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  1. KC until we can beat them in the playoffs. Cincinnati. IMO the Bengals are again running under the radar. They improved their O-line substantially and like the Bills sport an elite QB. I agree. Living in Cincinnati I can see how much they improved their O-line and they have an elite QB. And their D is underrated. I also think there is a bit of the 2021 Browns in all the hype around the Broncos & Chargers.
  2. That back across the field TD throw in last seasons first Miami game was amazing. Absolutely should never throw that pass yet it was the perfect time and place to throw it. That one throw was an encapsulation of Allen's entire career - that the conventional wisdom isn't always right.
  3. Man thinking back to 2018 who would have thought this is how it would turn out for that QB class? All the worry & bellyaching about Allen and here we are in 2022 with Allen not only being the best of that class but 2 of the others have washed out, a 3rd is in limbo and on the verge of washing out and the 4th - Lamar Jackson - has seen his production drop and is in a stalled contract negotiation. Meanwhile Allen is a top 3 QB, locked up for years and the face of the Bills franchise. Amazing.
  4. I think a lot of the excitement around Cook isn't that he will replace Singleterry as the #1 RB. Motor earned that job late last season. It's that he will elevate the pass receiving production from Bill's RB's big time. Since Allen has been QB the Bill's have not had a true RB threat in the passing game. This has been a huge hole in the Bill's offense. Cook doesn't have to be spectacular here to have a big impact. If he's above average the Bills have substantially improved their offense.
  5. Jets and Dolphins got better but started at a very low bar. Pats got worse and the Bills got better and are starting in a much better place. I see the Bills running away with the division going at worst 5 - 1 and likely going 6 - 0.
  6. It's almost like conventional wisdom isn't worth all that much. And KC was lucky to even get back to the AFC title game and Burrow was sacked what - 8 times - in their playoff game against TN? I do think that changing the O-line coach was a big deal and will pay dividends. I also think that they improved the line by resigning Bates and adding the two TN linemen. And to top it off the expectation should be that Brown shows significant improvement from last year and Dawkins won't be bogged down with repeated covid infections and should be strong from the get go.
  7. I gave them an A for the following reasons: * You have to consider where they were drafting and how strong the Bills roster is. Sure the Jets & Jags had much better drafts from a talent perspective but given the circumstances the Bills had every bit as good a draft. * I believe the bills added at minimum three guys who will start or play significant snaps: Elam, Cook and the punter. For a team that is a legit Super Bowl contender drafting near the end of each round this is excellent production by the coaches & front office.
  8. This is a great point. The game is changing and defensive SPEED is key to slowing down today's offenses.
  9. The Chiefs have embraced and are exploiting their competitive advantage at QB. And so far it's paid off. Four straight AFC championship appearances, one Super Bowl runner up and one Super Bowl championship. The Bills seem a bit reluctant to follow this most obvious lead.
  10. Seems like some fans are missing those good old days where we had a lot of picks and high ones to! And man more often then not we won the draft. I'm so jealous of Jets fans. When you're a sorry Super Bowl contender like the Bills these drafts are so boring and they hardly talk about us.
  11. It's not weird when you can pin three of the losses, games in which Allen shined, on the defense.
  12. That Allen contract looks better and better.
  13. You can also fool safeties with your eyes and Allen has become quite good at that. I think the guy in the video was spot on in showing how arm strength was the most important factor in those two plays.
  14. Allen looks off the safety and his throw is freakish in that it has very little air under it.
  15. Bingo. It's like to going to Outdoor World and buying ammunition randomly when you don't even own a gun.
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