both these guys will make a lot of big plays. At the same time they both will fumble the ball. We saw that with Jackson last night. Should Lamar slow his game down to better protect the ball?
  4. Big Ben also was strip sacked and lost the ball but a Steeler fell on it instead of a Bill. And did you watch last nights Ravens/Raiders game? Does Jackson have a fumbling issue? Lamar lost two fumbles in the 4h quarter/OT that directly led to the Ravens losing the game. Allen is a risk taker and as such he will be near the top of the league in fumbles. But the net effect on the season of his risk taking will be positive because for every fumble he'll make a number of big plays. For some reason the Allen critics ignore Jackson's fumbles.
  5. Definitely means at least 10 Allen QB runs up the gut!
  6. The same could be said of Mahommes in last years Super Bowl or of Aron Rogers in last years blow out loss to Tampa. These are two MVP Super Bowl winning QB's. I would point to the 92 yard TD drive at the end of the 1st half that used up the final 6 minutes and gave the Bills a 10 - 0 lead that was a clear example of Allen NOT playing like a rookie. We need to credit the Steelers with coming up with a brilliant defensive game plan and having the unique collection of elite defensive talent to execute it.
  7. Well Jackson did lose two fumbles - not one like Allen. And I don't recall Allen losing a fumble in OT.
  8. What a bizarre and great game. Man Chucky does know how to put on a show.
  9. How many times are the refs going to let the Ravens get away with holding on Jackson's runs?
  10. NFL officiating sucks. How can they call that offensive PI? Huge call at a critical point in a game. Just like the phantom holding call against White yesterday. It gets harder and harder to watch NFL games.
  11. I disagree. Against an elite defense the Allen of 2018 would have likely had less then half the yards and two or more INT's facing that level of pressure. Allen did not play a great game but it's an exaggeration to suggest he was playing anywhere near his 2018 level. Think back to 2018 when the Bills played an elite D in Green Bay. Allen was 16/33 for 151 yards and 2 INT's.
  12. I don't get why people believe Allen played poorly in BOTH our playoff wins. The fact is that Allen was brilliant against a very good Colts D. His play in that game was elite by any measure: 26/35 for 324 yards and 2 TD's. 11 runs for 54 yards and 1 TD. That's all three TD's and 378 total yards. Allen basically won that game. Sure he was average against Baltimore in a cold wind storm. But even here he did enough to win.
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