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  1. After watching Rodgers against SF the other day I wouldn’t be so afraid of having him in the AFC. Just didn’t seem to have any fire inside to pull out the win. Must be exhausted from making all those lame State Farm commercials. The “Rodgers Rate” and “Patrick Price” crap is so dumb. I’m seriously thinking about going to Progressive. But I’m all for putting him in the AFC West. More for the Chefs to have to contend with every year. Perfect!
  2. It is an incredibly classy thing to do and a lot of kids and their families will benefit greatly from their generosity. If you’re so sensitive that you’re too insulted by the 13 aspect to appreciate how great of a gesture this is then I respectfully suggest you might want to talk to a therapist about that. Wink wink Seriously I have a new found respect for Chiefs fans. This is really classy. It is proof positive of the great reputation that Bills fans have around the league. Yet another reason I am so proud to be part of the most amazing fan base on Earth. And I’m not even from Western NY.
  3. I almost fell out of my chair when I read this! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Lee is a good dude. He's from my area and sounds like he's looking to open a training center for youths in the area. I'll have to stop in once in a while and say hi. I know he loved being a Buffalo Bill more than another other team. https://www.wbir.com/article/sports/powell-native-nfl-tight-end-lee-smith-retires/51-d9aecf62-1274-4cf6-ae81-47229a98f173
  5. There are going to be A LOT more Bills fans in the near future and I'm sure there already are, probably since the '19 Cowboys game when American got its first taste of JA17. But what he showed everyone last night was just unbelievable. I'm literally at a loss for words to accurately describe what I witnessed. Like a previous poster said we may have just glimpsed a new floor for Allen. He's risen to a new level and we know he never stops doing everything he can do to get better and better. Look at the difference between this game and last years AFC championship. It's like two different QB's. He's just now really putting it all together. My goodness next season is going to be so interesting.
  6. On Nick Wright agree 100% Dude has perfected the art of baiting Bills fans with completely BS and garbage takes. He knows what he’s doing. Probably a big cash cow going for an otherwise unknown talking (dk) head.
  7. No offense but this is not exactly on any '80's playlist I currently have. But then again, I am getting old so you never know.
  8. Recall last year when Jones took a full right hook swing and hit Feliciano in the helmet? No call. Total BS! He should have been ejected from the game. Nothing less. If that happens again this year, Bills fans should riot in the streets.
  9. Motor is so awesome. So much fire 🔥! And another good dude you can really root for. Beane and Co. really have assembled a group of great athletes who are also just simply good guys not divas. Very Buffalo style. Damn it’s a great time to be a Buffalo Bills fan!
  10. Yeah because I'm sure if they really were holding something back they'd come out and admit it on camera. Of course. Do you play poker?
  11. ...and loves me some Kay Adams. She could just sit there and not say a darn thing and I'd be happy. She knows her football though and that's all gravy to me.
  12. This. Exactly this. I will add that I think (pure speculation) that they went very vanilla in some games this year. They either thought they didn't need to be so frisky against some inferior-ish opponents, and/or they were trying to not show too many cards and save some goodies for later in the season and post season. I think that it's possible the Jacksonville debacle might have been a combination of that and what @Buftex pointed out.
  13. I can't explain why, but I just hate Dallas equally as much, or even more, than New England. I feel ya here, bro. Thanks for sharing. Marines have bigger egos. That's about it though. (not hard feelings, I have Marines in my family and I fk with them as much as I can)
  14. Weren't we all at some point? (some of us still are) I was born Navy but went Army myself for a few. I just told my girls yesterday that if they go into the military, go Air Force. I don't have to explain to you my rationale.
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