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  1. I was at the Cincinnati Bengals game. It was a beautiful day and the place was crawling with Bills fans. The parking lot tailgate was cool as Bills & Bengals fans mixed and had fun. One of my friends from North Buffalo came down to watch the game and while we tailgated he went up to other tailgating Bills fans to ask them where in Buffalo they came from. He was amazed at the answers he got - Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Dayton, Memphis, Atlanta, Knoxville, etc. It really showed the national following the Bills enjoy since the great diaspora from Western N
  2. No big deal. Didn't Julius Caesar have epilepsy? And he did alright conquering France, invading Britain and then bedding Cleopatra. As long as fields avoids Senators with knives he'll be fine.
  3. Assuming Arizona would have fired their coach and hired Kingsbury (KB) no matter who was their QB in 2018 I believe KB would have seen Allen's mobility as a huge plus in his offense. He also would have loved Allen's arm talent and size. And I suspect he would have felt he could correct any accuracy issues. Murray running the ball is a big part of the KB offense. Allen demonstrated beyond a doubt in 2018 that he was an elite running QB. KB would have been thrilled to have Allen behind center. So if Arizona had Allen, KB would have stuck with him and traded out of the
  4. Which is exactly what Allen did his rookie year. Allen stepped into an offense every bit as bad and maybe even worse then the offense Rosen stepped into. On top of that Allen's training camp and preseason were not handled well as he took very few first team reps. Yet in spite of this you can fill a 20 minute highlight video of amazing plays Allen made as a rookie. Sure you can match that with a video showing his bone head plays and hero ball. But under the circumstances it was the highlights that mattered and a lot of us knew we had the right guy after that rookie season.
  5. My guess is the ones they didn't show involved fans dropping throw away passes into the stands. As I said earlier, this stat however poorly measured, is likely a sign that Allen is an elite QB. What distinguishes exceptional NFL QB's from great college QB's is putting the ball in very tight places. They look like they could be picked off but they seldom are. And a lot of them are completed resulting in highlight reel plays.
  6. Allen's company here is very good. And I seem to remember on more then one occasion QB evaluators talking about the single biggest difference between great college and pro QB's is the willingness to throw the ball when the WR doesn't look open. College QB's wait to see separation. Elite NFL QB's put the ball in very tight places. Like "almost" interception tight spaces. I suspect that this stat actually demonstrates just how elite Allen really is.
  7. There are bad takes and then there are straight out stupidly insane takes.
  8. The key to these types of discussions isn't the leap from year 2 to 3 it's the leap from year 1 to 2. Going from 10 TD/12 INT to 20 TD/9 INT and 53% completion to 59% completion was amazing. The year 3 jump makes a lot of sense in the context of the year 2 jump. And for the record to much is made of the Championship game. The Bills lost on the road to the defending Super Bowl champions. Allen didn't have the perfect game like he did a couple of times during the season but he still accounted for nearly 400 total yards of offense. The idea that Allen is at any risk t
  9. That's not how a lot of them see it down here. There are questions with Sewell and the sense is that Chase may be the safer pick. The Bengal's have upgraded the O-line and Chase/Burrow already have a connection.
  10. The local sports media down here in Cincinnati has the Bengals staying put and taking Chase. And this has only strengthened over the last week. Given the connection Burrow had with Chase at LSU I think this would be the best pick for the Bengals.
  11. I watched it frame by frame and Zimmer didn't touch the ball. Before it got close to Zimmer's hand the ball wobbles. It looked like it got hit by a gust of wind that knocked it a bit off course. I think we forget how difficult it was throwing the ball in those gale wind conditions that night.
  12. Now I get why you want to ignore deaths and focus on cases! And inadvertently you just told us why tracking cases is not the best approach to judging how the pandemic is playing out. And this is because case numbers can be impacted by non-covid factors like testing frequency; testing sensitivity (it can be adjusted) and who you test. Deaths are a little more permanent and less easily manipulated.
  13. I'm sure this discussion is about to be squelched, probably as it should be on a Bills message board. But: * I've worked in science long enough to recognize when someone doesn't know that the hell they're talking about in science * and DEATH RATE is really the most important parameter, no? After that it's ICU rate, then hospitalization rate and finally cases. Not sure how you can call that moving the goal posts.
  14. I hate the Dolphins as much as the next Bills fan but this isn't accurate. Going by deaths per one million citizens, Florida is in the lower half of US states (#23). That means 27 states have a higher death rate then Florida. And given Florida's age demographics and the constant flow of millions of tourists into the state this is an extraordinarily low covid death rate. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ In fact seems to me that the two states that take the prize for getting hit the hardest by covid are New York & New Jersey: Deaths
  15. If you have been vaccinated why is this important? Check this site out for a real time read on vaccination numbers! You can see what's happening for the whole country and each individual state. Nice graphs to. At the rate we're going it's possible we'll be at full herd immunity by July 4. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/01/28/960901166/how-is-the-covid-19-vaccination-campaign-going-in-your-state
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