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  1. I disagree. In 2020 the Bills did very well in one score games and in 2021 they did not. That's a direct comparison over the last 2 seasons - hardly ancient history. As far as this season goes, one game is hardly going to tell us how the Bills will do in one score games in 2022. Get back to me at the end of this season and if the Bills are 1 - 5 in one score games then you'll have enough data to support your concern.
  2. Agreed. In 2020 the Bills were 5 - 1 in the regular season and 1 - 0 in post season in one score games. That's 6 - 1. The reality is that the national sports media is mostly made up of lazy reporters that don't do their homework.
  3. I understand exactly what you're saying. My point is that it's to early in the season and the sample size way to small to be asking the question. This is particularly true given the weird circumstances of the Miami game. Last season Allen seemed to have great success in audibiling into and out of runs. Ditto for the first two games this season. So you're basing your question on the Miami game. A game in which the O-line was in complete chaos.
  4. Damn what kind of venom will be spewed when Allen actually has a bad game? I'm trying to take this thread seriously but on so many levels it's bat feces crazy. To bring this up after a Miami game in which the Bills were using a 3rd string center and 3rd string guard and the line/TE's were suffering from heat stroke is bizarre IMO.
  5. From Jim Kubiac: ‘If you measure Josh Allen’s performance through the prism of Vince Lombardi’s famous quote, “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have,” then you have just witnessed one of the greatest quarterback performances of the ages. Consider: Allen completed 42 of 63 attempts; threw for 400 yards; ran 90 plays in massive heat conditions; threw two touchdowns; and willed the Bills into scoring opportunities without starting center Mitch Morse and replacement Greg Van Roten. He did all that without a healthy Gabe Davis, with a limited Dawson Knox and Stefon Diggs, and without Jake Kumerow, who injured his leg early in the first half. Greg Mancz finished the game as the emergency center, while all eight offensive linemen who dressed played critical minutes in game filled with personnel chaos.’
  6. Interesting how you guys all start out with "I love Josh"......BUT...... before crapping all over the guy. Allen was exhausted at that point which alone would explain the misfire. On top of that I suspect that something was wrong with his throwing hand. Didn't they show trainers massaging Allen's hand after that series and didn't they take him for x-rays immediately after the game? There are a small number of Bills fans who hated the Allen draft pick and who then spent two years tripling down on how much Allen sucked. They ignored the clear signs of improvement until in his 3rd year he ascended into MVP territory and they had to swallow their bile. But man they come out of the woodwork every time Allen misfires. Remember after the NE game last season where Allen missed a game winning pass late? They all cried that he "choked" while ignoring the impact of gale force winds. At least these people should have the decency to wait until Allen actually plays a crappy game like at Jacksonville. It would still be the wrong take but at least would be in the realm of reality. Criticizing Allen's performance against the Dolphins, given the circumstances, is pure insanity.
  7. And the defenses success was in no small part due to the offense running 90 plays and having 41 minutes of TOP. The offense accomplished what was it's number one goal yesterday - protect the defense by controlling TOP. The problem, and why over time this game will be viewed as a fluke in which a number of bad things happened simultaneously to the Bills O, was that the Bills didn't convert their enormous offensive statistical accomplishments to points. In the end the offensive injuries and heat effects neutered the Bills in the red zone. And unlike the defense which at least had a week of practice to figure out how to handle the injuries the O lost key players in real time forcing them to scramble on the fly.
  8. It is? Higher then 400 yards passing, 47 yards rushing, 2 TD passes and a QB rating of 95? You might want to talk to all those folks who voted for Rogers as MVP in 2020 & 2021. In 2020 Rogers had a loss where he was 16 - 35 for 160 yards no TD's and 2 INT's including a pick six for a QB rating of 35.4 In 2021 Rogers had a loss where he was 15 - 28 for 133 yards, no TD's, 2 INT's and a QB rating of 36.8. If Allen keeps playing like he has been he can survive misfiring on a potentially game winning pass against Miami.
  9. I have enough trouble figuring out the Bills and can't spare any brain matter to wonder about the Finns. All I know was that Bills players on offense were cramping up and suffering heat exhaustion and leaving the game on a regular basis. Throw in a couple of old fashioned injuries and Allen was playing with less then half a deck for big parts of the game.
  10. Sorry but some of the posts are pretty damn critical of Allen calling him out for the missed pass. I'll judge whether Allen fell short at the end of the season not after one weird ass game where we were playing at times without half our starters. BTW, did Allen fall short leading the Bills last season after his terrible game against Jacksonville? My answer would be hell no. I'll judge Allen by the totality of the season. Today Allen played great by any rational standard. Yes we lost the game and Allen played a role in that but his overall performance today was pretty amazing considering the circumstances.
