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  1. I don't buy this at all. Late in the season when you started to see fans coming back into the stadiums the Bills were still winning their games in style and that includes two playoff wins against very good teams. The issue is that for 31 teams the season ends on a loss. And the further in the playoffs you go the more disappointing the loss. Yesterday's loss was entirely predictable: * we were playing the best team in football who went 14 - 2 and were defending Super Bowl Champs. * The Bills had a fatal flaw on offense that only 2 teams exploit
  2. This was the best Bills season since 1993. That's 27 years. Thank you Bills. And the added bonus is we now have a reason to look forward to next season.
  3. I agree with this to a point. The problem I see with our RB's' particularly Singleterry is the lack of production in the passing game. Tow recent examples: 1) Against the Ravens the Bills had the perfect screen set up. Singleterry catches the ball and slips. That should have been a 20 yard gain. 2) Against KC Singleterry drops a potential 20 yard or more gain on a simple swing pass. That's a lot of yards lost on two simple plays. With our downfield WR threat and Allen's threat to run our RB's should be putting up big time receiving numbers but they do
  4. Espinoza got better in the 2nd half of the season. There's every reason to think that he'll be a defensive mainstay next season. Bass was a huge pickup. After a shaky start he was one of the best long FG kickers in the NFL. Just in the playoffs he nailed two 51 yard FG's and a 54 yard FG. Moss developed into a solid #2 RB. Given that we didn't have a #1 pick this years draft class was fine.
  5. Allen and the Bills have made steady progress each year: Bills: from 6 - 10 to 10 - 7 (wildcard playoffs) to 15 - 4 division winner, won 2 playoff games, lost in the championship game. Allen is a top 5 QB and McD and Bean are top 5 coach/GM. It's reasonable to assume that the over the next 10 years the Bills will be regular playoff participants making multiple Super Bowl runs.
  6. The Tampa return guy has to take this KO out to try to get to the two minute warning.
  7. Wow both QB's are playing poorly right now. They were both red hot in the 1st half and early in the 3rd quarter but they're struggling to even complete a pass now.
  8. Judas Priest that was a bad pass by Brady not a drop by #13. Joe & Troy blaming he wrong guy on that INT.
  9. That big completion to Godwin by Brady is why Allen takes shots down the field to his WR's even into double coverage. Sometimes you just have to let a guy make a play.
  10. After this week I'm more convinced then ever that most of the popular national "experts" are a special combination of lazy & ignorant. My favorite dumb take was one guy claiming that the Bills offense is struggling and that they have to score more then 10 points to have any chance against the Chiefs. He was apparently basing his entire "analysis" on the Raven game! You know a game in which the Bills O played in a gale against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Had this moron gone back just one week he would have seen that the Bills O was playing at a very high level and h
  11. It's always less stressful when paying with house money and that's exactly what we're playing with. This season has exceeded my most realistic optimistic expectations: 15 wins; division title; 2 playoff wins; elite play by Allen to confirm he's our franchise QB and the big trade for Diggs working better then anyone could have imagined. Throw in the fact that we have the right head coach & GM and the Bills are poised for a long run. Some have hinted that we have to win Sunday because this might be the last time we get so close to a Super Bowl. And yes th
  12. We are looking at the big picture. The offense against Indy looked exactly like it did all year. Pass happy, dependent on Allen making big plays, about 400 yards and 27 points. And this was done in a PLAYOFF game against a top 10 defense. And I would suggest you let go of your anti-Allen fanaticism. After the year Allen and the Bills offense have had he can throw 3 INT's and only 200 yards on Sunday and I'll still believe he had a great season and is the guy for the Bills. And that's not pro Allen "fanaticism" but seeing the ENTIRE season clearly and appreciating the elite le
  13. I agree on the lack of a running game and how it might bite us in the butt in the end but I disagree with the rest of this post. First, Allen played one of his best games against Indy. Our offense looked fine against the Colts, one of the best defenses in the NFL. And in spite of playing in front of the home fans for the first time this season Allen had the best game of any QB that weekend. His play almost single-handedly won the game for the Bills. As for the Ravens game the wind pretty much destroyed DaBold's game plan right from the start. They put the game in All
  14. No connection to the Kazakhstan Bills Mafia but I'm tight with the Bills Mafia in Uzbekistan & Kirghistan!
  15. That you even bring Tyrod into this discussion betrays you as one of those "bad Josh" lurkers. Seriously dude, when judging Allen look at his body of work for the entire season including the first playoff game. Also look at the weather which played a huge role. And for the record on a perfect weather day in Jacksonville a couple of years ago Tyrod couldn't even complete 1 TD drive and the Bills lost. I can't believe that on the eve of the Bills playing in the AFC championship game with a 15 - 3 record and winning the AFC East and winning TWO playoff games and after a
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