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  1. First when comparing O-lines you have to make it a composite of this year and LAST season. And yea, I'll take Tyrod's O-line during his 20 game tenure over the amalgam of Allen's O-line through his 20 games. And what about at RB? A younger, healthy Shady was much better then what we have today. And McD did a complete overhaul because he wanted to rebuild the defense. And he wanted tto rebuild the defense because he's a defensive guy. You do know it's possible for a QB to put up great numbers with a strong group of offensive skill players while also having a weak defense? In fact that's a recipe for 300 yard passing stats in losing games. And who's saying Tyrod's QB play was bad? It was average and that won't cut it at $16,000,000 per year. Not about the MONEY! Are you naive! That extra $11,000,000 we have under the CAP to spend is HUGE when you're trying to sign FA's or trying to keep your desirable FA's. There's no way we resign White if we're paying our QB $16,000,000 per year next season.
  2. But to come to your conclusion you leave out some important info: * Tyrod wasn't good enough at $16,000,000 per year. At $5,100,000 per year Allen is. * Tyrod was at the plateau of his skill set, Allen hopefully is not. * Tyrod enjoyed a better supporting cast on offense then Allen does. When I hand my QB a more expensive & talented group, then I have higher standards about what is good enough.
  3. If you're going to play WHAT IF how about giving Allen Tyrod's O-line and skill players? I can't think of a single skill position that Tyrod didn't have superior supporting talent at.
  4. The Morse comments are interesting. Could this be related to Daboll having an overly complex offense? I can't shake that interview of John Brown I heard on Sirius earlier in the season where he commented that this was by far the most complicated offense he had ever played in.
  5. Is it? Both Brown & Beasley are catching a lot of passes. The drop off is at the 3rd & 4th spot. Production there has been abysmal. And last I looked Jones wasn't exactly setting Oakland on fire where rookie late round pick Hunter Renfro is a much more productive WR. BTW, in 3 games in which he was active at Oakland Jones was targeted 9 times and caught 6 for 58 yards and no TD's.
  6. This crap is on Tomlin. Why the hell are the Steelers still throwing the football AFTER the two sacks? Come on man. The game is over run a freaking dive play.
  7. On this we agree 100%. We're in year 2 of Allen and I can't recall a catch as good as the one we just saw. Or the one we saw Tate make last Monday night. Or the one............... We just don't have guys that can do this - ever. And I know some will say we're making excuses for Allen but I watch a lot of football and guys are making great catches EVERY game except for us. Hell on Saturday we're seeing college kids make amazing grabs.
  8. I don't know. From my vantage point that was a bad throw and terrible decision by Mayfield. That ball should have been intercepted. The TE made a spectacular play but IMO Mayfield looked frazzled and he tried to force that pass when all the Browns needed to ice the game was a FG.
  9. That was an amazing catch and a terrible throw by Mayfield! My goodness a FG wins the game and Mayfield threw, what would 9 times out of 10 be an INT. The stats will show that as a TD pass but my goodness I would be so peeved at Allen if he had thrown that pass under that situation.
  10. The Browns are blowing chance after chance after chance to put this game away. IMO they're playing with fire.
  11. He's also converted a lot of 3rd & longs doing it to. And a lot of his big runs started out with his getting away from the pass rush.
  12. If I was a Steelers fan I would be urging the same thing with Rudolph that I am with Allen - be patient. It's still to early to know whether he is the long term replacement for Big Ben. But so far Allen is way ahead of Rudolph particularly his escapability. Some folks don't appreciate how good Allen is at avoiding the sack and extending a play.
  13. I think what watching Mayfield & Rudolph do is help us to calibrate our expectations about how Allen should be playing. Right now Allen is on par with Mayfield and better then Rudolph. We need to be patient and stop over analyzing every pass Allen throws. Because when I apply the eye test to Rudolph, Mayfield and Allen our guy looks pretty good.
  14. Sometimes UNDER THROWING a deep ball is worse then over throwing it.
  15. A lot of chunk plays result from a strong running play. First it makes the deep pass off a play action lethal and great RB's can create chunk plays all time. I've seen quite few 60 - 80 yard TD runs this year!
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