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  1. We won't know anything concrete until half the season is done.
  2. Which is good news if this becomes a track meet - no?
  3. Good point and don't forget that included in the shotgun numbers are teams losing and desperately trying to get back in the game. Play action doesn't work that well down by 10 in the 4th quarter.
  4. I think the Chiefs convincing win over the Vikings the very next year puts to rest any conspiracy theories of this nature. There were signs in the first 2 SB's that the AFL was a lot closer then the scores indicated. The fact is that in 1968 the Jets were not even the best team in the AFL with the Raiders and possibly even the Chiefs being better.
  5. To be fair Burrow is injured. I do think that Taylor's game plan of getting the ball to Chase was quite good and won the game for the Bengal's. As for the Ram's D coordinator? What the hell was he thinking? Has the guy ever heard of adjusting the game plan.
  6. Namath was the first guy to throw for over 4000 yards - in 1967 - in only 14 games and at a time when WR's & QB's could legally be cheap shotted. That alone enures his place in NFL history. Throw in how he engineered the Jet's to that 16 - 7 SB win over Baltimore and Namath may be an underappreciated QB. For us old geezers who watched AFL football you can't begin to appreciate how important it was for the Jets to win that SB. Back in those days Bills fans like almost every other AFL team's fans rooted hard for the Jet's & Chiefs to win those Super Bowls. The old AFL versus NFL rivalry was real, raw and full of hatred. It was sad that the merger took it all away.
  7. Two comments: 1) when all is said and done the Rams won't get to 5 wins 2) we Bills fans don't fully appreciate Allen's escapeability when under pressure.
  8. And earlier the announcers were saying how only Tua was throwing the ball better then Stafford. And then they flash a stat with Stafford having 1 TD and 2 INT's! These talking heads are just plain stupid.
  9. A lot of comments about Burrow being hurt yet he's attempted 31 passes in the first half. Are we looking at a 60 pass night in a game as far away from being a shootout as the moon is from the earth?
  10. But this is also what makes Allen special. More importantly Allen's chances of connecting on those harder throws are better then almost every other QB. They are not as low a probability of being completed as if it was Danial Jones or Kurt Cousins taking them. Like most things in life moderation is the place to be and for Allen that means not taking the easy throws all the time.
  11. I liked your review as usual. My only quibble would be on the Allen shot to Knox in the end zone. I think it was a great call and Allen made the right decision and he fit the ball into a tight space as only Allen and 1 or 2 other QB's in the NFL can do. It was absolutely the right amount of aggression on 1st down at the 19 and it should have resulted in a TD. Not catching that ball is what keeps Knox, who is a very good TE, from being elite. If he starts catching those more regularly and/or Kincaid can make that type of catch then the Bills will be seeing elite level TE play. That will make our offense even harder to stop, particularly in the Red Zone.
  12. Multiple Bills have talked about playing to the weakness of the team they're facing. In this type of game where the weather at the outset was iffy and your D was expected to shutdown the opponents O settling for FG's in the Red Zone is no bad thing. Against a better offense, like Miami, you need to play more aggressively and get TD's. Of course the greater aggregation can also lead to more Red Zone TO's. The risk is worth it against a high powered offense. Against a team like the Commanders it wasn't. And in hindsight against a Jet's team without Rogers any payoff for Allen's aggression wasn't worth it.
  13. I think that the NE playoff game has permanently spoiled and distorted Bills fans about what NFL offenses should look like week in and week out. Yesterday it was raining in the first half and the Bills faced one of the top 5 defensive fronts in the NFL. Of course the offense won't look like a well oiled machine on every play. I thought for the nature of the opponent and the way our D was playing the Bills offense was quite good. When we were left with the ball at our own 1 & 2 yard lines the Offense put on nice drives to move the ball into Redskin territory. Only a couple of penalties and a dropped pass prevented us from scoring more then 3 points on those 2 drives. The Bills appear to have made some major changes in their offensive philosophy. This fact makes their performance over the last 2 games all the more satisfying. Yea and Dallas, with what the national media is calling the best Defense since the 85 Bears gave up 28 points to some Arizona QB named Josh Dobbs!
  14. And the Bills drafting over the last couple of years is looking better and better. You have Brown, Cook, Barnard, Benson, Torrence, Kincaid & Groot. If the young guys keep getting better the Bills SB window is wide open for the foreseeable future.
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