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  1. I simply cannot express how much I love this response. I have spent many hours trying to be able to repeat this amazing line.
  2. OMG!!! Probably the best reply I will receive!!!! Literally my greatest movie quote ever! It may be a awhile, but please allow me to buy you dinner/a drink someday!!! You f…….ing rule my friend!!!!!!
  3. Probably. I’m old enough to admit when I am a bit harsh.
  4. Tragedy like this reminds us that we have an amazing opportunity to contribute to great charities these days at the click of a button and Bills Mafia is the best in the world at stepping up in just such an occasion. You all have inspired me so much that I donated $100 to the P.U.N,T. Foundation yesterday without pause. G-damn it Iove being a now-32 year member of Bills Mafia!!!!!!!! I couldn’t imagine being part of a better group of people!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  5. Wonderful post, OP. Love the walk down memory lane. I remember this season well and still feel the heartache after that great win against the Pats. Kyle and Fred are my picks and I have to say just because this years team seems to have such a good d line, I would pick FJ. I just think he would add a vertical power dimension to the running game. Like Kyle, he was just so fun to watch. Thanks again for starting this great thread.
  6. But…. well…there’s Cleveland…and…maybe Houston…and…ok that proves your point I guess. 😆
  7. Correct. So just win the Big One this year so someone can either retire or move on happily. Geez Louize I’m excited for this season now!!!!
  8. Kind of laughable on its face IMHO at first until one remembers all the +5 yard opposition plays where Poyer flies in with his shoulder down and upends the receiver/runner immediately like a 250 linebacker. I mean Jo Poy reminds me of another legendary Bills cb who’s son recently won a SB with TB. Just saying.
  9. But…but…but…oh damn you pretty much said it all for me right here. As much as I love me some Jo Poy, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the man, this is pretty much reality for him. I actually believe B Beane will shuffle things around and throw Poyer a bone if at all possible just because that’s the kind of GM and person he is, but only if the accounting works out. Given the crazy deeply talented roster right now though, that just may not be possible.
  10. Gotta say I am in favor of signing OBJ now. I hadn’t realized before the real impact he could have. He could be pretty deadly especially with all the other weapons this offense already has. As long as he’s not a distraction.
  11. I can’t argue with you there. Personally, I am leaning towards the OBJ road. I think he could be signed at a decent value point. But WTF do I know. I do know for sure that I have not been this frogging excited for our Bills in about 3 frogging decades so these are really fun discussions to be having.
  12. You are correct. It changes things completely. FA is a soft F because you say “eff” therefore requiring “an” before it. If you say free specifically then it becomes a “hard” F thus requiring just an “a”. That’s how I remember it anyway. As always, I might be wrong. But I think you can tell by how it flows as you are speaking. I’m such “a” friggin nerd sometimes.
  13. This is my favorite post of 2022 so far! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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