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  1. It is not homerism to say that during his first 5 seasons Allen was a better QB then Brady during his first 5 seasons. Brady had a much superior team and coaching which is why he won Super Bowls. And yes Allen did give the Bills a discount. He could have played hardball with Bean & the Bills like Jackson currently is.
  2. Allen gave the Bills a big discount just like Brady gave the Pats. It's likely that by the end of summer Allen won't even be in the top 10 highest paid QB's in the NFL. And Brady was no where as good in his first 5 seasons as Allen is today. Brady was NOT the reason for those early NE SB wins - their D and running game was. As a Bills fan this constant passive/aggressive sniping at Allen gets old.
  3. I think the belief is more along the lines that while Rogers can still play and put up okay numbers he is no longer elite and isn't lifting a team into the playoffs based on his play. The Jets would be much better off keeping their draft picks and trying to sign Carr or Jimmy G.
  4. I see little reason to believe that if Rogers goes to the Jets they make the playoffs next season. Are the Jet's WR's really that much better then Green Bay's? The Jet's O line isn't as good as GB's and for all the talk of the Jets having a great running game the Packers have a better pair of RB's.
  5. By the end of the season I think GB had a better receiving group then the Jets. And while the Jets RB's are okay they're not as good as the two guys for GB. And I'm pretty sure the Jets O line wasn't as good as GB's. IMO going to the Jets would be a lose/lose with both Rogers and the Jets getting the short end of the stick.
  6. They did add a couple of solid WR's to help fill the hole left by Hill's departure. The key was that the KC organization tried to fix the issue and I suspect they will be active in the FA market and on draft day to further lesson the blow of losing Hill.
  7. This will be another data point either refuting or supporting Cowherd's assertion that the game has passed defensive minded coaches by. I believe Cowherd is right and at best the Texans will get back to 500 and flirt with a playoff birth over the next few years.
  8. Yes and I suspect it won't even be all that close.
  9. All you need are two teams to be interested and Jones could very well command 45 million per year. And with Brady off the market and uncertainty swirling around Tua & Purdy Jones will likely have more then two teams interested.
  10. I wanted them to draft Allen because he was fun to watch on ESPN's late night college football broadcasts. I'm still waiting for my finders fee!
  11. Please. With a leaky O line and a lack of play makers not named Diggs Allen directed the 2nd ranked scoring & yardage offense in the NFL. He also led the team to a 14 - 4 record, a playoff win and a division title. Oh and Allen put huge numbers of his own up - over 5,000 total yards and 42 TD's. Allen wasn't his own worst enemy he was the victim of the Bills defensive mindset that directed the lions share of resources to the defense.
  12. Hard to imagine Allen not being worth what he's going to get paid. Especially since by the end of this summer Allen will likely not even be in the top 10 highest paid QB's. And the issue with Allen isn't whether he can lift young (or old) WR's up to be stars. He's already proved he can. Just take a look at the quality of WR he has had since his rookie year and how productive he has made them: John Brown & Cole Beasley had career years while guys like Foster & McKenzie have had huge games. The issue is Buffalo's O line and it's inability to consistently protect Allen.
  13. I would start with Allen & Diggs and go from there. Think about the production Allen would have with the Eagles O line, the 49's CMC & Kittle and the Bengals WR's plus Diggs. IMO it would surpass the production that every other QB, including Mahomes, could deliver with the same talent.
  14. I also don't get their line of reasoning. Signing CMC was a brilliant move that helped the 49's reach the conference championship. That they lost all their QB's to injury over the course of the season including two during the championship game has nothing to do with the CMC signing. The fact is had we signed McCaffrey we might be playing down in Arizona in two weeks.
  15. Nonsense. Posters have accurately called out the top 3 reasons Diggs production dropped a bit: 1) defenses schemed to take him out of the game and no one else on the Bills stepped up; 2) Multiple bad weather games; and 3) Allen's injury.
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