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  1. Damn! I’m divorced now and I would LOVE to date a woman who is also a Bills fan. Like my dream come true. But I will never move away from my kids so it ain’t gonna happen. Anyway, I live in the South and the ladies are so sweet around here. One can dream though…
  2. Hlarious! Bill Burr pisses me off sometimes but, outside of the Pat's love, he's like one of my inner voices that I'm too nice and polite to use out loud with the exception of when I'm alone in my car and some idiot is driving all dangerously like he's in some video game (don't worry I'm bipolar, yes, but I don't hear voices - aside from that one time on that one drug but I learned my lesson). But seriously, when he talked about Knox's TD and him looking into the camera talking to Damar "all dreamy eyed" I almost peed myself. Like Burr is afraid of the love or something. Maybe he can't stand that much pure goodness and light from above channeling through that good soul that we all know Dawson has. Like when a vampire sees a cross or hears the word "God" and it hurts their evil souls. HAHA!
  3. Amen to all of this, brother! Perspective is everything.
  4. I might never be able to watch a replay of that opening kickoff return for the TD without shedding a few tears. Ever.
  5. Huge shout out to Denny and the rest of those on the field who got out to Damar so fast. Just so impressed with how quickly he recognized the dire situation and put his training into action. All this has made me recall the CPR training I got in the Army at Ft. McClellan over 30 years ago. I still remember the basics and have been mentally drilling them in case they are ever needed again. I will be looking for a refresher course in my area soon and I recommend everyone take the time to learn CPR as well if they can. The basic training course I did was not overwhelming and easy to understand and remember. Hopefully what they teach now isn’t all that different. Go Bills!!!
  6. Unfortunately I will be working tonight though I don’t get ESPN at home anyway and I am a recovering alcoholic so I don’t go to sports bars. Fortunately I have a decent job and am a happily recovering alcoholic. Things could be worse. I picked up my 60 day chip today with my Bills shirt and hat on and got a “Go Bills” from someone there. I thought that was just awesome.
  7. One can argue that the inverse could be true, don't you think? (T Polamalu, Ronnie Lott, Rodney Harrison...) Just let it go already, ok? Can't you just let me be a Mycah Hyde fanboy and go away? And, I would like to submit, that your line of reasoning about Hyde is total BS. Or do you not remember the greatest INT in NFL history on that last, frigid game against the Patsies? ENough alreaedy
  8. You may or may not have a point, but Mycah Hyde is just the shizznet I mean, how do you compare a truly talented safety to a (very good) DT. Apples and oranges.
  9. Dumb questions like this deserve a Mack Truck’s worth of Santa’s coal dumped in your living room this year. SMH…maybe one of the best safeties ever…and this where you qo? …SMH
  10. IMHO, Allen’s throwing release is legendary, as is Mahomes’. But, just my opinion, JA17’s release is like .2 seconds quicker which is why he can keep the Bills up with Mahomo’s Chefs (no offense I have a culinary degree).
  11. Yeah, turn 13,seconds into 13 knuckles…or something
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