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  1. Totally agree here but seeing Josh and Stefon et al in the 90’s uniforms would just be the bee’s knees.
  2. Shakir above Austin, IMO though. He has the chance to be this season's Gabriel Davis, IMO of course. OP has the right idea though I think.
  3. It's all a hoax. Just because it seems like it's reality, and all normal indications available to human beings with any level of common sense in this country lead us to this same conclusion, does not mean that it's not a hoax. It's a hoax simply because I refuse to believe it. And I refuse to allow you to believe it. It's just that simple. I say it ain't true, so it ain't true. Sound familiar? JK of course
  4. So did Jimbo. So did/do a lot of the big-name players. That's passion right there! FWIW, I used to after some of the bigger games. Albeit for different reasons I guess. You know, as a solid Gen-X-er, I really hope our follow-on generations are a little smarter than we were. But then again, having all that weed legal (medicinally or otherwise) was a real pipe-dream (pun totally intended) for us X-ers. The stuff dreams were made out of. Very cloudy dreams. We also paid $50 for some of the crappiest bags of stems and seeds that's like fertilizer today. The kind of quality that gets you today is beyond any of my dreams of Yore. But I digress.....(as my high school memories of discovering Pink Floyd's "The Wall" dance in my cloudy head)
  5. I got this feeling about the additions of Settle and Jones on the DL. Sneaky-type upgrades at their positions that I think can really, with Von Miller of course, push the rest of this line across that domination point.
  6. All of this is, and will be, just nonsense at the end of the upcoming season. The front office has put some very nice finishing touches on this defense, and I predict that Elam will be a significant enough improvement over Wallace to get the Bills the Lombardi Trophy. And I am a big Levi Wallace fan. Just now having looked at Elam's tape enough, I can see he'll be just enough of an improvement (if not more) to put this D over the top, when you take into consideration Tim Settle and the other additions on that side this year. Add to that, James Cook will be a huge plus. And I think he'll make a much bigger impact running than most people think.
  7. Well we certainly appreciate all of your hard work and input here over the years. Can’t say that I read everything, but I always appreciated your “seasoned” point of view. Especially now that I’m sniffing at age 50 myself. Time to sit back and smell the football roses now that our garden in Orchard Park is finally growing sweet ones vs the stinkers we had grown accustomed to for the last few decades. Thanks again Shaw.
  8. IMO, Tenn has a sort of old-school, smash mouth, super physical playing style that's hard to replicate year after year unless you stay really young up front. Henry is the definition of a beast but he's only human. And Tannehill kind of looked like he hit a wall last post season. KC is in a prove it year IMO without Hill. I think they were insane to trade him/let him walk/whatever. I've just never seen anyone with that kind of speed, plus the hands and the chemistry he and Mahomes had. I just don't think you plug-and-play just anyone into his spot and think they won't skip a beat. I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Ethan in Portland! So weird. New found respect, brother.
  9. Maybe if I spent the entire season smoking crack followed by injections of heroin. I think that’s the only way I could be so whacked out of my mind enough to even entertain the idea that firing McDermott would be anywhere near a good idea. All you dipp schzitts that want to blame him for anything less than winning the Super Bowl are absolutely freaking delusional.
  10. QB1. Clearly. How can anyone not see that?
  11. Is it just me, or did "The Great Aaron Rodgers" have a total Jay Cutler "I really don't give a F and would much rather be fishing somewhere" look on his face the entire NFC divisional game against San Fran last year? To me, his expression clearly showed he could not have cared less. I mean, it wasn't a blowout or anything and was well within striking distance nearly the whole game. But it looked like Rodgers soul had moved out temporarily for Cutler's soul. I was so bored I fell asleep. I don't know. Maybe he was just worn out doing all those really, really, really dumb State Farm commercials.
  12. During my illustrious collegiate career many moons ago at the Upstairs Night College, I took a basic psychology course. I didn't realize there was an actual term for this phenomenon, but basically our professor said basically: 'Those who speak the loudest, know the least.' From that day, I've tried to keep my mouth shut as much as possible. Which is quite the challenge.
  13. Websters Dictionary needs to put his picture next to the word: Dedicated
  14. You and Ethan from Portland are the same 13 year old boy aren't you? Listen, at 48 years old now, I'm not the wisest man ever to walk this planet. Far from it. But what I have learned is that no matter how much you think you know (and by second guessing multi-million dollar professionals you clearly think you know better), you don't know SQUAT! No more comment. Just drill that into your head. Trust me, you will be so better off the rest of your life if you can get this concept into your dumb head: 1. Rule #1 - YOU DON'T KNOW SQUAT!!!! 2. Rule #2 - if you think you do know better than everyone else who's actually PAID to make these decisions, like B Beane and McDermott, then please refer back to Rule #1. Seriously, for those who brush this off now and say I don't know what the F I'm talking about. If you are minimally blessed in this life at all that the Big Guy Upstairs gives you just a hint of smarts, you will surely, someday, eventually, read what I'm posting here and understand that I'm absolutely correct. Just that some of us have already figured that out, and we laugh/cry/whatever at these stupid posts you choose to make. And sometimes, if you browse back through the history of this website, you will see others like me who try so hard to send you a message you really need to hear.
  15. I have watched that play a dozen times at least. He just slapped Brown’s inside shoulder and floored all 325 lbs of him to the grass. Worth mentioning that Brown and the whole line was probably exhausted well before that point but Spencer got seriously schooled by Ingram. Then Josh escaped both Ingram and Monster Jones diving at him to convert yet another 4th down. Did anyone catch C Jones talking to Josh right after the game. Don’t know exactly what was said but there was some serious respect given by Jones. My respect for Jones actually doubled after seeing him go out of his way to give Allen his props like that. True respect.
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