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  1. I’m not sleeping on him for sure. I sleep on the couch mostly these days.
  2. Exactly! They always sound so good but the execution is always disappointing. They love some Arby’s here where I live. You have to expect a huge line at lunch everyday. You can barely get in the parking lot.
  3. My grandma was from North Carolina so I actually grew up on grits. Love them! Just like fries they have to be salted just right or they suck. And they should have plenty of real butter in them so they taste a lot like buttered popcorn. Some folks like them with maple syrup but I like them savory not sweet. Just my preference. Funny how many people around the country don’t know what grits are.
  4. and FYI for other lactose-intolerant individuals out there, McDonald's fries will probably give you a problem if you don't take a Lactaid or generic lactase enzyme pill or such. Apparently, last I heard anyway, one of the ingredients in the "other flavoring" as it's listed is a milk-based ingredient. I think, but I'm not sure, that it contains lactose because of that and that makes sense to me because I used to have problems when I ate only their fries. I'm the lactose-intolerance king so I'm pretty informed about lactose-containing food and food products out there. Also, you d
  5. Wendy's is my fav fast-food joint. When their fries are piping hot fresh they are superb. That being said they are only perfectly fresh like 5% of the time, if that. BK's are atrocious so is the rest of their food now. I worked at a BK in high school and the fries were better then, though paled in comparison to McD's. Problem with McD's is they only salt them sufficiently half the time. Fries with no or too little salt are not worth eating at all. You would think it would be fairly simple to get your staff to properly salt f-ing fries but I guess not. I agree with the other guy about t
  6. Well thanks to the OP and ESPN for a nice off-season article to remind me once again that our Bills are finally good again that I can read whilst I’m on the commode doing my business. Uh oh I think my legs fell asleep. Been on it a little too long again.
  7. And he’s all ours!!!!! Hahahahahahhahaha!!!!!! Ah hahahahahahahahha!!!!! (Insert evil laugh soundtrack here ala Vincent Price at the end of “Thriller”)
  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Maybe the best line ever right here. Can I give this one 10 laughs and 10 "awesomes" somehow? It's funny because it's true! Now Sam Elliot's 'stash is damn sexy. That's a damn sexy dude right there you have to admit. You don't need to be into guys at all to admit that.
  9. On a side note, I really wonder what the young draft picks thought when they got picked by the Bills this year. We all know Buffalo was football Siberia for the last almost 20 years. But then we get this young gunslinger at QB, some real and competent coaching and team management, and actually start making the playoffs with regularity (that is so nice to type!) and then even make it to within one game of the Super Bowl. I imagine that might have changed the way these draft prospects thought about the possibility of being drafted by B'lo.
  10. As someone who does not have the patience (and probably intelligence) to keep track of all the prospects in the draft each year, I really like hearing this. I knew who Rousseau was with his 18.5 sacks a year removed, but nothing about Boogie. I just watched the new Bills Embedded series last night (which appears to be the only episode unless I'm wrong), and it was all about the draft. In depth on Rousseau of course, but very little on Basham and the rest. What I liked seeing though was Joe Schoen talking with other teams on the phone about possible trades leading up to the Bash
  11. You have to admit though that it is really nice to be able to make such a statement about our Buffalo Bills and our QB situation. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to know it's actually happening. Heck, I still have to get my mind to reconcile the fact that that stud #17 that's taken the league by storm is actually wearing a Buffalo Bills helmet. He's changed everyone's perception about our team and just a Bills QB in general it's hard to fathom sometimes that it's really happening to the Bills. I agree 100%. Simms is a big Josh Allen fan, yes, but for real, solid reaso
  12. I just want to go on the record to congratulate Carl Nassib for coming out when he did. That takes real courage even today. It takes real courage to accept and live with one's self as LGBTQ in our progressing but still-evolving society no matter who you are. Nassib has immediately become a trail-blazer and role model for future pro athletes, especially present and future NFL players of the LGBTQ community. And his coming out will resonate with countless LGBTQ youth who are probably struggling with who they are and who they want to be. The impact of that is immeasurable. The f
  13. You and Niagara Bill must be best buds. One can certainly criticize Whaley regardless of McCoy, IMO. I don't even know how you can say that with a straight face. One acquisition does not wipe away years of mismanagement. Whaley even said after he left that if he had the chance to do it over again he would have made getting a franchise quarterback a priority. So in hindsight he's learned this? Just one example. So yeah, Shady or no Shady, Whaley still sucked at cap management and everything else. Yeah, I'm sure they paid Shady some good coin but that's what was required to ge
  14. Shady is a really good dude and was a great teammate when he was in B’lo. He still had some juice the first couple of years and was so fun to watch. He got traded to what was then football Siberia but he truly made the most of it and was a consummate professional. Mad respect for Shady most definitely. There’s that famous picture (my personal favorite) of Josh Allen looking like an old west gunslinger as he’s walking out of the tunnel down in Miami his rookie year in the all white uni’s with that look like he knew he was about to take his place in Bills history (you all know the one I’
  15. Pure gold! About fell off the comode laughing just now!
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