  11. Allen was running for his life on that last play. I'm amazed he even completed a pass. There were also two dropped passes on that last drive. Allen was actually functioning at a high level on that drive. The problem was that the rest of the offense was gassed and suffering from cramps & heat exhaustion. The real question is why wasn't Allen cramping and suffering from heat stroke?
  12. Not to mention that on that last drive both Davis & Diggs dropped perfectly thrown balls. Of course Diggs was fighting heat exhaustion and cramping which makes Allen's late game performance all the more impressive. The funny thing is that I don't blame Diggs or Davis as I know they're both great players and perfection does not exist in the NFL. Nor do I blame Milano's dropped pick six, Davis for his dropped TD, Frazier for his boneheaded decision to only rush 3 guys on 3rd & 22 or the ST's for missing a chip shot FG. All those folks are good to great players that are going to make mistakes. So why would any thinking fan blame Allen for a bad throw?
  13. Not to mention that there are now a lot of 40 million dollar plus QB's who would have melted away in today's game. In fact what other 40 million dollar QB would have done better today facing the same circumstances as Allen? We know Burrow & Stafford would not have as they melted down under less duress then Allen faced today. How about Russel Wilson or Kyler Murray? Yea right. Even Mahomes wouldn't have done any better as we saw in Indy today. I guess they think Dak would have kicked butt and taken names playing without 3 of his 5 starting O-linemen.
  14. Maybe the rational take is that in spite of playing at times with less then half the starters that played on Monday night and coming up just short against a good Miami team indicates that if we get most of these guys back in the coming weeks we'll be just fine. And over the course of the season that missed throw will have no impact on whether Allen is MVP or not. Yep and I for one have no patience for this crap. These people have been hiding in the grass like spiders waiting to jump all over Allen if he played anything less then a perfect game.
  15. Oh please, our 250 million man put the team on his back and in spite of facing a hurricane headwind came up just short today.
  16. The defense played great excluding Frazier's 3rd & 22 mental meltdown where he only rushed 3 players. The problem was that no one expected the Bills to play long stretches of the game with less then half their offensive starters. For crying out loud, we had our THIRD STRING CENTER out there!
  17. You people have gone insane. Allen led a depleted offense to over 40 minutes TOP nearly 500 total yards and only had one TO and all you can do is call out a missed throw? And that throw was a lot further then 5 yards. Our red zone play wasn't helped by the fact than on the 90 plus, 9 minute drive in the 3rd quarter that got us to a first and goal at the 7 we were missing Knox & McKenzie and one of the back up O-linemen drew a 5 yard false start and I believe that Davis couldn't hold onto a TD pass.
  18. Allen's impressive ball control offense, that took up huge amounts of TOP, had a lot to do with that.
  19. Was this Allen's best game? No but under the circumstances it was a very good game by the QB. IMO he earned an A-. Of course you can grade him lower if you think that having more then half the offenses starters out of the game at times was no big deal.
  20. What I don't understand is an expectation of perfection in a sport that is never perfectly played. He missed a pass. It happens. To say he choked is wrong. That Allen was even functioning at that point of the game after the beating he took and the heat he endured was amazing. I think you would have been better served waiting until tomorrow to write your review. Your reviews are normally level headed but your take on Allen is flat out wrong IMO and reflects the heat of the moment.
  21. Anyone saying that Allen played like trash today is crazy. I'm so sick of the unrealistic and flat out lunatic expectations around Allen. In week one 2 of the best QB's in the NFL (Stafford & Burrow) faced less adversity then Allen faced today and got blown up. Frankly, Allen was outstanding today and the last person on the roster responsible for this loss.
  22. I disagree. He had both hands on the ball. DB's try to knock it away all the time. But once you have TWO hands on the ball you have to hold onto it.
  23. I agree. Under the circumstances Allen was phenomenal today. If you want to see what happens to a great QB when under the pressure Allen was today check out the week one games played by Matt Stafford and Joe Burrow.
  24. Blaming Allen here is 100% wrong IMO. First, there were no "4 easy interceptions" thrown by Allen. I saw three passes that if the DB makes a spectacular play might have been intercepted. Second, Allen made some great throws under all sorts of pressure. Most QB's playing with that O-line today would have been sacked 8 times. Third, if people are going to point fingers at Allen here and IMO it's entirely unwarranted, how abut a dropped TD pass and two dropped passes on the last drive either of which would have put us in FG range. At times the Bills were without HALF of the players who started on Monday night. HALF, including 60% of the O-line and a THIRD STRING CENTER. The only thing worse then this loss are the loons trying to pin the result on Allen.
  25. Actually Morse went back in for that last Bills TD drive in the 2nd quarter.
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